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Diane: Ah, last night was perfect. Dinner, champagne, dancing, you.

Jack: Nothing is too good for jabot’s new co-ceo. And I am sorry that the mood was temporarily spoiled by tucker.

Diane: Oh, already forgotten. So the only thing better than a night out with you is this, working side by side with my husband, my son. We’re really lucky.

Jack: Yes, we are.

Diane: Yeah, let’s do it.

Jack: Come on.

Diane: Thank you. Oh, you’re here already. We didn’t even hear you leave the house.

Kyle: Not everyone can party on a weeknight. Kidding, but since I was up at dawn, I figured why not get a start on the day?

Jack: Hey, been a lot of that lately. First in the door, last to leave. I couldn’t be prouder of you.

Tucker: Morning.

Nate: Morning. Coffee, please.

Tucker: So are you and audra an item now?

Nate: Why do you ask?

Tucker: Oh, you seem pretty cozy up in her suite. I saw the sparkle in her eyes. She may have said something.

Nate: I seriously doubt that. But if audra and I are an item or not, that’s none of your business.

Tucker: That’s true. It’s just that she and i are close, so–

Nate: Not anymore. Audra’s done with you, tucker. Are– are you really the last to know?

Victor: No, you keep me informed. Step by step, is that clear? Thank you. Here you are.

Nick: What’s so urgent?

Victor: Have a seat, guys.

Victoria: What is it, dad? What’s going on?

Victor: My security team called me last night. And told me that there was a huge fire at the institution where jordan is incarcerated.

Victoria: What? Oh, my god.

Nick: What do you know?

Victor: Not much. One doesn’t know how many people survived.

Victoria: Was jordan killed?

Nick: Would it be wrong to hope she is burning in hell for what she did to mom?

Victoria: And claire.

Victor: We don’t know anything about her whereabouts. Don’t know if she was a victim of that fire. But you and I can imagine that in that massive chaos that ensued, someone could have escaped.

Victoria: Meaning that jordan could be dead, or she could be out there again, ready to do god knows what.

[ Knocking on door ]

Audra: Nikki.

Nikki: Come in.

Audra: I’ve packed up my office, I’ve turned in my security badge, key card. Unless you’ve changed your mind about letting me go.

Nikki: Only if you have changed your mind about opening the newman media office in london.

Audra: I have not.

Nikki: Well, I’m sorry. My decision stands.

Audra: I’m sorry as well.

Nikki: This probably seems very unfair to you.

Audra: My work here has been exemplary. You’ve said so yourself many times.

Nikki: Yes, it has been. And a part of me regrets this. But given the circumstances, I need to be selfish.

Audra: To protect yourself. Even though I’ve told you many times, I am not a threat. And I would never reveal what you’re going through to anyone.

Nikki: I understand that.

Audra: And I also gave you my word that I would keep my distance, and not monitor you or betray your confidence.

Nikki: Audra, we have had this conversation.

Audra: Well, I hope you can find my replacement, and quickly, because running newman media alone, the stress is going to be a bigger burden, a greater test of your sobriety than my presence could ever be. (Cat 1) friskies world!

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Victor: I obviously was concerned about that jordan woman as soon as I heard about the fire.

Victoria: Just the idea that jordan could be out there somewhere… what does that mean for mom and claire?

Nick: If jordan got out, and that is a big “if,” do you really think she would risk showing her face in genoa city or going to the hospital?

Victor: Son, the woman is insane. She has a vendetta against your mother and our family. And unless we find out for sure that she didn’t survive that fire, we all have to stay on our toes.

Victoria: Daddy, would you please send some of your security team to the hospital?

Victor: I already have.

Victoria: Good. Thank you. I know claire has been given certain freedoms, and I would hate for this to– to ruin that, but I would prefer it if she doesn’t know that they’re on the premises. It would only upset her.

Victor: I’ll take care of it.

Victoria: Oh, god, I can’t believe this. After all the progress that she’s made.

Nick: Mom must be so freaked out.

Victor: I got the call about the fire when I was with your mother. I decided not to tell her.

Victoria: That makes a lot of sense. The last thing that she needs right now is another threat to her sobriety.

Nick: But we’re not gonna be able to keep this from mom for very long. Eventually, she’s gonna find out.

Victoria: Well, yes, we need to get some answers as soon as possible, we don’t want mom spinning over this.

Victor: Now I hate to tell you this, but there was some stress added to your mother. After she fired audra charles.

