Days Short Recap, Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny and Will checked on Allie, but she told them that she wouldn’t sign the adoption papers. Ciara and Hope found Ben passed out in a warehouse. He wasn’t breathing at first, but he woke up. Bonnie asked Justin to help her with a lawsuit, but he refused to help her. Hope and Ciara questioned Ben about what happened, but he couldn’t remember anything. Hope went to use her phone and was face to face with Vincent. Ben told Ciara what she remembered about the wedding. She told him how everyone was fine and looking for him. She wanted to know if he could remember how he got there from the church. Hope wanted to talk to Vincent about his connection to Eve. He was trying to leave, but she stopped him.

Bonnie continued to ask Justin for help. She wanted him to understand what happened by reading her book. She begged him to do that. Sami talked to Rafe about what he said to Allie. He let her know that he wouldn’t have taken the baby right now. Allie told Sonny and Will that she wouldn’t sign the papers because she knew that Will knew about Sami’s plan. Sonny asked Will if it was true. Rafe told Sami that he accidentally told Allie that Will knew the truth. Sonny wanted to know if what Allie said was true. Will apologized to Allie. Vincent didn’t want to answer Hope’s questions and tried to get away. She basically slammed him to the ground. Ciara told Ben about how everyone was trying to find him. She asked him if he remembered Vincent. He told her about him planting the bomb. He told her what Vincent did to him. She asked if Eve was involved. He said Eve was involved, but he couldn’t remember what happened. Sami saw Sonny and Will and wanted to know what happened. Will said it was her fault. Hope saw that Vincent got out of her restraint. Ben and Ciara hugged and he noticed the tie on the floor.

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