Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Lily votes against Nate being on the Chancellor-Winters board and surprises Devon because he thought Lily was going to vote for his idea to put Nate back on the board.

Jill and Billy vote against the lawsuit and want Daniel to take the games that he wants because a lawsuit would hurt the company.

Devon, Abby, and Lily vote to fight Daniel’s lawsuit.

Mamie is upset with Lily because she didn’t vote for Nate to be on the board and thinks that they should split the company. Lily makes it clear to Mamie she will not split the company in two and wonders if she should trust Mamie.

Kyle, Jack, and Victor offer Dave the flower van driver $ 100,000.00 for information on Jordan. The van driver tells him Jordan gave him $ 10,000.00 to use his truck and he needed the money to pay gambling debts. The van driver tells Kyle, Jack, and Victor that he was supposed to meet Jordan at a 24-hour dinner.

Nikki calls Claire’s phone and offers herself as a replacement for Harrison and Claire because she will get more money from Victor if she took her hostage. Nikki waits for Jordan at the alley where she told Jordan she would be waiting on her.

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