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Recap written by Eva

Gregory decides not to go to the rehearsal dinner to save his strength for Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding. Chase and Finn are relieved because they were nervous about talking to him about not going to the rehearsal dinner. Gregory gets upset with Chase and Finn because they want to get a home health aide to be with him while they are at the rehearsal dinner in Coney Island. Gregory gets so upset with Finn that he brings up that he slept with Jackie the day before his wedding. Finn leaves the apartment without saying another word to Gregory and goes to talk to Alexis. Finn tells Alexis he doesn’t think Gregory has forgiven him for sleeping with Jackie. Finn tells Alexis he needs to go to a meeting and Alexis calls Gregory to ask Gregory if he can help her go over her testimony before the appeals board to get her disbarment overturned.

Sam and Jason argue because she got a call from Danny’s school counselor telling her he wasn’t in school. Sam thinks he snuck out of the house to see Jason but later the counselor calls and tells Sam Danny was in class all day but the teacher input the attendance information into the school computer late.

Jason tells Sam that he has been working undercover for the FBI and he can’t tell her why because he is still working for them.

Jordan advises Laura not to get involved in trying to get Heather’s prison sentence vacated because the people of Port Charles could get so mad at her that it could end her job as Mayor.

Blaze decides to go with Kristina to Brook Lynn’s wedding even though her mom thinks it will be bad for her career. Sonny decides not to take Ava to Brook Lynn’s wedding because he doesn’t want Connor’s family to relive the pain of how Ava killed Connie.

Ava tells Sonny that since he doesn’t trust her anymore, she will move out of the house. Sonny tells Ava she can move out of the house if she wants to since it is safe now. Sonny offers to buy Ava a house or she can stay with Nina. Ava turns down the offer of a house and tells Sonny she can take care of Avery herself.

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