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Jada tells Bobby that he has five seconds to spit it out or she’s gone. Bobby then tells her it’s about the murder of Li Shin. Jada questions how he could have information on that when he never even met Li and they already know who killed Li, but Bobby reveals that they don’t.

Connie goes home to the apartment that used to belong to Li, Wendy, and Tripp and flashes back to being the one who stabbed Li Shin! Connie remarks to herself that it wasn’t her fault and that Gabi is to blame.

At the town square press conference, Nicole asks Gabi what role EJ played in overturning her case. Gabi asks how she could forget and admits much credit must go to EJ for approving the immunity deal for Melinda, who then handed over the evidence to exonerate her even though EJ wrongfully accused her in the first place, but in the end he was big enough to admit he was wrong and that he let his personal animosity towards her cloud his judgment. Gabi remarks that she and EJ are similar in that way as sometimes they let their emotions guide their decisions. Gabi states that in EJ’s case, he sent her to prison out of hate but he freed her out of love for Nicole. EJ argues that Nicole has nothing to do with this but Gabi says this is all about Nicole. Nicole questions what she’s talking about. Gabi then announces that the only reason EJ exonerated her is because he was desperately afraid of losing his beloved wife to Eric Brady. Nicole asks why EJ would be afraid of that. Gabi responds that it’s because Nicole is still in love with Eric and that Eric is the father of her baby, shocking Stefan and EJ.

Eric walks by the Brady Pub and calls Holly, asking if she has a moment. Eric reminds her that he was thinking about leaving town and informs her that one of the jobs he applied for came through, so he’s moving to Paris today. Eric confirms that he saw Nicole awhile ago and they said their goodbyes.

Rafe questions what Gabi is doing, telling her this is not the place but Gabi calls it the perfect place. Nicole questions why she would say that. EJ argues that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but Gabi says she knows exactly what she’s talking about. Gabi declares that EJ is not Jude’s father, Eric is, and that she can prove it. Stefan asks Gabi not to do this. EJ announces that Gabi is not thinking straight and thanks everyone for coming, saying they will meet privately to clarify the issue. Rafe tells everyone to move along. Gabi tells Nicole to stop and not listen to them because she is telling her the God’s honest truth. Nicole asks how this could be and questions Gabi’s proof. Gabi tells Nicole that she can see how it all makes sense and talks about what Sloan did. Gabi declares that Eric’s child being ripped from his arms is a wrong that needs to be righted immediately.

Eric assures Holly that he will come visit her and she can come see him. Holly reminds him that she’s still grounded. Eric assures that won’t last forever because nothing ever does.

Nicole questions how Gabi could possibly know this when she just got out of prison. Gabi asks why Nicole is fighting this when it’s her dream come true. EJ argues that Gabi is just out for revenge. Gabi repeats that it’s about righting a terrible wrong and she is not lying as she did not make this up out of thin air. Nicole asks where in the world she got the idea that Jude is Eric’s son. Gabi assures that her source is solid so Nicole questions who her source is, arguing that she’s not about to turn their lives upside down. Gabi then reveals that Stefan told her.

Jada tells Bobby that they already have proof of who killed Li Shin and they have evidence linked to Gil Carter. Bobby says he reads the paper but assures the evidence doesn’t matter because Gil didn’t do it. Bobby guesses Jada thinks he’s lying. Jada says it wouldn’t be his first time. Bobby points out that she has nothing but circumstantial evidence and no eye witnesses against Gil. Jada brings up having Li’s blood on Gil’s black book and a dried fingerprint in the blood which she calls pretty solid proof. Bobby argues that it’s not definitive. Jada then asks Bobby who killed Li if not Gil.

Connie repeats to herself that it was Gabi’s fault. Connie then imagines Li appearing before her and stating that Gabi is not the one who stabbed him.

Jada questions if Bobby is trying to tell her that Gabi stabbed Li. Bobby says no and that Gabi has been rightfully exonerated. Bobby remarks that they got the wrong perp twice now, but he’s definitely got it. Jada comments that he sounds awfully sure of himself for being confined to a mental institution which Bobby mocks. Jada question why he thinks the police have been on the wrong track this whole time. Bobby responds that it’s because he saw the person who killed Li Shin.

Connie calls it a miracle to see Li, but he assures that he is dead and remarks that she should know since she killed him.

Nicole questions Stefan telling Gabi that EJ is not Jude’s father. Gabi asks if Stefan is going to call her a liar in front of all these people. Stefan says no, so Nicole asks if he’s saying it’s true which he confirms as he declares that Eric is Jude’s father.

