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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Ava found Goldman. They wanted to know if she was ready to give up Clyde’s location. Harris tried to stop Snake from getting away. He wanted information about Clyde. Snake said he didn’t know about Clyde. Harris said his business was about to end. He gave him the option to save himself and talk or go down with Clyde. Goldman screamed for someone to help her. Ava threatened to kill her if she screamed for help. Lucas told her the police knew about the book. Ava planned to destroy Goldman if she didn’t start talking about Clyde. She said she wanted revenge since Clyde tried to kill her son. Ava wanted Lucas to get out while she killed Goldman. He tried to stop her, and she wanted to know why he cared. Lucas wanted to get out of prison and didn’t want to be an accessory to murder. Harris continued to convince Snake to tell him about Clyde. He wanted him to make the deal and talk about Clyde. Snake said he wasn’t a snitch. Harris told him that he blew the deal. Chad went to Steve and let him wanted to go after Clyde. Steve didn’t want him to get involved. Chad reminded him that he helped in Greece. He wanted to get the gang together to go to Montana. Chad had the jet and planned on being on the plane with or without Steve. Steve agreed to let him go. Kayla saw them and wondered where they were going. Ava read Goldman’s messages from Clyde. Lucas thought they had to find Clyde soon. Lucas saw where Clyde could be. He thought they should go to him before he got away. Ava texted a message to Clyde using Goldman’s phone. Harris went through Snake’s phone to look at his location history. He saw a location for a campground that he went to.

Ava wanted to go to the campground. Lucas didn’t think it was a good idea. She wanted him to help her. Kayla wanted to know if Steve and Chad were going to tell her what’s going on. Steve told her what they were doing. Kayla wondered when he was going to tell her. He said he was going to text her. Chad went outside so Kayla went off about Steve’s actions. He let her know that he had to make Clyde pay for what he did to Tripp. She wanted him to let Harris and Ava handle it. Steve said they were in dangers. Kayla wanted to know why he always had to be the one who put his life on the line. He said that she loved that about him. She did, but there were times when he didn’t save the day. Kayla reminded him of the years they lost together because he risked his life. She didn’t want to lose him again. Steve assured her that she wouldn’t lose him. She said he couldn’t promise that. Steve agreed that he should have told her, but he had to do it. She demanded to know why. He told her that Ava planned to kill Clyde. She wondered if he was going to stop her or help her. Clyde was trying to get away and thought he was with Goldman. Ava ended up being the person at the campground. Lucas asked Goldman how she met Clyde. Steve admitted that part of him wanted to let Ava kill him. Kayla couldn’t believe what he was saying. He said she needed to let him go. Kayla said no and wanted him to stay there for him. She begged him not to go. Steve agreed to stay there with her. He had to wait to see how it played out. Chad left without Steve. Clyde wanted to know how Ava found him. He thought she was the reason everything went wrong. He thought she sold him out. Ava informed him that he shouldn’t have messed with her family. He said she was the one who would pay. Clyde planned to get her even from jail. She had a gun on him and threatened to kill him. Harris showed up to stay Ava from killing Clyde.

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