Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chelsea confronted Victor about saying Adam killed AJ. Victor said it was true, and he revealed that the farm’s caretaker could corroborate the story. Victor was glad when Chelsea said she’d be there for Adam, no matter what. Adam was obsessed with clearing his name, so he called the caretaker and invited him to Genoa City. Summer took it in stride when she found out her parents were back together. She didn’t think things would work out, but she decided to live and let live. Nick decided to take the same approach regarding Summer and Kyle’s relationship. Abby turned down Nick’s offer to give her a new hotel if she abandoned construction across the street from Phyllis’s hotel. She did not think Phyllis should be rewarded for the underhanded things she did to get control of The Grand Phoenix. Nate surprised Amanda with a visit, but she was too busy with work to spend much time with him.

Devon started a business scholarship in Neil’s name. Devon and Elena went on a date, which was cut short when Nate got overwhelmed at the clinic. Elena told Nate he and Devon would make good parents. Nate wasn’t ready to be a father. Elena said she and Devon weren’t planning to have children yet either. Nate promised to handle the rest of the patients alone, so Elena could to back to her date. Devon was happy when Elena returned. Phyllis convinced Amanda to take a break and go see Nate. Nate was pleasantly surprised. The dinosaur bones Phyllis buried at the construction site were found, and all work was halted. Nick and Phyllis told each other about their plans to get Abby to stop building the hotel. Phyllis was touched by what Nick did for her, but she told him this was between her and Abby. Chance told Abby he supported her no matter what. Abby found out what Phyllis did, and she vowed to fight and win.

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