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Sharon Case from the CBS original daytime series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS celebrating it’s Golden Anniversary of 50 years, airing on CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Brand CBS Entertainment

Interview with Sharon Case of “The Young and The Restless” on CBS by Suzanne 10/5/23

I so enjoyed speaking with Sharon! I’m a fan of hers, and of the show (which you’ll see below). It was great to meet her on Zoom, and it was really sweet of her to answer so many of our questions. We had a good time and laughed a lot.

Suzanne: Well, thanks for talking to me today.

Sharon: Yeah. Thanks for having me, Suzanne.

Suzanne: Yeah. You’ve been on Y&R next year for 30 years. How does that feel?

Sharon: It feels amazing. It’s wild. I guess you round off numbers when you speak about it. So for probably a few years now, I’d just round it off and say, Oh, you know, I’ve been here 30 years or, you know, so it’s not brand new, a brand new idea to me, but it will finally be official.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s great. Do they give you a cake and things like that?

Sharon: I don’t know if they’re going to come up with a cake. Probably, they’ll offer a cake party. I think usually our anniversaries, we have a lot of anniversaries, a lot of casts have been here a long time. They usually do a cake party, yeah.

Suzanne: Okay, that’s cool.  I’ve been watching “The Young and The Restless” since 1986, and “General Hospital” since 1984. So I saw you on there as Dawn before you [played] Sharon.

Sharon: Right. I played Dawn, Monica Quartermaine’s daughter.

Suzanne: Yeah, no, that was great. I really liked Dawn, even though there were like five different actresses that played her.

Sharon: There were a lot of actresses that played Dawn. There were three who played Sharon.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. I forgot about that. And I was so upset when they, when they killed Dawn off. She was such a great character. But I’m glad that you got to go on and become Sharon for so long.

Sharon: But you know, dead is never dead in the soap either.

Suzanne: Yeah, but it was a long time ago. I don’t think she’s coming back now.

Sharon: Who knows? You know, she could.

Suzanne: That would be great, but… Has Sharon — I was trying to remember — has Sharon ever been dead or thought to be dead?

Sharon: She, well, let’s see, she fell off the cliff with Drusilla and she almost died. They thought maybe she was going to make it, but she made it. Okay, now I don’t think…Oh, and then when Sharon broke out of prison and went on the run, and she stayed with, Sam on the farm. Everyone in Genoa City thought Sharon was dead, they even had a funeral for her. And so, right, Sharon was meanwhile, living on a farm with Sam.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Sharon: She was thought to be dead then, too. Yeah, that, but not, not in the way that we were talking about somehow. Some characters do die — “die” — and they come back. It’s always fun to have to play that scene when a character comes back to life and you’re shocked. Like Diane recently.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s right.

Sharon: It’s the best scene when your character runs into them, and you’re like, “Oh, my God!” What expression do you have from back from the dead, what would be the right expression? What is that?

[Both laughing]

Suzanne: I’m not so dead after all! That’s funny. Yeah. Yeah.

Suzanne: Well, it seems like Sharon has been through a lot on those 30 years, and [done] just about everything that a soap heroine can possibly do. I mean…

Sharon: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of really fun stuff…

Suzanne: Burning down Victor’s house, marrying Victor….That was weird!

Sharon: That was, yeah. Marrying. Yeah. But you know, that turned into some very good things that, I’ve been seeing a lot of, recently, people are tweeting or whatever, scenes where Sharon was having Victor’s funeral.

Suzanne: Mm-Hmm.  I remember that.

Sharon: It was the fake funeral. And that was just hilarious. And she was trying to marry Tucker at the same time. Those were some of the funniest scenes. And I had so much fun shooting them. And that was all part of the Sharon married Victor story.

Suzanne: Right.

Sharon: She then, you know, covered up his fake death, pretended he was dead, tried to take over Newman. It was a lot of fun.

Suzanne: Yeah, I’ll bet. And I remember a long time ago when Sharon was shoplifting.

Sharon: Yeah, that was great fun.

Suzanne: Yeah?

Sharon: That was the very beginning of her, kind of, her bipolar, I guess, is what they decided that was part of that, as well. I think her would-be behavior. yeah, it was really fun. And, I joke with Joshua Morrow sometimes when we’re just sitting in the Newman living room, doing scenes, you know, passing time when, you know, we have a lot of time sitting there in between scenes, and I say, I’m going to steal the coasters, Joshua. I’m going to have Sharon zip over first and steal the coasters. And I’ll just be doing that in the background while these people are talking. That would be hilarious. We always laugh about that. He laughs… He thinks, he’d like to start having his character only wear golf clothes all the time, to the office, everywhere, he’s just always in golf clothes.

