B&B Short Recap Monday, August 3, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Outside Sally’s room, Penny tells Flo that she’s not a bad person. Flo wonders if Penny is really as gullible as she pretends to be. However, Flo has some sympathy because she’s known people who can talk you into anything, even though it’s against your better judgment (like Reese). Flo goes in for a while to Sally’s room. Sally wants her to help talk Wyatt into forgiving her, but Flo says it’s his call. In Sally’s room, Sally begs Wyatt to forgive her. She says she’ll understand if he writes her off or puts her in jail. She keeps trying to explain why she did what she did, and how sorry she is. Wyatt says they won’t press charges, but he can’t be around her right now. He wants her to go off and find the talented, amazing woman that she used to be. He tells her goodbye in a very final way.

Brooke suggests to Ridge that he phone Taylor to let her know about Steffy’s accident. He agrees and adds that he’ll also let Thomas know. The doctor talks to Ridge about Steffy not wanting any more pain medication. Bill still feels very guilty. Liam tells him it’s not his fault. Steffy does, too, later on. Bill and Liam go to get coffee. Ridge and Liam chat with Steffy about Kelly, and also about how she needs to rest and get better. The doctor kicks everyone out so Steffy can rest. Dr. Finn asks Steffy how her pain is. She tries to be tough, saying it’s not that bad, but he can tell that she’s suffering. He suggests that she not try to be so tough. Later, he offers pain medication again, and she agrees, whimpering.

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