Nick: Fired her? Why?

Victoria: When did this happen?

Victor: Because audra charles found out about your mother’s drinking, and she offered her support, and your mother didn’t like that.

Nick: Are you telling me that mom is running newman media single-handedly?

Victor: I think your mother can handle it, son.

Victoria: Yeah, sure. That’s mom, superwoman. She can do anything, even when it’s the last thing that she needs.

Victor: Look, all we can do now is support her.

Nick: And pray that jordan doesn’t show up.

Victor: Keep this news from your mother.

Nikki: I have the situation well in hand, thank you.

Audra: Yeah, I’m sure you do.

Nikki: I wish you every success. And wherever you end up, they will be very lucky to have you. And again, I am happy to write a glowing recommendation for you.

Audra: I appreciate that. We might have gotten off to a rocky start, but your guidance has meant a great deal to me.

Nikki: Well, that’s very generous of you.

Audra: You’re a legend in this business, nikki. I hope you’re successful with this latest… challenge.

Nikki: Thank you.

Audra: Damn it.

Tucker: You will never understand the bond that audra and I share.

Nate: But I do. You’re alone. You’ve got nothing, no one. So you cling to some fantasy that there’s more to that bond with audra than there actually is. You’re no good for her, tucker. So if you care about audra, you’ll let her go. Man, she is brilliant and talented, but she’ll never achieve her true potential with your dead weight around her neck.

Tucker: She’s gotten pretty far with my dead weight around her neck.

Nate: Oh, I’m sure she’d appreciate you taking all the credit.

[ Scoffs ]

Tucker: I have supported audra all this time because I understand her. And she understands me. We understand each other. That’s why I know she’s got something in the works, something aimed at me. You know anything about it?

Nate: No clue.

Tucker: No clue. Her confidence is alluring, isn’t it? I have a sneaking suspicion that she thinks she can get one over on me, and she would be very insulted if I just let it slide. So please tell your friend– or your lover or whatever the hell she is for you– that I’m onto her. And if you’re thinking of throwing in with her in this little game, as smart as you think you are, you can’t beat me.

You can’t leave

without cuddles.

Diane: If we had known you were here already, I would’ve brought you a coffee from crimson lights.

Kyle: The office brew is just fine with me.

Diane: I know you’re a hard worker, but you don’t need to run yourself ragged.

Kyle: Oh, this isn’t ragged. This is just plugging away. I need to do this, mom. Above and beyond, make up for past bad behavior.

Jack: No, that’s all in the past. Need I remind you, you helped save jabot from tucker mccall? Now in my book, that makes you a star. You don’t have to work to impress your mother and I. We’re perfectly happy with your love and loyalty. Except we’d also like your business experience.

[ Diane laughs ]

Diane: Your father’s right. You don’t have anything to prove to us, kyle.

Kyle: Maybe I have something to prove to myself. I hope you don’t mind, but since I was here early, I decided to get a head start on restructuring the intern program.

Jack: Oh!

Kyle: You know, defining the goals, restructuring the framework.

Diane: Already? Well, I was going to work on this this morning.

Kyle: Well, there’s a little legal finessing that had to be done that I was already familiar with. And now you don’t have to worry about it.

Diane: I see, well, thank you.

Kyle: And I am late for a meeting, so, I will catch up with the two of you later.

Jack: You know what? I think this is gonna work. The three of us guiding jabot to a bright new future.

Diane: Yeah, I’m not so sure kyle’s on board with your vision.

Jack: What do you mean? Of course he is. You just heard him. Ready to do the work, above and beyond. He’s totally committed.

Diane: Yeah, he’s saying all the right things, but it’s just, um– just the sense I’m getting, and I know his tells.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Diane: He’s trying too hard, jack. He’s disappointed that you didn’t make him co-ceo.

Jack: He said himself he knows he’s not ready.

Diane: For a job he already had? And once again?

Jack: I think the protective side of you is overthinking this.

Diane: Uh, no, no, no, no. He wasn’t trying to help me with the intern project. It was his subtle way of saying, “I can do this job, and I can do it better.”

Nate: Your ego, the narcissism, astonishing.

Tucker: Isn’t it?

Nate: The world doesn’t revolve around you, tucker.

Tucker: Mine does, just like yours does around you and audra’s around her. That’s how it works for people like us.

Nate: I’m nothing like you.

