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Interview with “Shark Week” hosts

TV Interview!

banner for "Shark Week" on Discovery

Interview with hosts of “Shark Week” on Discovery by Suzanne 7/17/23

This was very enjoyable! I don’t normally watch non-fiction shows, but they definitely make these shows fun as well as educational. “Shark Week” is celebrating it’s 35th year and the popular actor Jason Momoa is hosting it. Tune in starting today, 7/23/23.  Here’s the schedule of shows. I watched quite a few of them. I was pleased to speak to these hosts, who all share a great love for the ocean, its creatures and for our planet (and for the future of all of those things). Below are the videos for my interviews. Enjoy!

Click on the names of the hosts to see more about them!

Dr. Austin Gallagher – “Belly of the Beast” and “Monster Mako: Fresh Blood”’


Tom Hird – “Cocaine Sharks” and “Great White Fight Club”


Forrest Galante – “Alien Sharks: Strange New Worlds”



"Shark Week" promo pic

Click Here to view Shark Week 2023 Promo

More Shark Week Clips!

Shark Week 2023 Lineup:

Sunday, July 23

“Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

In a Shark Week first, researchers with cameras brave a great white shark feeding frenzy from inside a life-size whale decoy. Their findings could be the key to finding the biggest great white shark in South African history.

“Jaws vs The Meg” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

The MEG, a massive shark measuring 50 feet and weighing 60 tons, was once feared as the most fearsome predator. It could devour a killer whale effortlessly, but new evidence suggests that its cousin, the great white shark, may have caused its extinction.

“Serial Killer: Red Sea Attacks” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

Shark attack investigator Brandon McMillan and cinematographer Fo Zayed travel to solve the mystery of what’s behind three recent deadly shark attacks off of the posh beaches of Egypt’s Red Sea.

“Shark Week: Off the Hook” premieres at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Dive into the biggest thrills and most terrifying moments from 35 years of Shark Week, celebrating behind the scenes of iconic moments and revealing never-before-seen footage of the fearless adventurers who get up close with the world’s scariest creatures.

Monday, July 24

“Great White Fight Club” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

A team of experts venture into the treacherous waters of New Zealand to provide groundbreaking evidence that female white sharks unequivocally dominate the ocean, reigning as the ultimate controllers of its fierce battlegrounds.

“Monster of Bermuda Triangle” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

A healthy, 10-foot pregnant Porbeagle shark vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle. The evidence suggests an unknown, monstrous predator could be to blame. Dr. James Sulikowski and a team of scientists dive into the most mysterious part of the ocean to uncover the truth behind the attack.

“Alien Sharks: Strange New Worlds” premieres at 10PM on Discovery

The tip of South Africa is a hotspot for unusual sharks that exhibit bizarre behaviors and unusual, otherworldly appearances. Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante explores stunning kelp forests and ocean depths never-before-seen by humans to study these extraordinary creatures.

Encores run at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Tuesday, July 25

“Mako Mania: Battle for California” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

​​Off the coast of Los Angeles, a new population of super makos challenge great whites for their hunting territories. Dr. Craig O’Connell, Fo Zayed, and Kendyl Berna deploy state-of-the-art technology to reveal their dominance and unveil the mysteries that have transformed these makos into some of the fiercest predators in the oceans.

“Raiders of the Lost Shark” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Shark expert Matt Dicken and Shark Week legend Dickie Chivell embark on a relentless quest to locate an elusive and colossal shark named Dutchess, who mysteriously vanished from Gansbaai, South Africa years ago. 

“Monster Hammerheads: Killer Instinct” premieres 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

Dr. Tristan Guttridge believes Hammerhead sharks can reach monster sizes by hunting other species of sharks. The only way to prove his theory is to obtain tissue samples from some of the largest sharks on the planet.

Encores run at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Wednesday, July 26

“Air Jaws: Final Frontier” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

Shark filmmakers hunt for “Air Jaws” in New Zealand’s hidden launch pad. Andy Casagrande and Jeff Kurr seek the second-ever breaching great white in these waters to uncover history-making secrets. 

“Florida Shark: Blood in the Water” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Paul de Gelder dives into the Shark Attack Capital of the World to conduct experiments that will confirm what makes up these dangerous waters and determine methods to mitigate the risk.

“Cocaine Sharks” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

For decades, rumors of cocaine-fueled sharks have spread throughout the fishing community. Shark expert Tom Hird travels to the Florida Keys to investigate what happens when the sharks come in contact with the most notorious drug on the planet.

Encores run at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Thursday, July 27

“Jaws in the Shallows” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

Shark Week veteran Dr. Riley Elliott has traveled all over to study great whites, which are now terrorizing the beaches of New Zealand. He sets out alongside his wife Amber Jones to find answers to protect his loved ones from the apex predators before it’s too late.

“Monster Mako: Fresh Blood” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Twelve-foot-long monster mako sharks compete head-to-head with great whites for prey off the coast of California. Using a custom clear, acrylic diving bell, Dr. Austin Gallagher and legendary free diver Andre Musgrove get up close with both predators and track makos breaching eight feet out of the ocean.

