Y&R Short Recap Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle tries to persuade Summer to accept her cousin Claire into the family. Kyle thinks Claire is working to get better. Summer is skeptical of Claire and how easily the Newman family has accepted her. Summer tells Kyle Claire will never be Harrison’s nanny.

Kyle talks to Summer about the problems he is having working with his mom at work. Kyle tells Summer he thinks his mom is in over her head at Jabot. Summer advises Kyle to find a way to prove to Jack that he should be co-CEO instead of his mom.

The intervention for Ashley continues and she has another blackout as her two personalities fight for control in her mind. Ashley’s personality named Ash finally gets Ashley back in control of her mind. Ashley awakens and everyone is sure she had another blackout since she can’t remember anything that they have talked about or why the family is all together. Once Ashley is upstairs resting, Billy, Jack, and Traci tell Sharon what happened during the intervention. Billy tells Sharon about his own struggle with dissociative identity disorder after Delia died. Billy thinks that is what Ashley is going through right now. Sharon agrees to make some calls and get some referrals for them in the morning so Ashley can get some help.

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