Tucker: Of course you are. You’re just not as good at it. You know what your weakness is, nate? You want so desperately to be liked. For instance, I saw you sucking up to devon last night, hoping, begging for his approval.

Nate: There it is. You see, devon and I, we’re rebuilding our relationship, and we’re in a good place. And you can’t stand to see that because your son wants nothing to do with you.

Tucker: You know, if you get tired, of, you know, getting looked over at chancellor-winters all the time, you should consider coming to work with audra and me–

Nate: There is no more audra and you.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Tucker: Always and forever.

Audra: What’s going on?

Tucker: Nate is considering working with us.

Audra: Huh? Is that true?

Nate: No way in hell.

Tucker: Yeah, we’ll see. Enjoy your day.

Audra: Excuse me.

Nate: Audra, don’T.

Audra: Tucker. Tucker, wait. Oh, god. Do you get my text?

Tucker: I did.

Audra: What you said in there? What did you mean by “us”? Have you forgiven me? Am I back in?

Tucker: Hmm, how should i play this?

Audra: My god, you are just infuriating. Would it kill you to just answer the question?

Tucker: Yes, audra. Yes, you are in.

Audra: You’re not angry?

Tucker: How could i stay angry at you after all we’ve been through? It’s our own special kind of fun, right? And we’re gonna have a blast this time.

Audra: You won’t regret it.

Tucker: Oh, I know I won’T. Because bringing you back in is the only way I’m gonna find out what the hell you’re up to. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Victor: And by the way, how are things going with adam? Are you getting along, working well together?

Nick: You know, adam’s been on his best behavior, but we’ve all seen it before. Eventually there’s going to be some obstacle or a perceived grievance, and it could all go up in flames.

Victor: Well, I think this time things may be different, you know?

Nick: I am, uh, pulling for him. I mean that, adam is sharp and talented, I think he’s got a bright future, assuming he can stay focused and keep it together.

Victor: Even if he is seeing sally spectra again?

Nick: I admit it wasn’t easy at first. Really care about her. I thought we had a– a future, you know, but, uh, obviously, that pull between adam and sally is still there, and it probably always will be. So I truly hope the best for them.

Victor: Now, that sounds very mature on your part, son.

Nick: Well, you’ve always made it clear how you feel about sally. You can’t like it that she’s still in the picture, regardless of which brother she’s with.

Victor: Suffice it to say, I’ve never fully trusted her. Nor really liked her. But maybe things have changed for the better.

Nick: Well, the only thing we can do is stay out of it. Dad, I know that’s not your specialty, not involving yourself in something, but I truly believe that is our best chance to keep adam focused and on his best behavior.

Jack: I think you’re jumping to conclusions.

Diane: No, I’m not. You know how much this whole situation has bothered me.

Jack: I think some maternal instinct in you is always going to protect your son. No matter how much you like the job, no matter how good you are at it, some part of you is going to think, “I should have given kyle the position.”

Diane: Well, it’s not too late to change your mind.

Jack: I love you even more for how much you love our son, and want to protect him. But we have to let this go. You and kyle are exactly where you should be. I don’t have the slightest regret about my decision.

Diane: Okay.

[ Phone chiming ]

Jack: Can I put you on hold for just a second?

Nikki: Is it a bad time?

Jack: No, not at all. It’s nikki.

Diane: Oh.

Jack: Thank you.

Diane: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Kyle: Thanks for letting me know.

Diane: I thought you had a meeting.

Kyle: Just got canceled, which is good, because now I can work on the lip oil launch.

Diane: Oh, hold on. I– I wanted to tweak a few details for that.

Kyle: Yeah, I worked on earlier iterations of the line, so I have some ideas on how best to market.

Diane: Well, I have some ideas, too.

Kyle: But at the last meeting you were talking about you wanted to focus on incentivizing faster turnarounds on production timing. Now you have time to explore that. You’re welcome.

[ Diane gasps ]

Diane: Kyle, stop.

Jack: How’s it going?

Nikki: I’m swamped. Please tell me you found a replacement for audra.

Jack: I’m waiting for word it’s good to go. It takes some time sometimes.

Nikki: Which I’m running out of.

Jack: Is it really that bad?

Nikki: Well, I guess not. I– I– I just had a– a bad moment.

Jack: Tell me what happened.

Nikki: Audra came by to say goodbye.

Jack: And how did that go?

Nikki: Well, um, I could have done without her suggesting that without her, my job would be a lot more stressful. I mean, that threatens my sobriety more than if I had kept her on. Do you think I made a mistake?

