GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Anna asks Jason to tell her details of what happened with Sonny and Dex at Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding.

Anna also tells Jason that Brennan seems to like Carly and claimed to have stabbed himself so he can see Carly. Carly goes to visit Brennan at the hospital to ask him to keep Jason out of his business. Brennan tells Carly he can’t promise that but he is glad she came to visit him.

Tracy goes to offer her condolences to Chase about Gregory’s death. Chase blames himself for Gregory’s death because he asked him to officiate the wedding. Tracy tells Chase that officiating his wedding kept Gregory alive so, he shouldn’t blame himself for his death.

Alexis calls Gregory’s phone and Chase answers and gives Alexis the news that Gregory has died. Alexis considers taking a drink. Spinelli tells Sam he is having second thoughts about hacking into the FBI computer to help Jason. Spinelli tells Sam he will think about it and talk to her later. Spinelli talks to Maxie about helping Jason and she tells him to do it but not get caught because she and her family need him.

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