Eric enters the Brady Pub to say goodbye to Roman. Roman guesses he won’t talk him in to changing his mind. Eric calls it a pretty good job opportunity which Roman understands. Eric knows Roman thinks he’s running away and admits maybe he is. Roman says he did the same thing and in time, he chose to come back so maybe Eric will do the same someday. Eric mentions just coming from Marlena and she was understanding. Roman asks about Nicole. Eric says she knows and they said their goodbyes. Eric admits it was tough but they kept it short and sweet and she had to take off to cover a press conference at the town square.

Nicole argues that Stefan and Gabi just hate EJ and they did this just to hurt him. Gabi responds that maybe under different circumstances, she might get revenge but she is telling nothing but the truth here. Gabi declares that Stefan saw the original DNA test results in black and white. Stefan tells EJ that he’s sorry. Nicole tells EJ that if this is true, she’s so sorry. Gabi asks why she’s apologizing to EJ when he already knew.

Jada asks how Bobby could have possibly seen the person who murdered Li Shin when Li was murdered in his apartment. Jada asks if he was there and witnessed the murder. Bobby says not exactly. Jada asks if he’s telling her that he was the murderer then. Bobby asks if she really thinks he’d go around blabbing about it if he was. Jada questions how he could have possibly seen who did it then.

Connie tells her vision of Li that she didn’t mean to kill him and it was an accident as she continues to blame Gabi. Li points out that Gabi didn’t stab her as that was all Connie. Connie tells him to stop saying that but Li says it’s true. Connie argues that nobody else knows, so what happened will stay between them forever.

Nicole questions Gabi saying that EJ knew. Gabi responds that Stefan found the DNA test results in the living room safe and that EJ was the one who put them there. Nicole asks EJ if this is true that he knew.

Roman asks Eric about Jude. Eric says he already had a painful goodbye with him and doesn’t want to put them through that again, especially after having a dream last night that Jude was he and Nicole’s son.

EJ argues that Stefan and Gabi are lying because Gabi blames him for sending her to prison and this is her way of getting back at him. Rafe points out that EJ just freed Gabi. Gabi assures that she still hates EJ but insists that this is the truth. Nicole calls it impossible because they did a DNA test. Gabi says that Sloan kept switching the results. Nicole argues that Sloan had nothing to do with this as EJ came home with the test. Gabi questions going by what EJ said and tells Nicole to think about all the other things that don’t add up. Gabi asks how Nicole thinks Stefan got EJ to overturn her conviction and why EJ gave Melinda an immunity deal after stealing her child. Gabi asks if that seems like the fatherly thing to do or the DiMera thing to do. Stefan tries to stop Gabi but she continues, declaring that EJ had no choice as his walls were closing in. Gabi adds that Melinda knew the truth and used it to get her immunity. Gabi tells Nicole that Stefan used the information too to threaten to tell her everything if she didn’t go free. Gabi declares that her standing here is all the proof she needs. EJ calls her an ungrateful, vindictive bitch. EJ tries to go after Gabi but Rafe holds him back. EJ questions her after everything he did for her. Gabi asks if he expected gratitude after he sent her to prison for something she didn’t do. EJ argues that after everything she’s done in her miserable life, she deserved ten times the sentence she got. Gabi complains that EJ refused to help her even when Stefan begged him. Nicole asks what EJ has to say to her and yells at him to say something, asking if he’ll even say sorry. Nicole calls EJ a bastard for knowing and shoves him as she then storms off. EJ tries to go after her but Rafe stops him and says he’s not going anywhere.

Eric tells Roman about when they first took the DNA test that showed EJ was the father of Nicole’s baby, it was a big letdown as he flashes back to that moment. Eric says when he went to bed last night, he knew he was leaving today so maybe that’s why he had the dream. Eric declares that if he would’ve been the father, it would’ve changed his and Nicole’s entire lives. Eric decides he should go get his bags and get going. Roman offers to get Kate to cover at the Pub so he can give him a ride to the airport. Eric says he’s sorry but Brady already offered. Roman guesses he was just trying to buy some more time with him. Eric promises he will be back. Roman tells him to take care of himself and be well as they hug and say I love you to one another.

Rafe wants a statement from EJ because everything he just heard tells him that he perpetrated a fraud or at the very least was an accessory after the fact. EJ tells Rafe that if he wants to press charges, he can take it up with his office and storms off.

Jada complains that Bobby is talking in riddles and she doesn’t have time for his games. Bobby clarifies that he didn’t see the actual murder in front of him, but he saw the killer. Bobby explains that Everett and he had moved to Salem a couple days earlier and Chad was very upset because of Everett staying in Salem. Bobby says Everett got very upset so he had to take over for awhile and right then, he stumbled across his first big story in Salem, only it never gets published because Everett can’t remember it, but he does. Everett remarks that you tend to remember the times you come face to face with a killer, so Jada asks who it is.

