Y&R Short Recap Friday August 21 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Kyle convinced Nick that he was over Lola and that he was in love with and committed to Summer for the long haul. Phyllis and Abby bickered about the hotel. Abby found out Phyllis was planning something for the hotel, but Phyllis wouldn’t say what it was. Phyllis told Nick she had an assignment for him. Billy was hesitant to hire Theo, because Theo reminded him of himself. Amanda helped Billy see that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have more than one Billy-type in the office. Ripley would be sentenced soon. Amanda was glad he was going to pay, but she worried because she knew he’d get out some day. She blamed herself for Victoria getting hurt. Billy said if it was anyone’s fault, besides Ripley’s, it was Billy’s, because he was the reason Victoria and Amanda’s paths crossed. Theo felt worried when he hadn’t heard back about the job, and Lola lifted his spirits. Theo wanted to have the job because he thought it would make a difference in the world. Lola said she realized that she didn’t want to run a restaurant in Miami. She wanted to put down roots in Genoa City. She was taken aback when Theo said he might leave town if he didn’t get the job. Theo smoothed things over. Kyle thought he and Theo might be friends one day, now that they weren’t competing. Kyle told Lola that the divorce would be finalized soon. He wished her and Theo well and hoped Theo wouldn’t hurt her. Lola said she would never be careless with her heart again, thanks to Kyle. Theo got the job. Lola and Theo canceled their trip to NY. They made plans to have a simple date in the future.

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