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Holly and her friend Sophia do school work together at the Brady Pub while Ava works as their waitress. Sophia suggests they take a break from studying to talk about prom. Holly assumes she already has a date. Sophia responds that she’s still working on that and reveals that she’s thinking about Tate, surprising Holly.

Tate and his friend play football in the park. He encourages Tate to join the summer league and mentions that he’s also planning prom which motivates him to go. Tate asks if he has a date yet. He reveals that he wants to ask Sophia Choi but he doesn’t think she knows he exists. He then asks Tate who he’s taking to prom.

Harris sits at home, frustrated that he cannot crack Clyde and Gil’s code from the black book.

Sloan comes home to Eric, who tells her that he put Jude to sleep and he doesn’t know when he’ll be home tonight. Sloan pulls away and remarks that she’s sure Nicole will appreciate him being there. Eric responds that it’s just work and part of his job. Sloan says she won’t wait up for him. Eric says he loves her and exits. Sloan then quickly pulls out her phone and calls Melinda, saying she needs her to come over quick.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ talks to Dr. Rolf on the phone about how long the test will take to complete. EJ says patience is not one of his strong suits and screams that he wants the DNA results as soon as possible. Nicole then walks in and asks if everything is okay. EJ is sorry she had to hear that. Nicole asks what exactly she was hearing about DNA results. EJ claims he just wanted some evidence processed for a case. Nicole thought he had people to manage that so he could focus on the case. EJ says he’d prefer to focus on her and kisses her. Nicole worries that he will burn out with one job that’s overwhelming enough but now juggling two. EJ insists that he thrives on chaos. Nicole is unsure but EJ says he will convince her. EJ brings up the article on Paulina and notes that Nicole’s tip to Chad got some serious reactions. EJ adds that the news made a lot of people unhappy and he’s heard there’s serious talk of Paulina resigning. Nicole hopes he doesn’t plan on adding Mayor to his list of jobs. EJ responds that if he gets the call, he’d have to for the people, pointing out that he’s done it before. Nicole tells him no and calls that the worst possible answer. Johnny then enters and mentions getting tea for Chanel since she’s feeling under the weather as he then heads back upstairs. Nicole tells EJ that she should get going to work. They kiss as Nicole tells EJ no more jobs. EJ says no promises as Nicole exits.

Ava brings Harris food and asks if he has had any luck. Harris says he’s gone through all the familiar codes but has come up with nothing. Ava asks what’s next. Harris says he sent the encrypted file to an old navy buddy, so now it’s just a waiting game.

Tate says he’s not taking anyone because prom is not really his thing. His friend encourages him that this will be different because he’s running it and promises it will be the biggest night of the year. He mentions the blood drive and asks when Tate will be free to donate. Tate says he faints at the sight of blood but he urges him to volunteer anyway so can meet new people and expand his circle. Tate says he’s good and remarks that meeting girls is not his priority right now. He remarks that he hopes Holly didn’t ruin the rest of the female species for Tate.

Holly questions Sophia planning to ask Tate to prom. Sophia asks why not, pointing out that he’s hot and smart. Holly points out that five guys have already asked Sophia. Sophia says it’s closer to ten but she’s not feeling any of them. Holly mentions hearing that one of them covered her porch in flowers. Sophia says her mom loved it but her dad did not so much. Sophia says there’s something alluring about Tate and decides she’s just going to make the move to ask him. Sophia adds that Holly said she’s over Tate and asks if she’s over him. Holly says sure but Sophia is not convinced. Sophia tells Holly that if she wants her to stop, she can just say the word but Holly insists it’s fine. Sophia says she’s glad they squared that. Holly talks about her mom giving her phone back and being cool with them hanging out, but there’s nobody she really wants to take to prom so she’s probably not going. Sophia insists they’d have a lot of fun and questions if she’s really not going.

Melinda goes to see Sloan, who thanks her for coming. Melinda comes in to see Jude and comments that he’s getting so big. Melinda tells Sloan to lay it on her how bad it is. Sloan informs her that it’s bad as she already told her about Eric finding out that she was sponsoring Leo’s lavish lifestyle which Eric put a stop to quick. Melinda encourages that should stop her money issues but Sloan says that’s the least of her problems. Melinda asks what else. Sloan then reveals that after Leo got the letter from Dimitri, he got wasted and tried to extort EJ which shocks Melinda. Sloan adds that Leo also told EJ about the baby switch and calls it a nightmare.

Tate tells his friend that Holly made a mistake and there’s nothing more to say as nobody ruined anything. Tate adds that he won’t hold a grudge and they talked it out. They joke together and resume tossing the football.

