B&B Short Recap Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam and Hope have decorated Steffy’s home, with the help of Beth and Kelly, with balloons and more. They wonder how Steffy is doing. Hope offers to help take care of Kelly if Steffy needs it. Liam thinks that’s a great idea, but he figures that Steffy will just want to see Kelly when she gets home. Later, Hope tells him that the girls are sound asleep. She’s glad they were able to fix up the place for Steffy. They stocked the fridge for her and will be welcoming her home. They agree that it’s a miracle that Steffy didn’t get hurt worse in her accident (because she was wearing a helmet). They admire the beautiful flowers that Taylor sent. Liam tells Hope that Thomas was in contact with Douglas as well. At the hospital, Steffy tells Dr. Finnegan that she just wants to go home and see her daughter. Steffy asks if she can pick up Kelly, but the doctor cautions her against any kind of lifting or exertion. He asks about her pain. She claims it’s much better. The doctor can tell that she’s in more pain than she’s letting on. He advises her to take more medication if she needs it, so she can heal.  She doesn’t want to be in a fog when she’s with Kelly, but she agrees. Ridge arrives, ready to take Steffy home. The doctor tells Ridge that Steffy needs to take her medication so that she can heal properly. He tells Steffy that she shouldn’t do any lifting or driving, and that she should take a pill when she gets home. Ridge promises to make sure she does, and he thanks the doctor and staff for their help. Steffy and Ridge arrive at her home. She’s walking very stiffly but loves the decorations they made for her. After saying hello to Liam and Hope, she insists on going in to see Kelly, even though the girls are asleep. Ridge reminds Steffy to take her pain medication as the doctor ordered. Liam points out to Stefft what she’s gone through and insists she take the medication to give herself a break. She tries to argue, but she gives in. Hope looks worried.

Wyatt and Flo greet each other after sleeping together in the beach house. They decide not to think about Sally any more and plan to have more sex, but Katie shows up. She wonders where Sally is and why she texted her an apology. They fill Katie in on what’s been happening with Sally. Katie is relieved that Sally isn’t dying, but she’s very angry at her for lying to everyone and using her. Flo is obviously still very annoyed at Sally, whereas Wyatt is more sympathetic. He tells Katie that he couldn’t bring himself to press charges against Sally and Penny. After Katie leaves, Wyatt tells Flo how special she is to him. He gives her many compliments as they sit on the couch and smile lovingly at each other. Meanwhile, Sally sits alone in her apartment, looking glum and crying. Katie drops by. Sally doesn’t open the door when Katie knocks, so Katie opens it. She asks Sally, “How could you?”

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