Suzanne: He seems like he would be a lot of fun.

Sharon: He’s so much fun. I think that’s a genius idea.

Suzanne: Yeah, I remember, that was when, when, Sharon was stealing– shoplifting. That was when your character’s mom was still around.

Sharon: Yeah, we haven’t seen Sharon’s mom in a while. We still, we don’t know where her dad is yet.  So, there’s still things we have to find out.

Suzanne: Yeah, that’s great that they still have that story out there they could pull out anytime. And I’m glad to see that you’re doing something again, other than just pouring coffee and being a sounding board for your children and anyone else.

Sharon: Yeah…

Suzanne: After Rey died, then they didn’t do anything with Sharon for a very long time, besides that.

Sharon: I know, she had a very long mourning period. She had a long mourning. She really loved him. So she was paused for a while… but now she’s got this Kirsten Company, thanks to Cameron Kirsten. And, now she’s gonna go out on her own and build it into a great company, and, you know, take over the world.

Suzanne: Mm-hmm.  Yeah. That’s great. Judging from what I’ve seen on the show lately, it seems like Nick and Sharon may be headed back together. I know they don’t tell you much ahead of time, and you can’t really say spoilers, but would you be happy about that kind of reunion?

Sharon: Of course! I’m always happy when they reunite.  I– I love working with Joshua. Good news is, though, even when we’re not reunited, I get to work with him a lot anyway. We share children together. So, I mean, we always are doing scenes together in any case, either way.

Suzanne: Yeah, yeah. And do you think that they’re the next Victor and Nikki?

Sharon: Well, it seems so. I can see how people can compare the two.  They’ve been a couple on and off for, you know, like we just said, three decades now.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Sharon: And that does seem to parallel Victor and Nikki.

Suzanne: Right. And when you found out that Sharon was going to be running Cameron’s former company, what was your reaction to that?

Sharon: Oh, I was really happy. You know, to see Sharon back in the business world again is fun.  She did worka t Jabot and Newman back in the day for a while. And that’s fun because, you know, she gets to interact with a lot of other people while she’s at work.

Suzanne: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Brad work there then, you know

Suzanne: Mm-hmm. I remember…

Sharon: That’s just fun. So I– I hope that Sharon being back in the business world again… that will give her cause to be at Jabot, or Newman or maybe employ several people at her office space.

Suzanne: Right. She was a psychologist, but they’ve kind of dropped that now, or….?

Sharon: Yeah, I think we’re getting less and less…going less and less with the psychology. And we did that for a few years.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Sharon: Well, you know, she’s changing careers, and going back to what she used to do.

Suzanne: Right, right, right. And, is there anything that Sharon hasn’t done on the show that you wish she would do?

Sharon: Let’s see…um…I don’t know, let’s see… I would like her to, uh…I can’t really think of anything, but you know, it would be fun if she were like a… I’ll come up with something.

Suzanne: Okay. You could be a stripper like Nikki!  I don’t know…

Sharon: Be a stripper like Nikki? No…. [Laughs]

Suzanne: Maybe she could get a split personality and become a stripper.

Sharon: Split personality would be phenomenal. I loved playing bipolar, that’s not quite the same, but a split personality would be a lot of fun, or a crazy twin sister.

Suzanne: I was gonna say evil twin would be the next thing.

Sharon: That would be great.

Suzanne: Well, and we know twins run in her family, so she had twins, so…

Sharon: That’s right, she did. She had Mariah and Cassie, and they were great.

Suzanne: Yeah, so she could have an evil twin out there she doesn’t even know about.

Sharon: That’s right.

Suzanne: And it would be a good way to bring her mom back, too.

Sharon: Yeah, or bring her mom back or her dad. Maybe she meets her dad, and her dad shows up in town with this child. This– well, not child anymore. You know. And Sharon is looking right at herself, she feels. It’s because it’s her twin sister.

Suzanne: Yeah, that would be great. You’d get to play evil for a while. That would be fun.

Sharon: Yeah, that would be good.

Suzanne: Yeah, or a vixen, what they used to call a vixen.

Sharon: Yeah, and she could be a real good vixen and real bad girl. She would do all kinds of bad things.

Suzanne: I could see– I could see that with Adam.

Sharon: Doing bad things?

Suzanne: Yeah. The twin– the evil twin with Adam.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, I see. Yeah. Yeah. I can see it, too.

