Days Short Recap Friday, August 21, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve was happy that Ben was going to know the pain that she was in and on Paige’s anniversary. Ben told Ciara that it was the anniversary of Paige’s death. He talked to Ciara about what happened on that day. He believed that his pain should go on forever, but she thought it was time to for him to forgive himself. He didn’t think he should be forgiven. She tried to justify what he did. Jack found out from a lead at the Salem PD that Eve was still on the loose. Jennifer hoped they would catch him. Kayla and Hope showed up at the Pub to meet them. They had news about John. Marlena was by John’s side waiting for him to wake up. Steve arrived and wanted to help her. She asked him to sit with John so she could cancel her appointments. Ciara went to Rafe and talked to him about whether there were any leads on Eve. She was afraid he wouldn’t be okay until she was caught. Eve had pictures of Paige and was listening to her song. Someone called her and she knew that they would do it that day. Ben went to see Marlena, but she told him what happened to John.

Marlena talked to Ben about what happened to John. He appreciated what she did for him and wanted to be there for her. He hugged her. Hope, Kayla, and Jennifer talked about John and then talked about catching Eve. Jennifer and Kayla wanted to know if something was going on between her and Rafe. Ciara wanted to know if Rafe had something going on with Hope. He tried to explain it away, but she didn’t believe him. Ciara continued to get Rafe to admit his feelings for Hope. He wasn’t sure if she felt the same way about him. Jack went to the hospital to be there for Steve and John. Steve told Jack that he and John were his brothers. Ben wanted to sort things out to move on. He wanted to talk to her once John was better. She wanted to give him a referral. Eve went off on Eduardo about not being there for Paige. Ben went home and Vincent was in his place. Hope went to Rafe’s office to talk to him. Ben wanted Vincent out of his room. He told him that he would do exactly what he told him to do and how to do it. Marlena talked to John about their memories and wanted him to come back to her. John had a setback while Marlena was talking to him.

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