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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve apologized to Kayla for working with Ava. Kayla understood and needed to stay mad at him for a day. Tate talked to John and Marlena about Holly. Holly and Maggie discussed what happened. Maggie had to leave and wanted to reschedule their conversation. Holly texted Tate. Everett and Stephanie ran into each other at the town square. He apologized for coming between her and Jada. She assured him that they talked through their issues. Stephanie wanted to know if he still had feelings for Jada. He assured her that he didn’t. Everett wanted to know how he could have feelings for someone he didn’t know. She wanted to know why he wanted to stay married to her and why he wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. He said he wouldn’t sign because he didn’t remember who he was. Stephanie reminded him that he was Robert and he demanded that she never call him that again. Steve tried to get back in Kayla’s good graces, but she reminded him that he was still in the dog house. He wanted to tell her what happened while he was working for Victor. Steve told her about a mission John went on. He let her know that John had to do a mission concerning Konstantin. Steve let her know that Konstantin’s daughter was possibly killed by John. He wanted to forget about it and pretend it didn’t happen. Steve continued to explain what happened while he was John’s handler. He felt like he never dealt with his role in what happened to Katarina. Marlena tried to talk to Tate about Holly when he received Holly’s message. He let them know that he had to meet his friends. Marlena was happy to see John smile. He informed her about his conversation with Harris. John felt that he could forgive himself if Konstantin could forgive him. Konstantin talked to Katarina’s picture and said he would never forgive her murderer.

Steve let Kayla know that he didn’t think Konstantin got over what happened to his daughter. He knew he wanted revenge and suddenly did a 180. Steve didn’t buy it. He felt that Konstantin was scamming Maggie and planned on keeping his eye on him. Stephanie apologized for offending him. Everett apologized to her. He let her know he was going to see Marlena to talk. John met Steve at his place and they talked about feeling free from the past. Everett went to see Marlena. He let her know that he’s struggling and wished he could be someone else. Stephanie and Kayla talked about Everett’s situation with Jada. She hoped Everett figured out what happened. Kayla let her know that he had trauma to his head but there wasn’t a memory loss. She informed Stephanie that she asked Marlena if she thought he was faking. Everett admitted he wasn’t honest with Marlena during his hypnosis session. Steve let John know that they needed to get to the bottom of this thing. He asked John to let him help him. John agreed to let him help. They recapped what happened when Katarina was killed. Steve thought someone else could have been there. Marlena wondered if Everett would be okay with hypnosis. Everett didn’t want to get hypnotized. He felt there are things better left unsaid. Steve and John continued talking about what happened in Greece. They wondered if Victor or Stefano’s henchman were there that night. John suspected Katarina’s mother might have been there. Konstantin let Maggie know that he had to leave Salem.

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