GH Short Recap Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Trina tells Ava she wants to live off campus and Ava suggests that she ask Josslyn if she wants to get an apartment together.

Ava gets a call from the lab where she had Sonny’s pills analyzed and the lab technician tells her that Sonny is only getting a quarter of the dosage of his bipolar medication.

Ava tells Sonny about Dex applying to the Police Academy but she doesn’t tell him about the error in his dosage of medication.

Dex passes the police exam with flying colors but the police instructor worries that, if Dex joins the academy, he will become Sonny ‘s target and they will have to protect Dex from Sonny.

Cyrus makes a statement to press charges against Sonny.

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