Days Short Recap Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate went to see Lucas at the Monastery. She wasn’t sure if they had enough evidence to get him out of there. Lucas wondered if he had to stay there to finish out his time. Tate wasn’t happy that Theresa didn’t want him talking to Holly. He insisted that he wanted to get out. Tate hadn’t seen his friends in a long time. Brady wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to see Holly. Tate assured him that he wasn’t going to see her. Brady agreed to let him go. Nicole talked to Holly about the drugs. Holly thought she would be grounded. Nicole wanted to make sure her punishment fit the crime. She recapped everything Holly did. Nicole knew she was trying to protect her. Holly said she did try to protect her. Nicole felt like she was protecting herself. Kate didn’t want to give up on freeing Lucas. She reminded him that he helped with Clyde. Kate planned on going to the governor to free Lucas. Nicole wanted Holly to apologize to Tate and his parents for what she did. Holly said she couldn’t talk to Tate because they don’t want her too. Nicole didn’t blame them because she made him lose time. Holly wondered if Nicole forgave her for what she did. Brady and Theresa were grateful Tate was home. He felt like the nightmare was over. Theresa didn’t think Tate would be happy to see her things in his room. She wanted him to sleep in his own bed. Brady offered his bed to her. He said he would stay on the couch and she could stay in his room. Things got awkward when he assumed that she wanted to share his bed with her. Theresa said it was time for her to move out of the house. Holly told Nicole that drugs were everywhere. Nicole wanted to know if she was using before she overdosed. Holly admitted that she drank during the holidays. Nicole couldn’t believe she missed it. She wanted to trust Holly, but she showed her that she couldn’t do it.

Kate didn’t want Lucas to do anything to make Clyde come after him. She warned him that Clyde is all about revenge. He wondered if he wasn’t going to be safe until Clyde was dead. Brady let Theresa know that she could stay with him, but she felt she needed to go. She was happy that they worked on the same side for once. Holly didn’t understand why her mother didn’t trust her when she told the truth. Nicole told her that she didn’t learn anything. She said she had to earn her trust back. Nicole wanted her to go to therapy. Holly thought she wanted to send her to rehab and rejected the idea. Nicole chastised her for telling her that she didn’t want to go to rehab. Holly tried to throw her past up in her face, but Nicole put her in her place. Nicole continued to yell at her about her behavior. She grounded Holly indefinitely. Holly had to give her the phone and her car keys. She refused to give up her phone and keys. Holly wanted her to let her live. She reminded her that she used her phone to become self-sufficient. Holly called her out for being with different men. Nicole was about to slap her, but she stopped herself. She demanded the phone. Holly gave her the phone, but refused to give her the password to it.

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