Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Billy and Sally continue to support and encourage Adam and Chelsea as they talk about Connor’s progress at the treatment center. Chelsea tells Billy that the doctors have told her Connor is ready for a visit. Chelsea and Billy go to talk to Adam about her decision to go visit Connor.

Victor tells Claire not to worry about Jordan’s body…she is floating along Lake Michigan and she shouldn’t worry about her anymore.

Jack tells Claire that Kyle and Summer need a nanny for Harrison. Victoria encourages Claire to apply for the job. Claire tells Victoria she doesn’t think she will get the job because Summer doesn’t like her. Jack tells Claire he will talk to Kyle and put in a good word for her.

Ashley’s Ms. Abbott personality tells Alan to go to his conference in Vienna because she is fine. Ashley later tells Jack she told Alan to go to his conference in Vienna because she doesn’t need his help.. Jack tells Ashley that he wants Alan to stay longer because she isn’t well and her family will do anything they have to do to make sure she gets better.

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