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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric brought Jude to see Marlena and John. She noticed that Jude’s smile looks like Eric’s when he was younger. Nicole tried to make a peace offering with Holly, but it didn’t go over well. Steve ran into Ava at the pub. He told her that he knew about Clyde’s black book. While he told her about the book, he told her he thought she was in the book too. Stefan told EJ that the evidence proved that Gil killed Li and not Gabi. EJ didn’t want to open the case. He asked why Stefan was carrying the evidence. Stefan said Rafe thought he would open the case. EJ said there was a conflict of interest. Stefan asked him to put his job first. EJ said he had business to attend to and walked away. Stefan said he was going to regret it. Eric was surprised that Marlena thought Jude looked like him. Marlena said studies showed that adopted children can pick up the traits of their parents. John asked him how everything was going at home. Eric said things were looking up for him financially. Nicole asked Holly if she didn’t want to spend time with her. Holly yelled at her for not letting her go to the prom. Steve asked Ava if she and Stefan were in the black book. Stefan went to Paulina to let her know he had evidence against EJ. She was interested in hearing it. EJ called Rita to let her know that he was going to be running DiMera Enterprises. John asked Eric about working at the Spectator. Eric said it was going okay. He told John and Marlena about the work he and Nicole were doing for a story. Marlena asked if they were working well together. Eric said they were. John asked how Sloan was taking it. Eric said she didn’t understand at first, but she knew he needed the job. Marlena asked if it was difficult for him and Nicole working together. Eric said they were just friends. Nicole said she was worried about Holly pushing herself too hard. Holly told her she didn’t want to be the reason why the next guy walked out the door. Nicole said she was sorry she felt that way. She suggested that Holly drop some classes and take them over the summer. Holly thought she was taking her summer from her. She told Nicole that she didn’t want to end up like her.

Steve told Ava that he knew Stefan found Clyde’s book and took it to the police. Ava told him to stay out of it. Steve said he couldn’t because he and John helped get Clyde out of prison and he was going to say something. Ava said that wasn’t going to happen because she was looking for a permanent solution. Stefan told Paulina that he knew she was having issues with EJ. Paulina said they were at odds. Stefan said EJ refused to open a murder case that would exonerate someone in prison. He said Gabi would be found innocent of killing Li. Paullina said she needed to see the evidence that would exonerate Gabi. He said he had it. Holly told Nicole that she wanted to lead a better life. Nicole said she wanted that too. She said she would have had a different life if her childhood wasn’t screwed up. Nicole told Holly about her childhood. Holly told her controlling her life wasn’t the same as being there for her. When Nicole brought up New Year’s Eve, Holly was upset again. While they were talking, Holly asked if she could let her go to the prom. Nicole told her she couldn’t to the prom because she didn’t trust her. Holly told her that she would rather be dead. She threw up in Nicole’s face that she lost her other babies because she wasn’t cut out for motherhood. Nicole cried and left the room. Paulina looked over the evidence Stefan had. She thought it was compelling but circumstantial. Stefan said Rafe wanted to reopen the case. Paulina said he wanted it because Gabi is his sister. Stefan said the information wasn’t much, but it was enough for the case to be reopen. He said EJ didn’t want to do it. Paulina wanted to know why. Stefan said EJ was afraid that Gabi would try to go after CEO of DiMera. He said EJ was trying to be CEO of DiMera while being D.A. Paulina was upset that he didn’t clear it with her. She called EJ and told him to go to her office. Ava told Steve that they needed a way for Clyde not to expose them and John. She said they needed a permanent solution to take care of Clyde. Stefan showed up while they were talking. Steve left them alone. Stefan told Ava that they needed to talk. He told her EJ wouldn’t reopen the case, but his control might come to an abrupt halt. EJ went to see Paulina. Paulina asked why he was ignoring the evidence in the Li Shin case. EJ said there wasn’t enough evidence. Paulina told him he was going to do what she instructed him to do. EJ asked or else. Holly went to see Marlena in her office. Marlena asked what happened. Holly said she hated herself for saying horrible things to her mother. Steve went to see John and told him he might have a lead on Clyde. He said Jada told him that the police had Clyde’s black book. While Steve was talking, he said the ISA would be able to figure it out. John said they had to stay on top of it. Marlena suggested that Holly write a letter to Nicole. Eric found Nicole drunk at a bar. While EJ and Paulina were talking, she told him he was fired. She said he couldn’t keep his job while he was CEO of DiMera. He went home and said Pauina was going to pay. Eric took Nicole home. She kissed him. EJ saw them kissing.

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