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[ Upbeat music ]

Deacon: Answer me, lauren. What do you know about sugar? Does that name mean anything to you? Sheila was texting with her before she went to steffy’S. Lauren, answer me! Who the hell is sugar?

[ Knock on door ]

Finn: Oh, hey.

Hope: Uh, did I catch you at a bad time?

Finn: No, no, no. I just, um, I just got back from a swim, actually.

Hope: Oh, well, funny you should say that. Speaking of, kelly’s goggles.

Finn: Oh, nice. She forgot these, huh?

Hope: Yeah, and I just– you know, things are still a little tense with steffy at work and I just happened to be driving by, so…

Finn: Hm.

Hope: Plus, I just– I wanted to check on you and see how you were doing after…

Finn: You know deacon’s eccentric and quirky?

Steffy: Yeah, clearly. He dated sheila.

Finn: Right, well, now you can add paranoid and delusional to the list. Because get this. Deacon is questioning whether or not sheila is actually dead.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Deacon’s convinced himself sheila may still be alive.

[ Knock on door ]

Liam: Yo, steffy.

Steffy: Liam, hi. What?

Liam: Good, she is alive.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Well, I’ve texted you, like, four times.

Steffy: Oh, you did? Oh. Oh, my phone’s on silent. God, for a second I– I thought you meant, um…

Liam: Meant what? Hey, are you okay? What’s going on with you?

Finn: Yeah, well I appreciate you checking in on me. Especially when I know you’re not a fan of sheila’S.

Hope: Well, even though i might not exactly be sad about sheila’s death, I– I can still be sympathetic to you. I know you’re going through a lot. She’s still your birth mother and, uh, how it all happened is…

Finn: I mean, has it been easy? No. But sheila only had herself to blame.

Hope: Well, when she was alive, she certainly posed a threat to your marriage. She put a strain on it.

Finn: Yeah, wondering if and when she would snap again. And, well, she finally did.

Hope: Well, I guess maybe that’s the silver lining, then? You and steffy, you don’t ever have to worry about sheila carter ever again.

Steffy: Actually, you’re here for the meeting, right? How did it go with the ad budget?

Liam: Yes. Yeah, uh… no, carter and I, we hammered it all out. We even talked about online presence and it’s good. It’s all good. I just figured I’d pop in to update you after. But, uh, clearly, it’s not a great time.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Steffy: You know, just when you think you’re able to, like, move on, close a chapter, some idiot just chimes in and yanks you back to where you were.

Liam: Ooh. Who’s the idiot?

Steffy: Deacon. I think you know how hard this has been. And I’m still just trying to process killing someone. You know, my husband’s biological mother, and I’m really trying to come to terms with that. But it’s, uh–

Liam: And deacon is interfering with that process? Or…

Steffy: Deacon thinks… deacon thinks sheila still may be alive.

Deacon: How did sheila know this sugar person? Lauren, tell me, please! You know exactly who she is.

Lauren: The sugar that I know couldn’t possibly be texting sheila. Or anyone else, for that matter. Because she’s in jail.

Deacon: Why?

Lauren: That is ancient history. And you know what? I do not want to talk about sheila or sugar ever again. And I strongly advise you to forget about sheila and anyone that she could be texting.

Deacon: Wait, lauren, please. I’m sorry. Look, I can see this is upsetting you. I am not trying to stress you out here with bad memories, but I’ve got serious reason to believe that sheila is still alive, as crazy as that might sound.

Lauren: It is extremely crazy, and I’m not listening to it.

Deacon: Please, lauren. No one has history with sheila like you. You may be the one person who can help me figure this out.

Lauren: Oh, because I’m the resident sheila expert? How I hate that title. And I hate knowing what I know about that psychopath!

Deacon: You might not know everything. There’s something sheila did, it was an act of desperation. Something she did recently to stay out of jail. To stay alive. Sheila has nine toes.

Lauren: Yes, I know she cut one off. So, what does some fake bear attack have anything to do with sheila being dead? My celebrity colorist?

Hope: Wait, wait, wait. What– what, um… so, are you– are you seriously telling me that–

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, and your dad is convinced. And like this was seconds before the body was engulfed in flames. And so, there’s no way for him to actually confirm how many toes were on the body.