Connie argues that prison served Gabi right but now she gets sprung when Gil Carter didn’t even kill Li and that’s just not right. Her vision of Li points out that Gabi didn’t kill him either. Connie complains that Melinda is to blame too and it made her skin crawl to kiss up to them so that they wouldn’t suspect her. Connie wishes they could go back in time to her and Li’s first date. Connie says she’s not crazy and she doesn’t want Li to be dead because she wants to be close to him forever. Connie talks about that being why she’s in the apartment where he lived and died. Connie declares that she had to do it but she misses Li and she promises revenge on everyone who is to blame for his tragic loss. Connie states that she’s going to make them all pay and when Li is finally avenged, they can live happily ever after. Connie then exits the apartment.

Jada asks who Bobby saw. Bobby says he had just moved here so he didn’t know anyone’s name. Jada asks if he can describe them. Bobby suddenly claims he’s tired. Jada argues that it’s 10 AM and says she knew he was just stringing her along so she’d come back and see him. Bobby says he’s not stringing her along if he actually has the goods. Jada questions how she knows any of this is even true. Bobby says she is smart and has a keen sense of when justice has actually been served. Bobby tells Jada that he will see her tomorrow and they will talk more about it then. Bobby then pretends to go to sleep so that Jada leaves. Bobby then goes back to reading his book.

EJ catches up to Nicole at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole cries that EJ knew her baby was Eric’s son and he let them mourn his death and spread his ashes. EJ explains that he did not know for months. Nicole questions why she should believe him. EJ insists that he loves her but Nicole disagrees. Nicole says he has to hate someone to do something like this to them. EJ repeats that it’s love and always will be. EJ asks if he can at least explain. EJ informs her that it was Leo who finally told him that it was their baby. EJ says he couldn’t believe it, so he confronted Sloan, who then told him that Jude was Nicole’s baby but the father was actually Eric. EJ adds that he didn’t believe her at first so he had another DNA test done to be sure. Nicole points out that he still kept it quiet. EJ admits he was devastated as he had already lost the boy once, so losing him a second time was too much to bear. EJ states that once it all sank in, Nicole and another man raising a child would be a stab in the heart to a man who gave his whole heart to her. EJ adds that it wasn’t just another man, but Eric, and he knew how much Eric wanted to have a child with her and that Nicole still had feelings for him. EJ brings up seeing her kissing Eric when he brought her home that night, so he made a terrible choice. EJ asks what he could do when Nicole means everything to him and he was so afraid of losing her. Nicole then responds that now he has as she walks away in tears and heads upstairs.

Rafe tells Gabi and Stefan to tell him everything they know, starting from the beginning. Stefan responds that they will gladly come to the police station to make a statement, but right now he needs to speak to his wife alone. Gabi promises Rafe that they will come in tomorrow. Rafe tells them to do that and walks away. Stefan then questions how Gabi could do this.

Nicole comes back downstairs with Jude. EJ tries to stop her and says they need to talk but Nicole cries that she has nothing left to say. EJ argues that they’ve weathered more storms than this. Nicole questions him thinking this is a storm and calls it a nightmare of EJ’s doing. EJ insists that he loves her. Nicole calls those empty words that she doesn’t want to hear ever again. EJ asks where she will go. Nicole tells him it’s none of his business anymore as she exits the mansion in tears with Jude.

Bobby thinks back to finding Connie crying in the park, swearing she didn’t mean to do it.

Jada meets Rafe outside the Pub and asks how the press conference was. Rafe calls it more eventful than expected and says he’ll fill her in later. Rafe asks about her visit with her ex and if he filled her in on the so called murder. Jada reveals it was Li Shin’s murder. Rafe says they already know who murdered Li but Jada says that Bobby said it wasn’t Gil Carter. Rafe laughs it off considering the evidence and asks who Bobby said did it then. Jada informs him that Bobby wouldn’t say but did say that he saw the killer shortly after they committed the crime. Rafe questions Jada really thinking there’s anything to this. Jada says Bobby wants her to come back to Bayview to discuss it further. Rafe worries that it sounds like another trick but Jada says maybe he’ll be ready to name some names. Jada suggests they go inside to the Pub where he can tell her what happened at the press conference. After they head inside, Connie comes around the corner.

Eric sits at the airport and thinks back to handing Jude over to EJ and Nicole. Eric gets up to board his flight but gets a cal from Nicole.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay dearly for this. EJ takes his drink and then smashes the glass against the wall as he screams out in frustration.

Stefan tells Gabi that he promised EJ to keep his secret, she agreed, and they had an understanding. Gabi says she knows, so Stefan asks why she blew it all to Hell.

Eric ignores Nicole’s call and goes to board the flight but Nicole arrives with Jude. Nicole says she tried calling him. Eric questions what she is doing here. Nicole informs him that she had to stop him from getting on the plane. Eric doesn’t understand. Nicole then reveals to Eric that he is Jude’s father.

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