B&B Short Recap Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge is still reeling from finding out that he and Shauna are married. She tells him that he filed the divorce papers when they were in Vegas, right before they got married. Carter arrives to give Ridge his copy of the divorce papers. He confirms that Ridge did text him to file the papers. Carter called him to verify, but it went to voice mail. Then Ridge texted him back to go ahead. Shauna feels bad that Ridge can’t remember anything of their wonderful night together. It suddenly hits him that he’s divorced from Brooke. Carter is shocked to hear that Ridge and Shauna got married in Vegas. Eric explains that they have to discuss it some more and tells Carter that Ridge will be in touch. Carter takes the hint and leaves. Shauna promises to best, most supportive and loving wife to Ridge. Later, Quinn wants to celebrate that their plan worked, but Shauna is a little bit more reluctant. She wonders where Ridge went. She worries about his reaction to learning that they’re married. Quinn is happy that Brooke is out of Ridge’s life for good. She notes that if Eric ever found out what she did, he’d throw her out. She urges Shauna not to feel guilty.

At Brooke’s place, Brooke tells Donna that she plans to surprise her husband, now that she’s not going to visit Bridget. Ridge arrives and sees Brooke lying on their bed wearing a nightie. She explains that Bridget had to cancel her visit, so she’s all his. Brooke prattles on about how they’re each other’s destiny. Shauna’s words echo in his memory. He says that she’s right and that they’ve overcome so much. She wonders what’s bothering him. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Flo make love at his place. They each talk about their moms, and then Wyatt lists of all of Flo’s “exceptional qualities.” Flo looks touched. They talk a little about the past. Wyatt is delighted to hear that Flo wants to have children with him someday.

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