Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 10, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

It was the anniversary of the re-dedication of Chancellor Park, so Lily and Billy decided to interview the citizens of Genoa City about Katherine for Chancellor Communications. The characters reminisced about Katherine and flashed back to recent significant events in their lives. Victoria said being successful at Newman came with drama. Nikki declined to comment when Lily asked for her thoughts on Victoria becoming the Newman CEO. Nikki warned Victor that she thought Billy was planning an exposé on the Newmans. Victor ordered Billy not to slander his family. Billy countered that it wasn’t slander if it was true. Adam seemed troubled about Victor saying that Adam killed AJ. Billy asked Adam why he’d been fired from Newman. Adam accused Billy of spreading poison through the town. Billy predicted that Adam would end up alone. Mariah thought about the time Sharon asked her to act as her health care proxy. Lily said her kids got her through her cancer treatments, and she thought Mariah and her siblings would do the same for Sharon.

Rey was there for Sharon ahead of her upcoming surgery. Nick talked with Lily about how much he admired Sharon’s strength. Devon recalled apologizing to Amanda for treating her unfairly and admitted he did it because she looked like Hilary. Amanda told Lily she was happy to be building a life in Genoa City, and she was excited about the new relationship with Nate. Billy told Lily that he wanted to find out what happened with the transfer of power at Newman. Lily was wary because he’d promised not to use Chancellor Communications to carry out a vendetta against the Newmans. He still wanted to pursue it, and he promised not to screw it up. Jack was affected by Dina’s declining health. He also predicted that some unlikely and explosive things would happen in Genoa City. Devon and Elena had a relaxing evening, and he said he was grateful she was in his life.

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