Holly tells Sophia that she should get going since it was getting late. Sophia decides she’ll go with her. Holly wonders where Ava went. Sophia says on their way out, they need to stop at the vintage shop for retro prom dresses but Holly says she’ll have to pass since she needs to continue her homework. Sophia insists that she needs a break and convinces Holly to come with her as they exit the Pub together.

EJ finishes a work call with his assistant Rita as Johnny returns to the living room. EJ asks how Chanel is feeling. Johnny says that’s actually what he wanted to talk to her about as he needs a favor.

Ava tells Harris that they will just wait and keep things status quo. Harris complains that he’s losing his mind because they can’t decipher the book. Ava points out that having the book is the most important thing. Harris says they have to be smart and use it as bait. Ava tries to encourage Harris but he says he won’t be satisfied until Clyde is in custody and can never escape again. Ava suggests they stop talking about this until they hear from Harris’ navy buddy and just focus on each other. Ava then gets a call from an unknown caller and answers the call from Clyde. Ava says she hasn’t missed him and claims she hasn’t found the book despite searching the place twice. Ava adds that the Bistro has reopened so it’s a lot trickier to rummage around. Ava says he’ll just have to wait until she can find it unless he has a place to look next. Ava tells Clyde that she hears him and asks what comes next when she finds the book.

EJ tells Johnny anything for him. Johnny reveals that they haven’t told anyone and Chanel doesn’t know that he’s telling him, but she’s pregnant. EJ gets excited about being a grandfather. Johnny says possibly which EJ questions.

Nicole joins Eric in the town square. Eric comments on her hesitation and asks what’s up. Nicole guesses she was just wondering how Sloan was doing since she wasn’t very happy with them last night. Eric confirms they had a fight but says it lead to an enlightening conversation that made him realize he was making the same mistakes with Sloan that he made with Nicole. Eric says he regrets that deeply in both relationships.

Melinda asks how Leo could possibly think that was a good idea and what exactly he told EJ. Sloan says he told him everything. Melinda asks if that includes her being involved and if so, she might as well be dead. Sloan assures her name wasn’t mentioned and if it was, she’d have her back and cover for her. Melinda asks if she’s heard from EJ. Sloan confirms that he showed up at her house, demanding the child and threatening to arrest her. Sloan adds that EJ did sort of back off when she told him the truth that Eric is Jude’s biological father.

While playing football in the park, Tate accidentally ends up hitting Sophia in the face when he threw the football. Tate tries to apologize but Sophia says he should be sorry because he saw them coming and accuses Tate of looking at Holly when he threw the ball. Sophia complains that now she’s going to have a black eye at prom.

Ava hangs up and tells Harris that Clyde said he’s calling back in 48 hours and that she better have the book by then, scan the pages, send it to a dark web e-mail account and then destroy the book. Harris argues that the book is the bait, so if they can’t meet him, they can’t hook him.

Melinda questions how Sloan still has Jude if EJ knows. Sloan explains that once she mentioned Eric, it was like a switch flipped because EJ was in denial but deep down, he knew. Sloan adds that EJ still took DNA samples which will only confirm the truth. Melinda calls it a lot to process. Sloan admits it could pan out a lot of different ways. Melinda worries that Sloan could go to prison and lose everything. Sloan insists that’s not going to happen. Melinda asks how she can be so sure. Sloan says that she persuaded EJ to keep the information between them by pointing out that if Nicole knew it was her and Eric’s baby, both of their relationships would be over and she knows that’s not something EJ wants.

Nicole tells Eric that this conversation took a turn for the deep. Eric says that seems to be his way these days, especially when the stakes are higher. Eric wants to acknowledge the mistakes he made and tell Nicole that he’s sorry. Nicole says they all make mistakes and the whole goal is to move forward, learn, and hope that the next relationship is better. Nicole tells Eric that she’s pulling for he and Sloan to really get through this. Eric assures they will. Nicole asks if Sloan knows they are working together. Eric confirms that she took it better than he expected. Nicole adds that she was encouraged by EJ’s response. They agree that’s how it should be with nothing to worry about and joke about just being reporters and colleagues.

Johnny explains to EJ that Kayla told them it could be a high risk pregnancy because of the radiation. EJ gets upset and blames Paulina. Johnny tries to say she was just being a mom but EJ argues that she needs to be held accountable. EJ says a mother wouldn’t have risked exposing anyone to radiation and argues Paulina didn’t care about the risks. Johnny argues that Paulina thought she was doing the right thing but EJ tells him not to be a Paulina apologist. Johnny calls that unfair and says he’s obviously sick about the entire situation, especially since he would’ve found Chanel on his own just a few minutes later but now, their baby could have serious birth defects or might not even make it so he’s just in shock. Johnny admits he doesn’t know what to do. EJ then asks if Chanel is going through with the pregnancy.

