B&B Best Lines, Thursday, May 16, 2019

Justin with Donna and Brooke on Bold and the Beautiful 5/16/19

Brooke: He might turn to another woman.

Justin: Oh, no. No, Bill, he’s not there right now. The only woman he’s interested in is Katie. The guy’s practically a hermit at this point.


Justin: He got kind of lonely.

Brooke: I don’t think he’s lonely right now. You see, Katie sent Flo’s mom, Shauna, over to Bill’s, to seduce him.

Bill: I don’t know why I’m saying all these things to you. I guess it’s good to have someone to talk to, besides Justin. Never mind.


Shauna: I hope you heard every word because it’s obvious how Bill cares about you, and it’s obvious how much you care about Bill. I’m so happy for you, Katie. Bill really proved himself tonight. And I hope he gave you everything you need to trust him again. And I laid it on thick — real thick. I did exactly what you told me to. And I even tried to kiss him, and he wasn’t into it.

Donna: Look, we all want it to work out. Nobody more than that sweet little Will.

Justin: That little guy’s been doing all he can to make that happen. Secretly scheduling dinner dates with his parents…the whole nin.

Donna: He would be so ecstatic…


Donna: Well, you’re his best friend. Um, how do you think he’s gonna react to Shauna?

Justin: don’t know. It’s a tough call. You know, Bill hasn’t been with someone in quite some time, and I know that is a rarity for him. But, you know, all he’s been been pining about is Katie, Katie, Katie…Oh, my God, Katie — that’s all I hear about.

Donna: Sweet.

Justin: But she also rejected him. He tried to give her that ring, and she shot him down. It’s not like they’re exactly in a relationship right now, so he has no obligation to be loyal.

Donna: Okay, you’re no help.

Justin: What I’m saying is that I have no faith in my boy, that he’s going to overcome and follow his heart. But…I don’t know. This little trick that Katie’s doing could backfire.

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