Jack: Letting audra go was part of your recovery. Nikki, it’s totally justified. You don’t have to question yourself at all. You are perfectly capable of running newman media until you get a coo.

Nikki: I love your confidence. I wish I had some.

Jack: Hey, why don’t we, uh, have a late breakfast? We can talk about coping strategies, anything you like.

Nikki: I would love to, but the work pile on my desk won’t– won’t let me. So, listen, jack, do you think– I– I don’t know, is this self-sabotage? Is this a sign that I’m making terrible decisions?

Jack: Don’t fall into that spiral of doubt. Focus on work. One task at a time, one hour at a time. Don’t get freaked out by this.

Nikki: You’re right.

Jack: I know what you’re thinking– that it’s easier said than done.

Nikki: You know me so well.

Jack: I know you can do this.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nikki: Oh, my next appointment is here, so, um, thank you for the advice.

Victoria: That’s what I am? Your next appointment?

Nikki: Hi, darling. How are you?

Victoria: I heard that you let audra go.

Nikki: Ah. News travels fast.

Victoria: Dad told me and nicholas. Are you sure that was a good idea?

Nikki: Questioning my judgment is not helpful, victoria.

Victoria: I’m sorry.

Nikki: No, no, I– I’m sorry. I– I shouldn’t have snapped.

Victoria: All I meant is that until you find a replacement, your workload will be doubled. Are you sure that’s safe for you and for your sobriety? Skin-carving next level hydration?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nikki: Now you sound like your father. I wish everybody would stop hovering and worrying. I am fine.

Victoria: I’m allowed to be concerned, mom.

Nikki: Yes, of course you are, but I can handle it. You need to trust me on that. And besides, the more work I have, the better off I’ll be.

Victoria: I know how strong you can be under normal circumstances.

Nikki: There are no normal circumstances for an alcoholic. But I have won this battle before, and I will do it again.

Victoria: Yes, I know you will, and I’d like to help you. Let me step in as interim coo and take some of the pressure off.

Nikki: Darling, I would love to work with you again, but if there is anyone who is dealing with out of the ordinary circumstances, it’s you. You stepped away from newman so that you could help claire get healthy. I’m not gonna take that away from you. It’s too important. How is she doing?

Victoria: She’s doing better. She’s– she seems much more open and o– optimistic. I know she still has a long way to go, and there are gonna be some more bumps along the way, but cole and i are very hopeful that there might be a miracle here.

Nikki: Well, I’m happy for all three of you.

Victoria: And I would be happy to help you, mom, please. Let me look at my schedule. I can make it work.

Nikki: Absolutely not.

[ Nikki scoffs ] Hard work is not something foreign to me. I’ll be fine.

Victoria: Are you sure?

Nikki: Not only am I sure, but I have a conference call in a couple of minutes, and I’ve got to prep for it, so I am officially kicking you out.

Victoria: All right. I love you.

Nikki: I love you.

Victoria: If you need anything–

Nikki: I know who to call.

Victoria: All right.

Diane: I don’t need you to pick up my slack.

Kyle: Wha– that– that’s not what I was doing at all.

Diane: Well, are you sure? Because it kind of feels like you’re worried that I’m not ready to take on this position.

Kyle: I was the one who suggested the co-ceo position before dad even offered it to you.

Diane: Uh, yes, and now that he has and I’ve accepted it, you’ve gone into overdrive. You’re– you’re taking over projects that I am perfectly capable of managing.

Kyle: Okay, mom, I was just trying to help.

Diane: Maybe. Or maybe, subconsciously, you’re trying to say that you could be doing my job and maybe even better.

Kyle: Hey, if my actions have upset you, I’m sorry. I’ll back off.

[ Diane scoffs ]

Diane: And now I’ve upset you.

Kyle: No, not– not at all. Mom, we’re good. As family and working together, we have to be honest with each other.

Diane: Then I can honestly say that I’m proud of you. And I’m excited that we’ll be working as a team.

Kyle: Exactly the way I feel.

Diane: All right.

[ Diane laughs ] Well, it’s like your father says, we’re going to do great things together.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Diane: Okay.

Kyle: See you.

Audra: I’m not plotting anything, tucker.

Tucker: Sure. Whatever you say, audra.