Ava complains that she can’t believe Clyde has won again. Harris says not by a long shot and that Clyde has no idea who he’s dealing with. Ava says she’s never felt so out of her depth. Harris suggests e-mailing him and using it to track him once he downloads the files, to find his location. Harris adds it won’t be easy but he won’t let Clyde keep running. Ava says she needs to get back down to the Pub to show Roman how hard working she is. Harris calls her beautiful and sexy as they kiss. Ava thanks him and then exits.

Tate brings Sophia an ice pack and apologizes again as he asks what he can do. Holly tries to encourage her but Sophia doesn’t want to hear it. Tate tries to offer to take Sophia home, but Sophia suggests the hospital as she worries that her nose is broken. Holly points out they don’t know yet if it’s broken. Sophia repeats that she’s going to have a black eye for prom and no one’s going to want to take her. Sophia then suggests Tate could take her since he doesn’t have a date, making Holly uncomfortable as Tate looks at her.

Eric tells Nicole that she can put her bag in his car before they go and questions her going shopping before their job. Nicole reveals that she bought hygiene kits to pass out to the homeless and says she has a few other tricks up her sleeve. Nicole calls this work genuinely useful. Eric agrees that it’s a story they’ll have a platform to tell. Nicole recalls when she was on the streets, wishing for a toothbrush. Eric questions what she means by when she was on the streets.

Johnny informs EJ that they haven’t made the decision yet about the pregnancy. EJ says they must have at least talked about it. Johnny confirms they have and that Chanel is leaning towards keeping the baby no matter what, so he’s going to support whatever she decides. EJ asks what Johnny wants. Johnny says he wants answers and that’s why he needs to ask EJ for this favor. Johnny brings up that EJ took care of Holly by getting her to the best doctors in the world, so he wants to get Chanel in front of all the experts to figure out what’s going on. Johnny adds that Kayla said they might not know until the second or third trimester and by then, it might be too late. EJ assures that he’s got this and he will get him the answers and access to the best doctors in the world. EJ tells Johnny that he has to understand that there is no magic wand here. Johnny says he understands and the what if’s are killing him. EJ gets that but notes that the answers might come too late. EJ tells Johnny that he and Chanel can have healthy babies in the future but declares that this is too risky, so they cannot have this baby right now. Johnny tells EJ that he’s not going to tell Chanel what she can or can’t do with her own body. EJ points out the baby being a DiMera. Johnny demands to know what he means by that and calls it twisted, arguing that the DiMera bloodline doesn’t mean perfect genetics. EJ insists that’s not what he meant and he didn’t intend to upset him. Johnny states that this is obviously a difficult subject for both of them, but he came to him for help as his dad so that he and Chanel can make the best decisions for their family. EJ urges Johnny to think long and hard about the choices in front of him about the marriage and what they both need.

Melinda prays that Sloan’s persuasive argument worked better with EJ than Leo. Sloan talks about getting mad every time she hears Leo’s name and she’s exhausted from constantly putting out fires. Sloan brings up how many times the truth is on the verge of coming out but she somehow keeps it together. Melinda points out that she’s still here but Sloan questions for how long. Jude wakes up crying. Sloan brings up Eric working with Nicole now and he’s always going to love her. Sloan says she has Eric’s baby but that’s not enough as she doesn’t think anything is ever enough for Eric. Sloan questions if everything she’s done for their family was worth it as she’s beginning to think it wasn’t.

Nicole tells Eric that she did what she had to do to survive. Eric says he had no idea that she ever lived in her car. Eric knew she had a rough time growing up but didn’t realize how bad it was. Nicole says she’s just grateful that she came out of it with her sanity and that she’s been really lucky since then. Nicole adds that people have been really nice to her like Eric and now she has great opportunities, great friends, and an amazing daughter so she wants to pay it forward by passing on the blessings. Eric is impressed by Nicole’s strength and resilience. Nicole suggests they get to work. Eric comments on thinking he knew everything there is to know about her, but she still surprises him.

Sophia tells Tate that it’s a simple yes or no question. Tate hesitates but Holly suggests they should go together as it sounds really fun and Sophia already has a cute dress picked out. Tate decides he’s down then. Holly then asks Tate’s friend, Aaron, to prom which Tate excitedly calls a great idea as Aaron accepts. Holly points out they can double date. Sophia calls it the best day ever while Holly and Tate smile at one another.

Ava returns to Harris and says it’s crazy how much the little black book holds. Ava feels the book and notices that it’s sticky, wondering if there’s wine on it. Harris calls that impossible and takes a closer look, discovering that there is blood on the book.

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