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Theresa brings a box of her things from Bella to Alex at the Titan office. Alex mentions going over provisions for Maggie and asks Theresa to bring papers to Maggie to sign as her last assignment but Theresa declines, saying she promised herself that once she walks out the doors, she’s done. Theresa asks why Alex doesn’t do it. Alex says sometimes when he goes to see Maggie, she’s not happy to see him and it can be a headache. Theresa points out that they will be working together soon, so she hopes that they can try to get along. Alex says he will do his best. Alex asks her to leave the hard drive from Bella with him which she agrees to do. Theresa then leans over Alex’s desk which catches his eye.

At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen talks on the phone about being a chaperone for Rachel’s field trip. Kristen hangs up and wonders what the hell she was thinking and says she couldn’t tame a bunch of elementary school brats. Kristen then calls Brady, who is at the Pub. Brady comments on her not normally calling unless something is wrong. Kristen says she just has a favor to ask him about Rachel. Kristen informs Brady that Rachel’s field trip to the aquarium tomorrow is a chaperone short and she has an appointment that can’t be rescheduled, so she asks if Brady can fill in.

John and Steve sit together in the town square, talking about being unable to find Konstantin’s ex. John finds it hard to believe that she just disappeared without a trace after their divorce. John thinks Konstantin might have had something to do with it. Steve worries that if Konstantin killed his ex wife, there’s no telling what he might do to Maggie or what he’s capable of in general. Steve remarks that it’s a good thing Konstantin’s VISA is expiring and adds that Shane said he’s been straight denied. John guesses that Konstantin will have no choice but to leave the country and that will take him out of Maggie’s life…

Xander and Sarah bring Victoria to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie thanks them for coming. Maggie talks about Konstantin’s VISA expiring and how they have exhausted all options to get him to stay in the country which makes Xander is happy. Sarah says it seems inevitable that Konstantin will have to leave Salem, but they know how much Maggie enjoyed his company so they are very sorry that she won’t have it anymore. Maggie then reveals that she will which Xander questions. Maggie explains that with the role Victor played in the death of Konstantin’s daughter, she felt she had to do whatever she could to help Konstantin stay here. Maggie then announces that she asked Konstantin to marry her and he said yes, shocking Sarah and Xander.

Steve tells John that once Konstantin is out of the country, he’ll get his first good night’s sleep in a long time. John feels the same and brings up that Marlena’s convinced that his recent anxiety is because of Konstantin. John adds that getting roped in to the Clyde nightmare hasn’t helped, but Marlena is right that the return of the Pawn has been the main culprit. John feels that now that Konstantin will be out of the picture, it’s fate telling them to leave well enough alone. John says if Konstantin really is after Maggie’s money, he’s going to start ramping up those efforts. Steve declares that’s exactly why they can’t let their guard down.

Xander questions Maggie asking Konstantin to marry her. Maggie says it’s in name only of course which Xander calls a huge relief. Sarah feels it’s so soon after Victor and asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. Maggie says she wouldn’t have made the offer otherwise. Maggie says she thought long and hard about it and she’s at peace with it, so there’s no reason for them to be concerned. Xander argues that it’s insane and dangerous, then declares that they won’t let her do this.

Brady asks Kristen if all he has to do is chaperone Rachel’s field trip. Kristen says that’s it and there is no catch. Kristen claims Rachel wanted to spend time with him and she thinks it’s the perfect setting for them to be together. Brady questions if she doesn’t think Rachel is safe alone with him. Kristen brings up the custody stipulations stating only supervised visitations and this would qualify as one. Kristen insists that it will be really nice and he will really enjoy it. Brady agrees to clear his schedule. Kristen thanks him. Brady states that spending time with Rachel is the most important thing to him. Brady tells her to text him the details. Kristen says that Rachel will be so happy and calls Brady the absolute best.

Alex invites Theresa to dinner but she says she has to start looking for a job. Theresa says being unemployed was the best choice for everyone but not her wallet. Alex says she doesn’t have to rush to find a place. Alex adds that once the Horton House is fixed up, he will be back at the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa asks if he can handle that. Alex admits it will be an adventure and says it’s happening very soon. Theresa says she’s truly happy for him. Theresa adds that she won’t rest until she finds a gig. Alex says if she ever needs a reference, he will give her a glowing one. Theresa thanks him and says it really means a lot. Theresa says they will talk later as she then exits the office.

Xander tells Maggie that she’s making a huge mistake. Alex arrives and says he’s sorry to interrupt. Maggie assumes he brought the new contracts for Titan which Alex confirms. Alex asks if he should come back later. Xander says it’s fine and adds that they are thrilled that Maggie is returning to Titan since she will be a major asset to the company. Alex agrees and Maggie thanks them. Maggie then informs Alex that she and Konstantin are getting married.

