Star Trek (TOS) Trivia Quiz #1

Easy TOS Trivia Quiz!


Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock with 3D chess board in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

1. What is Captain Kirk’s middle name?

2. What game does Spock like to play?

3. Who does Nurse Chapel have a crush on?

4. What musical talent does Uhura have?

5. According to Chekov, which country invented everything?

6. What does Scotty refer to as his “wee bairns?”

7. Who was Kirk’s predecessor as captain of the Enterprise?

8. Name one of Sulu’s hobbies.

9. Which group of hostile aliens are Captain Kirk’s biggest foes?

10. How long is the Enterprise’s original mission?


1. Tiberius
2. chess
3. Spock
4. singing
5. Russia
6. the Enterprise engines
7. Pike
8. fencing, botany, collecting ancient weapons
9. The Klingons
10. 5 years.


Star Trek's Kirk, Spock and McCoy

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