“Shark vs Snake: Battle of the Bites” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

Tiger sharks are washing up dead on the beaches of Western Australia with no sign of attack. Forrest Galante has a theory that deadly sea snakes are turning these apex predators to prey. In the battle of shark against snake, are snakes winning?

Encores run at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Friday, July 28

“Tropic Jaws” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

When a 16-foot great white invades Indonesia’s warm coast of Bali, it sparks fears that they are adapting to hunt the tropical beaches where millions of people swim every day. Dr. Craig O’Connell and Madison Stewart are on a mission to find Tropic Jaws and discover why they left the cold water environment that they have called home for thousands of years.

“Deadly Sharks of Paradise” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

Scientists in South America are studying the shark species thought to be responsible for a spike in deadly attacks since 1990. Marine biologist Danni Washington and shark conservationist Paul de Gelder join a team tracking tiger sharks off a pristine tropical archipelago in Brazil.  

“Haunting at Shark Tower” premieres at 10PM ET/PT on Discovery

News of a harrowing shark encounter at North Carolina’s Frying Pan Tower sends underwater cinematographer Andy Casagrande and shark expert Kori Burkhardt on a dangerous quest to discover whether great white sharks are moving into the state’s waters.

Encores run at 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

Saturday, July 29

“Dawn of the Monster Mako” premieres at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery

A 14-foot giant mako shark is spotted in the waters of Portugal’s Azores region. Underwater cinematographer Joe Romeiro and his marine biologist wife, Lauren, search the teeming depths around the ancient islands to capture the beast on film.

“Mega Sharks of Dangerous Reef” premieres at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery

The remote islands off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia are believed to harbor some of the biggest white sharks on the planet. While local fishing reports suggest these giant sharks are still around, they are rarely seen.

Encores run at 10PM & 11PM ET/PT on Discovery

About Discovery: 

Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 88.3 million U.S. homes, can be seen in 224 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit

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"Shark Week" on Discovery starting July 23, 2023


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Star Trek: Discovery Cast Birthdays

Star Trek: Discovery Cast Birthdays List


Saru gives a toast at a Star Trek: Discovery party

STDisco Cast Birthdays

Remember your favorite “Star Trek” actor on their birthday or wish them a happy birthday on social media!

Note: We get this information from IMDB and Google, so please let us know if you see anything that’s inaccurate…

David Ajala 5/21/86
Ian Alexander 4/20/01
Rachael Ancheril 12/8/71
Arista Arhin 2/8/05
Avaah Blackwell 2/28/90
Jayne Brook 9/16/60
Hannah Cheesman 10/6/84
Mary Chieffo 11/7/92
David Cronenberg 3/15/43
Wilson Cruz 12/27/73
Orville Cummings 1/28/95
Raven Dauda 7/21/73
Blu del Barrio 9/15/97
Nicole Dickinson 6/28/81
Shawn Doyle 9/19/68
Robinne Fanfair 3/7/?
Oded Fehr 11/23/70
James Frain 3/14/68
Julianne Grossman 2/23/69
Eve Harlow 6/20/89
Chelah Horsdal 6/19/73
Jason Isaacs 6/6/63
Doug Jones 5/24/60
Mia Kirshner 1/25/75
Patrick Kwok-Choon 11/19/88
Shazad Latif 7/8/88
Sonequa Martin-Green 3/21/85
Kenneth Mitchell 11/25/74
Sara Mitich 11/26/90
Anson Mount 2/25/73
Tig Notaro 3/24/71
Oyin Oladejo 9/23/85
Ethan Peck 3/2/86
Anthony Rapp 10/26/71
Callum Keith Rennie 9/14/60
Tara Rosling 11/16/70
Ronnie Rowe 12/16/80
Rekha Sharma 1/1/70
Phumzile Sitole 11/18/89
Sonja Sohn 5/9/64
Fabio Tassone 9/11/80
David Benjamin Tomlinson 8/14/?
Elias Toufexis 10/27/75
Tasia Valenza 4/5/67
Alan Van Sprang 6/19/71
Annabelle Wallis 9/5/84
Mary Wiseman 7/30/85
Michelle Yeoh 8/6/62


“Forget Me Not” — Ep#304 — Pictured (L-R): Doug Jones as Saru and David Ben Tomlinson as Linus of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/CBS ©2020 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Interview with “Curse of the Chippendales” TCA Panel

TV Interview!

Curse of the Chippendales logo

TCA Panel Interview with participants of “Curse of the Chippendales” on Discovery+ by Suzanne 8/16/21

If you grew up in the 70’s like I did, you might enjoy seeing this documentary series, “Curse of the Chippendales” – just for the old scenes of disco dancers if nothing else. You might also like the “true crime” aspects of it. I had no idea that the Chippendales dancers were tied in to several murders and other crimes. Full disclosure: I’ve never been to a Chippendales club or seen nude dancers. I had friends who used to drive up to see them in L.A., though. I never understood the appeal, but watching this doc has explained it a bit.