Theresa runs in to Konstantin in the park. Konstantin has roses for Maggie and tells Theresa that they will be married as soon as Maggie makes all the arrangements. Theresa asks about his VISA expiring. Konstantin admits the clock is ticking and jokes that they could have a double wedding with Theresa and Alex. Konstantin talks about all the work they did to change Victor’s letter about his long lost son. Theresa cuts him off and says she gets it and she’s doing her damndest to make Alex crazy. Theresa says he already had to take two cold showers today so they are close. Konstantin suggests it may be time for Theresa to make her move.

Alex questions Maggie marrying Konstantin. Maggie explains that it’s in name only but notes that detail stays in the family. Alex is surprised but Maggie feels she expected more of a reaction from him. Alex asks what she expects as he admits that he’s not thrilled about it and he can’t imagine anyone is. Alex says Maggie will clearly do what she wants but his vote is decidedly in the nay column. Maggie responds that he doesn’t get a vote in her personal life. Maggie thanks Alex and tells him to leave the contracts and see himself out. Xander offers to show him to the door. Alex declines but Xander insists and walks out with him. Sarah tells Maggie that she can’t fault them for their misgivings but Maggie feels they aren’t trying to understand and they don’t realize how she explored every possible way to keep Konstantin in the country. Sarah worries about Maggie protecting her heart as they hug. Maggie thanks Sarah for her support and understanding. Sarah warns that if Konstantin hurts her, he will have to answer to her.

Kristen talks on the phone about setting up the scholarship in Li’s name. Kristen hangs up and opens up her laptop, declaring that she’s going to get in to the board’s good graces even if it kills her. Rachel comes in and brings Kristen her permission slip for the field trip. Rachel talks about how excited she is for the field trip. Kristen then tells her that Brady is going with her on the trip. Rachel questions why and if her teachers say she has to have a parent with her. Kristen asks if she got in trouble. Rachel says no and thought that Kristen said she didn’t want her and Brady to be alone. Kristen argues that she won’t be alone since she’ll be with all of her friends. Rachel suggests that if Brady’s going, Kristen go too and it will be fun but Kristen doesn’t think that will be a good idea. Rachel asks why not and pleads with her.

Theresa joins Brady at the Brady Pub. Brady asks what she’s been up to. Theresa says she was just cleaning out her stuff from the Titan office. Brady asks how that went. Theresa calls it kind of weird and kind of sad. Brady points out that it’s what she wanted. Theresa starts to cry that she can’t help but feeling like a total failure professionally and personally.

Steve asks if John would really be good with just dropping everything. John points out that Konstantin forgave him and asks what else he can ask for. Steve asks what if John didn’t kill Catharina, pointing out that Konstantin was face down and never saw him pull the trigger. John argues that Steve saw him holding the gun and there was no one else there. Steve questions believing that after years and years of wanting to avenge his daughter’s death, Konstantin just suddenly forgives him and asks what if his forgiveness isn’t genuine. Konstantin then approaches and asks what they’re saying about forgiveness. John asks what he wants. Konstantin responds that he’d like to talk to John about something that’s been wrestling with his mind for quite some time. Konstantin states that knowing the circumstances, he has come to realize that Catharina’s murder was not John’s fault. Konstantin argues that Steve was the one working for Victor when it happened, so if anyone is to blame, it’s Steve.

Brady tells Theresa that he knows her well and failure is not how he would describe her. Brady talks about Theresa turning her world around and raising a son. Brady promises that she’ll get through this. They talk about their past together. Brady points out that they are still standing and now Theresa is free to decide what she really wants to do. Theresa thought she wanted to make bunches of money in a demanding job. Brady tells her to do it if that appeals to her. Theresa says she’s rethinking that and wondering if that’s where she went wrong. Theresa feels she got sidetracked by always thinking about money. Brady encourages her to not do that anymore then. Brady asks whoever said she can’t have it all. Theresa decides maybe she can.

Kristen tells Rachel that she and Brady love her but there are times where they don’t get along. Kristen talks about how Rachel would hate it if she and Brady got in a big fight during her field trip. Kristen knows that’s why it’s important that Rachel and Brady have tomorrow together. Kristen encourages that she and Brady are working on getting along better. Kristen thinks it’s important that she and Brady have other grown up friends. Rachel guesses she means like boyfriends and girlfriends which Kristen confirms. Kristen then tells Rachel that she has a boyfriend named Alex Kiriakis and she thinks Rachel is going to really like him. Rachel says maybe and then reminds Kristen to sign her permission slip as she sends her to go get a cookie. Kristen then pulls out her phone and calls Alex. Kristen asks if Alex has plans tonight. Alex says he was hoping to hang out with Theresa, but she’s not interested. Kristen says that’s good and invites Alex to come over.