Suzanne: So, I asked on Twitter and Facebook– Oh, (here’s a question I forgot to ask first) I know it’s not 2020 anymore, but are you still following a lot of COVID protocols on the set?

Sharon: You know, we do sometimes. Not, as regularly as we were… sometimes we’re masking, it’s sort of optional, and, the testing, we’re not doing it every single week, but we are still, at various intervals, doing testing.

Suzanne: Okay, did they ever have the thing that they had on GH for a while, where everyone had to get vaccinated?

Sharon: I think, no, I mean, they, they offered vaxxess here and they always have, not every year I guess, but there’s been a lot of years they’ve offered vaxxes here… flu vaxxess and things like that.

Suzanne: Right. But it wasn’t mandated or anything.

Sharon: Right.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. and so I went on Twitter and Facebook and asked fans if they had questions for you.

Sharon: Oh good! I hope they do!

Suzanne: They, oh yeah, there’s a lot. More than I can tell you in the time that we have. But, let’s see. Christine on Twitter, wanted to know who you would like to work with that you haven’t. A couple of other people asked the same thing.

Sharon: That I haven’t, um..

Suzanne: Or not much.

Sharon: You know, I haven’t a lot with, Trevor St. John, and we had a few coffee house scenes together. One day, that was it. It was so fun. I was hoping that we would– our characters would do more together.

Suzanne: Right, because you were kind of married for a while.

Sharon: We were kind of married for a while! Different actor, but I– you know, so it really works that this is someone from Sharon’s past. I find it, you know, interesting to play those scenes with that character because of that. And you know, working with Trevor is terrific.

Suzanne: I’m sure. Yeah. And, everybody hates him, so… his character (I mean), so that would be fun to see whether Sharon still didn’t like him, or liked him, felt that bad for him, or whatever. Yeah.

Sharon: You know, it’s a love-hate thing. I think, when you run into your ex-husband years ago, you get a zing from that.

Suzanne: Yeah. So, Heather wanted to know what your favorite storyline of all time was?

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. I have loved so many of  ’em. You know, the one we just mentioned: Sharon, posting Victor’s funeral. That was a really fun, if you haven’t seen that, hold that up somewhere on Twitter or on, I don’t know where else you can get it, but it

Suzanne: YouTube? YouTube, maybe?

Sharon: maybe. Yeah. On YouTube. Yeah. I’ve seen it on Twitter recently. That’s why I said that. But on YouTube, that is a really fun. And, you know, I have a lot of others [that] I’ve said many times are my favorites, like going into the sewer with Nikki and the rats, and Cassie’s death story. But I really want to start adding to it. I think my favorite scene was Sharon hosting Victor’s funeral.

Suzanne: And a different person named Christine, this one on Facebook, wanted to know your funniest blooper, either one you did or somebody else did.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, there’s bloopers every day. There’s so many [scene ones?]. I just had a funny, almost-blooper, with Brytni [Sarpy] today, who plays Elena. We were doing a funny scene. She was supposed to exit and be gone. And then there’s the tag on Sharon watching a different character. And we were joking that Elena would, at the end, peek around the corner as if she has her eye on Sharon. And we just did a riff on this ridiculous that, Sharon and Elena, you know, she’s got her eye on her for some reason. And, we joked about it in rehearsal, so we did that in rehearsal. It’s not a blooper, necessarily. But it kind of is because it started out with Brytni actually making a mistake in her blocking!

Suzanne: Oh!

Sharon: That got us all laughing about this. There’s so many bloopers every day, you know?  Oh, I had one where I was– recently, I was in Society, and… I’m supposed to just put my purse, um, set it on my chair as I’m seated at Society, and the purse just kept falling.

Suzanne: Oh!

Sharon: Well, I’m trying to have a conversation in the scene, and I’m constantly fidgeting with my purse. I finally got that thing to stay. And, they didn’t have… they didn’t edit that into the show, so you won’t see that because it’s a blooper.

Suzanne: Ah.

Sharon: Another blooper is that when I finally got up to leave, I got up to grab the purse and go, and it was stuck. I couldn’t pull it out of the chair again. And I do wish that they would include these in the show.

Suzanne: Yeah, or [have] like a special blooper reel or something, or post it online… anything. Fans woul love to see those.

Sharon: Yeah, sure. I would love to see them, too. It’s fun.

Suzanne: Marilyn wants to know, what do you admire about your character? And what do you not admire about your character?