I was at the TCA press panel for this show, which streams on DISCOVERY+ beginning September 24. There were several people in the documentary at our panel: Read Scot, Former Chippendale; Michael Rapp, Former Chippendale; Candace Mayeron, Chippendales Associate Producer (1981-1987) and Eric Gilbert, Chippendales Creative Director (1983-1991). Unfortunately, these were not the people who actually filmed or made the documentary, which was rather odd. Usually they have the producers or directors, who can talk about making the documentary. Instead, these were all the people involved on the other side of the camera. As someone who usually interviews actors, producers, writers, etc., it seemed very strange. In fact, I asked who created the show, and they thought I meant the Chippendales dancing show in the 70’s! I explained what I meant. They told me that it was an organization called Lighthouse in the UK. Apparently the Chippendales’ original producer, Steve Banerjee, who was a bit of a conman, did some “nefarious actions” in both continents.Steve Banerjee

In the first segment of the show, they talk a lot about famous Playboy model Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered by her husband. I had no idea that she and Hugh Hefner used to go to the Chippendales’ club a lot. Most of us are familiar with her story, either from news articles at the time of her death, or from watching the movie “Star 80.” I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the documentary and what crimes are linked to the dance club.

Another reporter asked what the movies like “Magic Mike” get wrong in their portrayals of male exotic dancers, so the dancers and producers replied that they don’t really touch on all the hard work they put into dancing, or the excitement of being there as well as crediting Chippendales for starting it all. Gilbert applauded the late Banerjee for his successful marketing in mainstream areas, such as selling Chippendales calendars in places like Target. Former dancer Rapp thinks that what made Chippendales special was how the men catered to the women and made them feel special, even before the dancing started.

Gilbert also praised Banerjee for taking a little dump of a club “in the fringe area of Los Angeles” and making it into a fancy place with men who were dressed up (similar to Playboy bunnies) to make it more classy and make the women feel safe. Mayeron expanded on that to say that “Chippendales was the place where women came to be admired by attractive men, not to admire them.”


Premiere Date: September 24, 2021

Curse of the Chippendales tells the story of how the famous dance troupe took the LA nightclub scene by storm and ended with international fame, untold wealth, bizarre murder plots and multiple deaths trapped in their legacy. Their brand became a multi-million-dollar global venture, successful beyond their wildest dreams. But of three unlikely dreamers who were there at the beginning, only one would make it out alive. Driven by extensive video and photo archive, including never-before-seen footage and a nostalgia-filled soundtrack, viewers will be directly transported back to the ‘80s, into one of the most unexpected true crime stories of the decade. And all fueled by one thing: greed.

discovery+ Announces September Programming Slate

August 18, 2021

Highlights Include Curse of the Chippendales, a Street Outlaws Spin-Off and a New Home Series Reno My Rental

New York, NY – August 18, 2021 – discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service from Discovery, Inc., today announced new and original programming that will be available in September. discovery+ will premiere new titles across categories, including the highly-anticipated Curse of the Chippendales, which tells the untold story of the famous international dance troupe. Street Outlaws fans will experience a whole new take on racing with Street Outlaws: Gone Girl highlighting the most competitive female drivers in the country as they come together in Las Vegas. On Reno My Rental, Carmeon Hamilton, winner of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen, helps renters make their places feel like home by transforming and personalizing their spaces. Additionally, discovery+ will commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with titles including No Responders Left Behind with Jon Stewart and Rebuilding Hope: The Children of 9/11. 

discovery+ features a partnership with Verizon that gives their customers with select plans up to 12 months of discovery+ on Verizon. discovery+ is also available on platforms and devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and Samsung.

About discovery+

discovery+ is the definitive non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service. discovery+ features a landmark partnership with Verizon that gives their customers with select plans up to 12 months of discovery+ on Verizon. discovery+ has the largest-ever content offering of any new streaming service at launch, featuring a wide range of exclusive, original series across popular, passion verticals in which Discovery brands have a strong leadership position, including lifestyle and relationships; home and food; true crime; paranormal; adventure and natural history; as well as science, tech and the environment, and a slate of high-quality documentaries. For more, visit or find it on a variety of platforms and devices, including ones from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and Samsung.

About Discovery

Discovery, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is a global leader in real life entertainment, serving a passionate audience of superfans around the world with content that inspires, informs and entertains. Discovery delivers over 8,000 hours of original programming each year and has category leadership across deeply loved content genres around the world. Available in 220 countries and territories and nearly 50 languages, Discovery is a platform innovator, reaching viewers on all screens, including TV Everywhere products such as the GO portfolio of apps; direct-to-consumer streaming services such as discovery+, Food Network Kitchen and MotorTrend OnDemand; digital-first and social content from Group Nine Media; a landmark natural history and factual content partnership with the BBC; and a strategic alliance with PGA TOUR to create the international home of golf. Discovery’s portfolio of premium brands includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, MotorTrend, Animal Planet, Science Channel, and the forthcoming multi-platform JV with Chip and Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Network, as well as OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network in the U.S., Discovery Kids in Latin America, and Eurosport, the leading provider of locally relevant, premium sports and Home of the Olympic Games across Europe. For more information, please visit and follow @DiscoveryIncTV across social platforms.

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Chippendales dancers back in the 80s