As Alex hangs up, Xander questions him getting shot down by Theresa and says he couldn’t help but overhear. Alex tells him that it’s none of his business. Xander agrees but says what is his business is Maggie as she is their family and he’s really worried about her. Alex admits he is too and questions marrying Konstantin. Xander calls Konstantin a criminal, a con man, and a liar. Xander declares that he will do whatever he can to keep Maggie from marrying him.

Steve questions Konstantin blaming him for his daughter’s death. Konstantin says that everything Steve did was on his own free will as he wasn’t brainwashed and he knew Victor was destroying John’s life but he didn’t stop it or report it. Konstantin argues that Steve let John suffer for all these years and never would’ve opened his mouth if he didn’t come to town, so he blames him. Konstantin tells them to enjoy their day and walks away. Steve asks if John is buying in to that crap and argues that he’s just trying to create a rift between them. Konstantin looks back with a smile.

Alex joins Kristen in her bedroom which Alex says he wasn’t expecting. Kristen points out that downstairs, anyone can walk in and interrupt them so she wanted a private space to talk about their plan. Alex says it doesn’t seem to be working too well. Kristen feels they need to up the ante and make Brady and Theresa sick with jealousy immediately. Alex asks what she’s thinking. Kristen suggests that Alex spend the night with her which surprises him. Kristen explains that tomorrow, Rachel will come in to get her permission slip signed and she’ll see them together. Alex questions traumatizing her child. Kristen says they will just be cuddling and then Rachel will tell Brady, so he will think they had mad, passionate sex. Kristen calls that totally possible and then Alex not going home will send Theresa a very powerful message. Alex admits he can’t disagree. Kristen says she’ll have cook make them a lovely dinner and they can stream whatever he wants before hitting the sack. Kristen asks what Alex thinks. Alex brings up Rachel being pretty smart, so he thinks that she would see right through it if they were faking it and pretending to be lovers. Kristen asks what he’s saying. Alex thinks if they are going to do this, they have to really go for it to make Rachel believe it as they then begin kissing.

Brady tells Theresa that he believes in following your heart as when you’re happy, good things happen. Theresa says she’s not disagreeing. Brady admits he’s not always right. Theresa calls him a good man and a rare breed. Brady remarks that it takes a damn good woman to notice. Brady says he has to take off. Theresa says she feels better now and thanks him. Theresa mentions that she should be heading home to Alex, but she thinks he’s probably upset that she cancelled on dinner. Brady questions what the hell is going on between her and Alex.

Konstantin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and brings Maggie roses and chocolates as an expression of gratitude for all she does for him. Maggie then presents Konstantin with a pre-nup and notes that he seems surprised. Maggie calls it a formality, so that Victor’s assets are dispersed per his wishes like her lawyers insisted. Maggie says once he signs, they can set a date. Konstantin agrees to not waste another moment and signs the pre-nup. Maggie then takes it and places it in the safe. Konstantin guesses they are good to go then which Maggie confirms.

Xander and Sarah walk through the town square with Victoria. Xander can’t imagine how anyone could fall in love with Konstantin. Sarah points out that Maggie didn’t say she fell in love with him and she doesn’t think she is, just that she enjoys his company and feels in debt to him because of everything Victor put him through. Xander questions why it’s Maggie’s responsibility to make up for what Victor did. Sarah insists that she’s only marrying him so he doesn’t have to go back to Greece and can stay in the United States. Xander complains that he just hates the idea. Sarah encourages that they know people can change and Konstantin is good company for Maggie which is important to them. Sarah says that she just wants Maggie to be happy. Xander says he wants that too but wishes she would find it with someone who isn’t a gold digger with ties to organized crime. Xander apologizes but declares it won’t be possible for him to accept Konstantin in to their family.

Brady tells Theresa that it’s none of his business and he hopes whatever is going on with her and Alex makes her happy. Theresa thanks him, but says they share a son so he has every right to know what’s going on in her life. Theresa then informs Brady that she and Alex are just roommates but not with benefits. Brady feels that could change. Theresa remarks that stranger things have happened. Brady asks if she wants it to change. Theresa responds that she’s not sure and she’s starting to think maybe she overreacted by breaking up with Alex over not proposing since she was so hurt and humiliated. Theresa worries that maybe she pushed Alex too far…

Alex and Kristen continue kissing in her room. She removes his shirt and pushes him onto the bed. Kristen then climbs on top of Alex as they continue kissing.

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