Days Short Recap Monday, August 10, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Will forgave Sami for what happened with Allie. Allie told Eric that seeing her baby helped her, but she only had one option left to have her baby. Vincent called Eve to tell him what happened when Hope and company showed up. Ciara checked on Ben and he thought about the brainwashing he received from Vincent and Eve. Ben had his arm around her neck and was about to strangle her and started coughing. He told her that he was starting to feel like himself, but he felt strange. Marlena praised Claire for helping find Ben. Sami was sure that Will and Sonny would make up because they’ve been through worse. She wanted to help Allie because she didn’t have anyone to help her make the decision because she didn’t have anyone other than Nicole. She decided she had to hurry up and get to Allie. Eric tried to talk to Allie about giving Will another chance. Lucas surprised Will with a stroller, but he let him know that he and Sonny weren’t getting the baby. Allie held her baby and seemed to fall in love with him. Sami arrived as asked if Allie changed her mind about the baby. Claire talked about she thought she could trust Eve. She told Marlena how Eve framed her. Marlena reminded her how Eve went through the worse pain a parent could endure.

Claire told Marlena that she decided to stay in Salem instead of going to Hong Kong. She gave her reasons why she wanted to stay in Salem. Sami was surprised to see Allie holding the baby. She told her that Nicole suggested that she hold him. Eric and Nicole left them alone to talk. Sami wanted to apologize to her. Vincent was dressed in scrubs and snuck into the hospital. Rafe and Hope went to the hospital to question Ben about what happened. Eric talked about losing Mickey. Sami continued to talk to Allie about the baby. Allie said she knew what to do about the baby after talking to her. Sami took the baby in the hall and saw Eric and Nicole. She thanked Nicole for what she did for Allie and thought she was going to keep her baby. Ben couldn’t remember much about what happened to him. Ben was anxious to leave the hospital. Ciara reminded him that he couldn’t leave yet so he snatched the IV out of his arm. He was ready to go home. Sami, Eric, and Nicole went to Allie’s room and saw how she was gone. Vincent followed Ben and Ciara after they left the hospital. Eric found Allie’s note stating that she had to leave and wanted Nicole to raise her baby.

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