Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wondered what happened to Allie. Eric read the note saying that she was leaving and wanted Nicole to raise her baby. Sami blamed Nicole for what happened. Claire was at Eric and Nicole’s place and saw Allie in there. Claire wondered why she was there and not at the hospital with the baby. She wondered if she was giving her baby to Will and Sonny. She said that her mother ruined that. Will asked Sonny how Arianna took the news about the baby. He said she flipped out. Will wanted to make things right with Sonny. Eric wanted Sami to stop attacking Nicole. Sami thought he would see the light one-day, but she wanted to find Allie. Nicole said she didn’t know Allie would give her the baby. He wanted to finish reading the letter Allie left. Belle talked to Marlena about the progress Claire was making. She wanted to take her to Hong Kong so she and Shawn could watch her. Marlena said Claire wouldn’t go. Allie talked to Claire about what happened. Claire wanted to know if Sami was raising the baby. Allie thought she wanted that all along. Sami showed up at Eric’s apartment. Will wanted to work things out with Sonny. Belle wasn’t happy that Claire wanted to stay in Salem instead of going to Hong Kong. Marlena explained how Claire was strong. Sami wanted to come in so Claire told Allie to hide so she could get rid of her. Eric and Nicole continued to read Allie’s letter. Sami talked to Claire about what’s going on with Allie while she was hiding in the closet.

Sonny told Will how much his deceit hurt him. Will said he learned from his mistake. He thought it would never happen again. Sonny was willing to forgive him if he means that he would never happen again. Nicole read the portion of the note that Eric and Nicole would be the best people to raise her son. She thought it was meant to be that they get a child. Sami noticed how weird Claire was acting. She said Allie wasn’t there. Claire hid Allie’s passport so Sami wouldn’t see it. Claire told her that Allie could be getting farther away. Sami said she refused to let Nicole take her grandchild. She left the apartment. Nicole thought Sami would flip out if she sees the rest of Allie’s note. Allie talked to Claire about the way Sami talked about her. Claire wanted to know if she would feel bad about leaving her son behind. Claire asked her if she was sure she wanted to leave her child. Sami talked to Lucas and Kate about what happened with Allie. Belle and Marlena talked about Allie and Sami’s situation. Marlena thought she and Sami could support each other. Allie told Claire that she wasn’t ready to raise a child. Sami asked Marlena and Belle if Allie was at the penthouse. She told them how she left the hospital.

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