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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told John and Marlena that she and Konstantin were engaged. She said the marriage was in name only. While she was talking to them, she said Konstantin signed the prenup. She said she felt like she owed him because he was kind to her after Victor’s death. John thought that she did it because of what he did to Konstantin’s daughter. Sloan watched Eric and Nicole holding hands. When Sloan approached them, Nicole left. Sloan wanted to know what was going on. Eric told her he wanted to talk at home. Leo told EJ that he had something to tell him that would change his life. EJ wanted to know what Leo had to say. Leo said he had to pay him before he told him. When EJ got upset, he told Leo to tell him what he had to say, and it better be good. Leo confirmed that it was good. Maggie told John that he was following orders. She said she believed Victor would approve of what she did. While she was explaining her decision, Marlena said she would support her decision. Konstantin showed up while they were talking. He said he hoped John and Marlena would attend. Sloan asked Eric if he really didn’t know that Nicole would be working at the Spectator. Eric said he didn’t know. He said Nicole was trying to be friendly. Sloan thought he looked cozy. Eric said Sloan walked out on him and didn’t know where she was. Leo told EJ that he wanted his money. EJ wanted to know what he was talking about. Leo said he would give him a teaser. It was about someone close to him. EJ guessed Nicole. Leo told him he had three children. EJ wanted to know what he was talking about. Leo told him Jude was his son, but EJ said it wasn’t possible. EJ was shocked. Marlena told Konstantin and Maggie that she and John would be at the wedding. Maggie said they could get married right away. Konstantin said there was things he had to take care of first.

Sloan yelled at Eric when he said he didn’t think she would come back. She asked if he thought she was going to abandon her son. Eric said he felt like she was going to leave. Sloan said she felt hurt when he was upset about the money. Eric apologized for not trusting and forgiving her. He said he wanted to be a better husband for him. Sloan said he could start by believing her about Leo and her motives for helping him out. She said it was hurtful to have her husband think of her as a liar. EJ said he didn’t believe Leo because he was drunk. Leo told EJ that his son didn’t die. He said he tried to tell him before, but he didn’t believe him. EJ threatened to hurt Leo if he didn’t leave. Leo said his son was alive. When Marlena and Maggie said they had to leave, Konstantin asked John to stay. John told him Maggie cared about him. Konstantin wasn’t sure. He said he had a plan to get the prenup. Leo told EJ that he wasn’t lying. EJ ripped into Leo for knowing about the baby all this time without saying anything. Leo said he tried to tell them the truth. He said he blackmailed Sloan, but the money stopped. EJ thought he was there for money and said he wasn’t going to give it to him. Eric told Sloan that he didn’t understand why she would pay for Leo’s hotel room. He said he didn’t believe her about paying Leo’s hotel room. Eric asked if Leo was blackmailing her. Sloan admitted to Eric that he was blackmailing her. Eric wanted to know why. She said Leo uncovered humiliating things from her past. He wanted to know what it was, but she didn’t want to talk about it. Sloan said she thought he would leave her if he knew the truth. She said Leo took advantage of her. Eric said he wasn’t going to let Leo get away with it. Sloan told him not to confront him. Eric threatened to kill Leo. Konstantin pulled out the pawn card on John. John asked if he needed something from him. Konstantin told him to break into the safe and steal the prenup. When Leo went to his room, Eric showed up. Eric demanded to know why Leo was blackmailing his wife. EJ went to see Sloan and wanted to know if Jude was his. He said he was going to take his son and have her arrested for kidnapping after he proved Jude was his. John went to the safe. Konstantin heard a noise and saw Maggie. Maggie said she left something and could get it, but he told her she couldn’t. When they went into the study, John was gone. Maggie left the room. When she left, John had the prenup. Leo told Eric that he had to confess something to him. EJ told Sloan that Leo told him that Jude was his and Nicole’s baby. Sloan said he was only half right. EJ wanted to know what she was talking about. Sloan said Jude was Nicole’s baby but not his.

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