Sharon: You know what, I admire how brave she is, and what a go-getter she is now… You know, how positively she looks at life itself, and her life.  After everything she’s been through, she just keeps going, and has this positive energy and attitude that tomorrow’s another day, and she’s going to reinvent herself and become a businesswoman now, again, and a great mom, or she’s going to go crazy, but that’s okay. She’ll recover. She’s just got a great attitude.

Suzanne: Well, yeah, what’s great about being on the soap, especially for so long, it seems like you get to experience all these different things you don’t necessarily do in your real life.

Sharon: Right.

Suzanne: You get to go wild and crazy. You get to have kids, you know, married many times, all these different…

Sharon: You get to do a lot of fun stuff, but you know, she’s, I like her.. I don’t know, her optimism.

Suzanne: And is there anything you don’t admire about Sharon? You wish that she didn’t do?

Sharon: Let’s see. Hmm. I don’t think so. I think I’ve, I’ve pretty much really liked everything she’s done. Yeah.

Suzanne: Okay. And Faith says, “I really love some of the clothes and accessories you wear. Do you get a chance to decide what to wear and do you get a chance to purchase the clothing or accessories?”

Sharon: Well, that’s a good question. Wardrobe is very fun and very important. This, what I’m wearing right now is, from Sharon’s closet. I love Sharon’s clothes. I do get a say-so, somewhat, in what she’s going to wear. The costume department will buy a bunch of clothes, or they take them out from the store on, you know, I don’t know, they get to take them out temporarily.  Usually they give us the clothes for two or three days to try on so we have time to try these on. What they bring I try on, and I decide what I like, what I didn’t. And they do as well. They may have bought me some things from the store that once they see them on me, they don’t like them or anything. It’s just not right for the scene.  So we both decide, but yes, I do have a say-so as well, and if everything we don’t like gets sent back, and the things that we decide to keep, then the costumers decide which show, which episode, each costume might be right for.

Suzanne: Okay, and she said, do you get a chance to buy any of the clothes or accessories?

Sharon: Oh, no, no, no, I don’t get to buy them. I get to borrow them.

Suzanne: Oh.

Sharon: Yeah, they are… I don’t know why we just don’t really have a thing where we buy the clothes.. [from] CBS on some… We all borrow them and wear them to a function, you know, the anniversary party or, you know, like today I’m doing this interview, so I’m wearing Sharon’s clothes.

Suzanne: Nice. And, Teresa wanted to know if you’ve ever vacationed in Nashville. I assume she lives there.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, I don’t think I have. I’ve been so many places. I have so many friends going to Nashville all the time, so I see a lot of it in photos. I don’t think that I have been in Nashville, but I’m gonna make it there one day, for sure.

Suzanne: You should. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun.

Sharon: Seems like it.

Suzanne: And, Lori wants to know if you’re still designing your POMP jewelry.

Sharon: It was called pump, p-u-m-p, pump.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. Pump.

Sharon: P-O-M-P. Now I forgot that. While it’s been a while, it’s been a very long time. When did we close that? We closed it. I don’t– years ago, so no, we’re not still doing that.  It was me and my friend, Ella, who used to be the head of the costuming department here at Young and The Restless.

Suzanne: Okay.

Sharon: We’re good friends also in real life, so we designed and made this jewelry company together, but we closed it up quite a while ago. I’m not still doing it. I have some leftover spare pieces that I just kept that I like, that I wear. And, I think… you know, we have thought about bringing back just, not a whole line, but maybe like one or two pieces that were very popular. We’ll see.

Suzanne: Okay, and Marilyn again wants to know what made you want to be an actress.

Sharon: Gosh, I don’t think I did want to be one. I fell into it, and it ended up working out, and I eventually came to like it, so I stuck with it.  But I didn’t really plan to be. I was a dancer… I was a ballerina when I was a little girl, and I just thought I was always going to be a ballerina. But I started booking jobs as an actress because of that.

Suzanne: Oh, okay.

Sharon: Once I started working as a dancer, you start working as a model.  You start, you know, you just start branching out and getting… get offered a variety of things.

Suzanne: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: I’ve done hosting jobs for various shows in the past. You know,  I guess it’s just as a performer, you do a lot of different kinds of things, but I never did plan to be an actor. When I was in school, I didn’t go to acting school. I wasn’t in the drama class. I was in the play production class. I liked learning how to produce. And, I kind of thought, well, maybe I would do something in that regard.

Suzanne: Interesting. Do you have any pictures of yourself as a ballerina? If so, you should post them on Instagram.