Hope: Well, then, I mean, obviously, he’s mistaken.

Finn: Obviously.

Hope: Yeah, I mean, there’s no way that he could be… no. No. No. Like sheila, she came here that night. She tried to attack steffy. Steffy had to defend herself, so I don’t know what my dad thinks he saw, but, uh, clearly, he’s wrong. I mean, we all know the person that steffy killed that night was sheila.

Steffy: It is ridiculous that deacon’s telling people this.

Liam: So, like, what’s going on? I mean, is he just losing his mind or something?

Steffy: The man lost his mind when he fell for sheila.

Liam: Uh, that’s fair. But it is weird, right? Like, ’cause he knows exactly what happened. Sheila broke into your place, and she refused to leave, and she came after you, and you–

Steffy: I stabbed her. In self-defense. Deacon knows exactly what went down. Sheila died in my house. There’s no questioning that.

Liam: Well, clearly, in deacon’s mind, there is questioning. Because, uh, apparently he thinks he saw ten toes.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Steffy: Okay, liam, there could be so many explanations.

Liam: I–

Steffy: One being, he saw wrong. He was stressed out in the moment, he saw her body go in, and– I mean, can you really trust your eyes in that situation? Like, deacon is wrong. He is dead wrong. And I say that literally, because I know sheila’s not alive.

Lauren: Sheila faked her own death. Doesn’t that show you how truly insane she was?

Deacon: Or maybe still is. Insane enough to cheat death again. Look, I went to the crematorium, okay? I didn’t want her to be alone.

Lauren: Faithful and misled ’til the very end.

Deacon: It was important to me, all right? I wanted to be by her side one last time. Just to say goodbye. And so I pulled the sheet back to look at her beautiful face, and I said goodbye.

Lauren: I’m sure it was a very special moment for you. Now I need to–

Deacon: Wait, wait, listen. Just as she was about to go into the flames, the sheet fell, exposing her feet. And that’s when I saw it, lauren. I saw ten toes.

Lauren: It’s not possible sheila cut one off.

Deacon: No, it isn’t possible, is it? Because the body that i mourned, the one that I had a– a service for, that wasn’t sheila.

Lauren: Deacon, you’ve got to stop doing this. The body was identified. You saw her.

Deacon: Yes, yes. Once at the morgue, and like I’m trying to tell you, right before she went into the cremator.

Lauren: Then how can you even question that sheila’s alive?

Deacon: The ten toes!

Lauren: You must’ve been seeing things.

Deacon: Don’t you think that I’ve been wondering that too? I’ve been playing this back in my mind again and again. Lauren, I thought I was going insane. I’m telling you, I saw ten toes. That was not sheila.

Lauren: Oh, my god.

Deacon: What?

Lauren: Sugar. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Hope: Okay, well, now I’m– I’m certainly more concerned about my dad if he’s having these delusions.

Finn: Look, I think it’s– I think it’s all part of the grieving process. At least that’s what I tried to tell him. I mean, the power of grief can take the mind to some odd places, sometimes. And this is the way his mind is choosing to cope with the loss.

Hope: By hoping that he hasn’t lost her at all. Is that what you’re trying to say? That he’s just telling himself that he saw what he saw in order to keep some shred of sheila alive?

Steffy: Look, if deacon wants to believe that sheila is alive, fine, but he needs to keep it to himself.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, is he actually going around telling people this?

Steffy: Yes!

Liam: Oof.

Steffy: And it’s so annoying! And it’s really disturbing. I mean, we are all just trying to move on with our lives.

Liam: We all have moved on with our lives, except deacon. I mean, clearly he’s just stuck on it.

Steffy: He’s enamored with sheila. He can’t let her go. He can’t accept that she is gone. I mean, when I think about everything that woman has done to us, just– it’s just–

Liam: Yeah, I mean, I get it. The last thing you need right now is somebody just gaslighting you into thinking she’s still alive.

Deacon: Okay, um, just tell me what you know about sugar.

Lauren: I’ve tried so, so hard to get her out of my mind. It was, uh, so long ago.

Deacon: So, you do know her? Is she from genoa city?

Lauren: Los angeles. Sheila met her in prison.

Deacon: What, was she like her cellmate or something?

