GH Short Recap Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis asks the judge to make Fergus disclose who accused her of perjury years ago and caused her to be disbarred. Fergus tells Alexis that her accuser was Ava Jerome. Diane asks for a ten-minute recess so she and Alexis can regroup and think about their closing argument. Alexis figures out that her disbarment had nothing to do with the law, it was just because she was upset that Alexis broke up with Julian to be with Neil.

Dex decides not to press charges against Sonny because he doesn’t want the stress of testifying to put Kristina’s pregnancy at risk. Ava persuades Sonny that the fact that his children and Dex are turning against him is Jason’s fault.

Elizabeth calls Chase and tells him that Finn needs him since she was unable to persuade him to go to a meeting. Finn tells Chase the details of how he found Gregory dead in his bedroom and admits to drinking a few drinks and breaking his sobriety.

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