Audra: My god, your ego is relentless. I’m not planning anything against you. Now, we’ve accomplished some amazing things together, and I’ve learned a lot from you. And I’d love to learn more.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: You’re laying it on a little thick.

Audra: Oh. Yeah, that’s because you’re being dramatic and ridiculous, and honesty wasn’t getting through to you. But can we just move on already? We’re a team again, and I’d just like to get started. Taking glissade to the top with you is all I want.

Tucker: It’s also your only option since you quit newman media.

Audra: Okay, can– are we done with this topic? Because it’s dangerously close to boring me, and you hate to be boring.

Tucker: Whatever you say, audra.

Audra: You really don’t trust me?

Tucker: Should I? I’ll see you around. You look good in this. Keep it.

[ Audra sighs ]

Nate: Good morning.

Audra: What was that between you and tucker?

Nate: You know, just tucker being tucker. Please tell me that your conversation was you telling him to stay the hell away from you. And that you are perfectly happy at newman media.

Audra: Mm. I can’t do that.

Nate: Why?

Audra: Because I resigned.

Nate: Hmm. Something must have gone very wrong for you to lie to my face.

Nate: You didn’t quit, did you? Nikki fired you.

Audra: In a way, but splitting hairs. I’m out of a job either way.

Nate: Mm. And you failed to mention it last night.

Audra: Well, I wasn’t in the mood. Look, I told you, nikki’s drinking wasn’t going to end well for me, and it didn’T. You know, she had the nerve to offer me a position heading up newman media’s office in london. As if it was some kind of reward.

Nate: Isn’t it?

Audra: It was exile. You know, you break all of your own rules about showing even an ounce of vulnerability. You– you try to be nice, understand them, support them, and all it does is bite you. Everything I did was to help her, and all she saw me was as a threat.

Nate: And she hadn’t been drinking?

Audra: In that moment, she was absolutely sober. I mean, the rest of the day, who knows? But the way she did it. Just waving her recovery as an excuse. And of course, she reminded me of the nda I signed because she’s terrified that I’m going to spill her secret, which I would never do.

Nate: All right. I’m sorry. Well, it’s a loss for her and for the company.

Audra: Yeah, well, I guess at least I’m free of the newmans and their insular little world where blood is the only thing that matters. You know, I should have learned after what they did to you. I– you know, can you believe that? When victor found out that nikki fired me, he wanted to make it up to me by offering me some random position at newman as if I would waste my time.

Nate: Okay, so now you’re a free agent with a stellar resume. I hope you’re going to use it more wisely than trying to take tucker down from the inside at glissade. He’s already suspicious.

Audra: Yeah, because in his mind, he thinks that everyone is obsessed with him and out to get him.

Nate: Because you actually are out to get him. Which I understand. You want the world and would do anything to get it. But screwing with tucker, that is not the way. So please tell me you thought about what I said and changed your mind about going after tucker.

Audra: Your advice registered. It’s a spectacularly bad idea. Way too risky, so backing off would be the smart thing to do.

Nate: Why don’t i believe you?

Audra: Oh, I didn’t say I agreed. Just that it registered.

Nate: Audra, tucker hurt you. He let you down too many times, so you want to gut him. But you are too close to this. I– it is too personal. Tucker will use that, and he will play you. And you’ll never get a chance to hijack glissade out from under him. If anything, you’ll be the one who suffers, and I don’t want to see that happen.

Audra: Then have a little faith that I can do this.

Nate: My god. As brilliant as you are, if you go through with this, you’re setting yourself up for a massive fall.

Nick: All right, so that’s on the books– dinner with the state’s attorney general.

Victor: Okay. Son, I can handle that if you’re not available.

Nick: I’ll take care of it, dad, you’ve got plenty on your plate.

Victor: But, son, so do you. You have a child at home. You have a full-time job here. When do you have time for your personal life?

Nick: I have a personal life. I’m good.

Victor: Son, I’m a little older than you are, and I can tell you that it’s very important to have someone in your life that you… can lean on, you know? In happy times and bad times.

Nick: Well, not everyone can be as lucky as you and mom. But honestly, I’m fine. I’m where I want to be. I’m working with you. I’m doing everything I can to make newman the best possible place it can be.

Victor: I’m glad to hear that, my boy. And I want you to know how happy it makes me that we’re working together, okay? Means a lot to me.

Nick: Me, too.

Cole: Morning.

Victoria: Hi.

Cole: Hey. Is there news? Is that why you called?

Victoria: There’s– there’s been a fire. A fire at the prison where jordan’s being held.