Lauren: She was her warden. And it wasn’t long until sheila worked her magic and convinced sugar to help her escape.

Deacon: Oh, my god.

Lauren: And that’s when they resurfaced in genoa city.

Deacon: So sheila and sugar, they were pretty tight-knit. Sheila never said a word about that.

Lauren: Tight? They were one and the same.

Deacon: One and the same?

Lauren: Sheila was in the mental ward, where she belonged. And I went to go see her because I had to make sure it was her for my own peace of mind.

Deacon: Okay, wait, wait. So, what does this have to do with sugar?

Lauren: Everything, deacon. Everything.

Deacon: How? I– I don’t get it. Make me understand.

Lauren: Okay, stop asking questions and start listening. Because you are gonna be as blown away as I was.

Hope: My poor dad. I wish he could just let sheila go instead of trying to convince himself that, what, she’s out there somewhere? I mean, who– who does he think they cremated, then?

Finn: I don’t know. But your father obviously loved sheila very much. You know, there was one thing that he asked me when he was trying to convince me that sheila was still alive.

Hope: What?

Finn: He asked me if part of me still wishes my birth mother was still alive.

Hope: What did you say to that?

Finn: I told him it doesn’t matter how I feel. My birth mother’s gone. Sheila carter’s dead.

Liam: Well, look, deacon’s obviously wrong about this. And if anybody knows that, it’s you.

Steffy: Right. What’s more plausible here? Either deacon didn’t see the toes correctly, or I, I don’t know, I just killed a stranger in my house and told everyone that it’s sheila.

Liam: Also, not to mention, there was a full-on investigation, right? Like, they identified the body. What– what’s he got to say about that?

Steffy: I don’t know. He’s just not living in this reality. I think he’d be saying things differently if he were in my shoes.

[ Steffy gasps ]

Steffy: Sheila, I know it’s you. You stay– you stay away from me. You stay the hell away from me. Get out.

Sheila: No!

Steffy: I’m never gonna forget it. It still haunts me. But deacon is wrong. I killed sheila. She’s dead and gone and she’s never coming back.

Deacon: Figured you for a whiskey gal. So, sheila was in the nut house.

Lauren: For the criminally insane. Or so I thought.

Deacon: Wait, thought? What do you mean thought? Either she was or she wasn’T.

Lauren: Okay, just listen. It will all start to make sense. A few months later, sheila and I were stuck in this–

Deacon: Wait, stuck?

Lauren: Oh, long story. The point is, all that time, I thought she was locked up. And then, I learned…

Sheila: That wasn’t me in the mental institution.

Lauren: But I saw your face.

Sheila: Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase extreme makeover, doesn’t it?

Lauren: Who was it?

Sheila: Very good friend of mine, sugar.

Lauren: Sugar? Who’s that?

Sheila: She was my warden. I convinced her that I was being treated unjustly and she helped me escape.

Lauren: Treated unjustly? After all the horrible things–

Sheila: Do you wanna hear this or not?

Sheila: We– we fled down to south america and that is where sugar sacrificed her face for the cause.

Lauren: How’d you get her to do it?

Sheila: She thought she was going in for a little lift.

Lauren: But instead she came out looking just like you.

Sheila: Well, fortunately, the plastic surgeons down in south america, they’re not quite as honest as the ones up here, lauren.

Lauren: So, you bribed them?

Sheila: Everyone lived happily ever after. Except for sugar. She took my place in hemet.

Lauren: I’m sure she told them she wasn’t you.

Sheila: She’s in a mental institution for the criminally insane. She tells people she’s not sheila carter and they think she’s delusional.

Lauren: My god.

Deacon: What are you telling me, lauren?

Lauren: That there’s someone out there that looks exactly like sheila. Someone with ten toes.

Deacon: Sugar. I was right. It wasn’t sheila that got cremated. She’s– she’s alive. My god, sheila’s alive.

Luna: Here’s a look ahead. I broke his heart.

Brooke: She is not to blame. It was her mother’s drugs.

Finn: You have me thinking.

Deacon: Good, ’cause I’m right. We need to find her right now.

Steffy: Deacon is an idiot if he actually thinks that sheila’s alive.

Deacon: You recognize her, don’t you?

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