Days Short Recap Monday, August 24, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle let Sami know that there was a chance that she could lose the baby. Hope and Rafe investigated Eve’s room, but didn’t find her in there. Rafe checked Vincent’s room and didn’t find him either. Hope checked the lamp and realized they just missed her. Eve went to the cemetery to see Paige. Nicole wanted Marlena to sign something to help her and Eric get custody of Allie’s baby. Marlena wasn’t able to think about that because of John. Eric took her to the chapel. Sami arrived at the hospital and ran into Nicole. They started arguing over the custody battle. Eric talked to Marlena about what Sami would say during the custody battle. They both wished that they knew where Allie was. Sami and Nicole continued to argue with each other when Eric saw them and broke it up. He told them that they would all lose custody of the baby if they keep fighting. He told her to go sit with Marlena. Eric and Nicole continued to talk about the case. He wanted to go see Belle to get the restraining order lifted.

Vincent told Eve that he gave Ben the final dosage. He assured her that Ben would destroy Ciara. She was happy about it. Ben wanted to surprise Ciara with a night she would never forget. Hope and Rafe continued to look through Eve things. She was certain she would go back to the room because she left her mementos of Paige there. They were going to wait for her to return. Sami told Marlena that what happened to John was her fault. Nicole was listening at the door. Sami apologized to Marlena for what happened to John. Eric wanted to know if they could postpone the hearing. Belle thought it was best to do it now. He asked her how she was doing and she talked about how hard everything has been for her. Eve talked about how Paige’s life should be and how it was cut short because of Ben. Hope called and told Ben that she and Rafe knew where Eve and Vincent were staying. She wanted them to stay at the inn until they catch Eve and Vincent. He took her out of the room anyway. Rafe felt bad for what happened to Paige. He thought he could have done more to protect her if he knew the truth. Hope tried to make him feel better about what happened. They kissed each other. Marlena assured Sami that she wasn’t responsible for what happened to John. Nicole went to the townhouse to tell Bell what Sami did to John. Ben took Ciara to the room where he strangled Paige.

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