Sharon: I know, I should. I do. I think I have some really, really bad ones. I did say, I just saved the ones that are most embarrassing. I have to take those out. I left them at my parents house.

Suzanne: Oh, those would be fun to see, though. I think everybody would enjoy seeing those.

Sharon: I know, it would be a good laugh, right?

Suzanne: Aw, no, because you’re probably, you think they’re terrible, but we’d probably go, Oh, look how cute she looks.

Sharon: I’m probably universal, universally terrible. But we’ve all seen that before, you know, pictures of us when we’re young and in a silly costume. But that was fun. That’s what kids do.

Suzanne: So you didn’t like being an actress when you first started? Is that what you kind of said there?

Sharon: I didn’t really. You know, I wasn’t trained at first as an actress, so I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I found it difficult and, you know, it’s hard to enjoy doing something that you don’t feel you’re good at or you’re nervous about. But then I eventually did go to acting school. I, you know, I thought, wow, if I’m going to keep doing this and booking jobs, doing this, I’m, I better go to school for this, get training.  Maybe that’ll make a difference. And I think it did.

Suzanne: Okay, great. And, so, those are all my questions, but is there anything else… are you allowed to tell us anything, about the upcoming weeks or episodes?

Sharon: Well, I can’t give away story, you know, because I’m– I don’t know why they make us…

Suzanne: Spoilers.

Sharon: I wish we could. Yeah, that’s frowned on around here. Very unpopular.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Sharon: I can’t do that. But there is, you know, the stuff that’s aired already keeps going. We know that Sharon has this company, Kirsten, and that keeps rolling, as far as I know, for the time being. And Sharon and Chance and Summer are, you know, doing whatever they’re doing.  I will see what direction that heads in. But that is something that Sharon has going. And then also, Sharon is helpful and supportive with Mariah and Tessa and their baby and her medical situation with her hearing. So that that’s coming up here and there, too.

Suzanne: Okay, and, you mentioned Chance. Now, your characters had random sex back in July.

Sharon: I know!

Suzanne: And then that was kind of the end of it, right?

Sharon: And now we don’t have sex anymore, I guess. Well, at least not on camera. Right?

Suzanne: Yeah. At least as far as we know.

Sharon: We assume they must be doing that.

Suzanne: Yeah, I thought maybe they were putting him and Summer together…?

Sharon: Maybe, I don’t know.

Suzanne: Slowly. But now I’m thinking you and Nick, so I don’t know. Maybe it’s a quadrangle. I don’t know. .

Sharon: Well, that would be interesting. But, you know, that would be going, out, you know, into the future too far where I don’t even know… I haven’t asked.

Suzanne: Ah.

Sharon: And so I don’t know ultimately what’s gonna happen. Sharon and Chance, Sharon and Nick, or Summer and Chance. I, I don’t know. But  it’s been fun working with all of them.

Suzanne: Yeah, I’m sure.

Sharon: I’m having a nice time.

Suzanne: Yeah. Anything else you’d like to tell your fans?

Sharon: Let’s see. Well, thank you all so much for tuning in and staying with us all these years and for all of your comments, and thank you for asking me questions for this interview today.

Suzanne: Oh, my pleasure.

Sharon: The fans asked questions. You too, Suzanne. Thank you.

[Both laugh]

Suzanne: We’re all happy. We’re all fans, and we’re all happy to talk to you.

Sharon: I love when I get asked questions from the fans and they post a question for my interview. It means a lot to me that people were paying attention or wanted to participate or hear something from me.  It means a lot. Thank you all.

Suzanne: All right. Well, thanks so much for talking to me today. I really appreciate it. And I look forward to seeing what else Sharon gets up to, and I hope they give you one of those special standalone episodes for your 30th anniversary, like they’ve done before with Michael. And I don’t remember who else… Victor.

Sharon: That’s a great idea.  Yeah. We haven’t done one of those in a while. Yeah, that would be fun. That would be a lot of work, too.

Suzanne: Yeah. All right. Thank you so much.

Sharon: Thank you. All right. Bye.

Suzanne: Bye. Bye.

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Sharon (Sharon Case) on "The Young and The Restless" (screenshot) on CBS.Sharon Case is an American actress and former model. At the age of 17, Case began working as a model, relocating briefly to Japan, before pursuing an acting career. She is best known for her roles on daytime television soap operas, scoring parts in the serials General Hospital and As the World Turns during the early stages of her career. In 1994, she stepped into the role of Sharon Newman on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, which she still plays. Case, who is considered a leading actress in the series, won the 1999 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her performance.

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