Cole: What?

Victoria: Yes, it’s a– it was fairly large fire. So, some people were trapped and– and killed, and there’s a possibility that some of the prisoners may have escaped.

Cole: Wait, do we know anything about jordan? Is she alive? Is she dead? Did she escape?

Victoria: There’s no clue yet, there’s nothing. The information is coming in very slowly, but my father’s security team is on top of it.

Cole: Well, let’s just hope that she’s behind bars. Or– you know what? I hate to say it, but the world would be a safer place if she was no longer in it.

Victoria: But we have to assume that if jordan is alive, there’s a very good possibility that she’s headed this way.

Cole: Your mother must be terrified.

Victoria: She doesn’t know. At least not yet. And I really, really hope she doesn’t find out. Cole, I just came from seeing her, and she’s really struggling. She fired her coo and she’s taken over newman media. She says that she can handle it, but she’s obviously so stressed out. And her sobriety is just– it’s fragile. So, finding out the news that jordan could be out there, along with everything else that she’s dealing with, I’m just afraid it’s too much.

Cole: I’m so sorry, vic. Claire. Does she know?

Victoria: I hate the idea of her being afraid that jordan could get to her again. Her nightmares have finally just stopped. Now it– this is truly the last thing that she needs.

Cole: Well, we’re just not gonna tell her. Not yet. I mean, not until we have all of the facts.

Victoria: But what if–

Cole: We– we can circle around the what-ifs for hours. That’s not going to help us or anyone else.

Victoria: You’re right.

Cole: And the chances of jordan actually having escaped during this fire are very slim. So we stay positive. Emergen-c crystals pop and fizz

[ Knocking on door ]

Jack: Come in.

Kyle: Dad, you got a second?

Jack: Absolutely. Come on in.

Kyle: Um, I need a reality check. Did I overstep with mom?

Jack: She spoke to you then?

Kyle: And she very politely accused me of being passive-aggressive. No. All I’m trying to do is help.

Jack: Understood. Um, I think her concern is more about her own insecurity than any genuine belief that you would try to show her up. You wouldn’t do that, right?

Kyle: Look, we both know that this is a new arena for her. It’s going to require a certain amount of stamina and insight. I think there is nothing wrong with me offering a helping hand while she develops into the role.

Jack: I appreciate your concern. But you’re trying to help her in the wrong way. She is perfectly capable of developing into the role all by herself.

Kyle: Got it. Like I told mom, I’ll back off. I know my place.

Audra: If you’re so worried about me, take me up on my offer. Join me against tucker for fun and profit. How can you resist?

Nate: Nope. I already told you, I’m not getting dragged into this. There is no amount of fun or profit that makes messing with tucker worth it.

Audra: So you’re happy at the family company warming the bench, huh?

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Audra: Not taking a real shot at something bigger and better. You know, you used to be so much braver and much more interesting.

Nate: Mm. Audra, you’re good. No argument. But it’s a mistake to think that you can go against tucker and win.

Audra: Thanks for your support.

Nate: Only because I care about you.

Audra: Then stop underestimating me. Like the newmans and the abbotts and tucker and kyle and everyone else in this town. You don’t want in? Fine. Now, sit on the sidelines with your advice and your concern and watch me pull this off and land on top where I belong.

Victoria: I’ve already spun a dozen different scenarios about jordan escaping and what it would do to my mom and to claire. Oh, my god. None of them are good. How do you stay so calm?

Cole: I just work with the facts. Nikki and claire are protected. Victor’s team and the cops are on top of it. And we have beaten jordan so far. So just stay on track.

Victoria: This must be so difficult for you. Dealing with a lifetime of madness in your family.

Cole: It’s humbling. Thinking I’d gotten away from it, and I’m right back in it again. Not to mention the victims. And that includes claire. She didn’t inherit my mother and aunt’s insanity. But she got twisted into knots. And honestly, she might have stayed that way, but she met you. And I can see in her she has a lot more of you than she does me. That’s my sign that claire is going to be okay one day.

Victoria: You know, there’s no bad in you. None of this is your fault.

[ Nikki gasps ]

Nikki: This is jordan’s prison. “Damage is extensive. Dozens trapped by the flames. The number of casualties is unknown at this time. Some inmates are thought to have– thought to have escaped.” Oh, my god. What if she has escaped, and she’s coming for me? She’s coming for me right now. Oh, god.

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