Days Short Recap Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric talked to Sloan about Nicole hosting their Christening. She had trouble forgiving Nicole after what she did. Theresa and Brady talked about Tate staying away from Holly. She talked to Tate about focusing on his work and not on Holly. John told Marlena that he had to live with taking a woman’s life. He felt he had to live with it for the rest of his life. Marlena reminded him that he didn’t remember the time. She said there’s no evidence he had anything to do with her death. John told her that Steve was there. She explained that Steve and Stefano were there too. Marlena didn’t trust Steve’s memory. She said that what he’s going through hurts her. He never wanted to hurt her. Marlena said he was a good man. Melinda told Leo that he wasn’t going to the Christening. Leo insisted that he was going because they were responsible for why Eric and Sloan had Jude. Melinda threatened him to keep his mouth shut or he would go to prison. Sloan apologized to Eric about her attitude about Nicole hosting the Christening. She said it was kind of EJ and Nicole to host it. Sloan realized that it would be good for them. Holly let Nicole and EJ know that she wasn’t going to the Christening. They wanted to know what was wrong with her. She insisted that she was okay. Holly wanted them to go, but they refused if she didn’t go.

Leo didn’t like how Melinda brought up his arrangement with Sloan. Melinda comforted herself with knowing that Jude was being taken care of. Leo thought Eric was a good parent, but Sloan didn’t have a maternal nature. Holly didn’t want Nicole and EJ to miss the Christening. Nicole wondered if she was uncomfortable because Brady and Theresa would be there. She talked Holly into going to it. Marlena wanted John to put his guilt away for one day to focus on Jude. She wanted him to do it for her. John agreed to do it for her. Melinda arrived at Sloan’s place and asked her about Leo being invited to the wedding. She reminded Sloan that it would be wrong for Nicole and Leo to be together. John and Marlena arrived at the church. He felt like it calmed him down. They spotted Leo at the church. Leo approached them to see how they were doing. Other guests arrived at the church. Things got awkward for Brady and Theresa when Nicole and EJ arrived at the church. Roman tried to ease the tension by complimenting Nicole’s dress. Marlena noticed that John was troubled. He was having a hard time. Holly arrived at the church. She asked Theresa how Tate was doing. Theresa snapped at her. Brady stopped her from getting smart with her. The priest started the Christening. Leo thought about Nicole giving birth to Jude while the priest was christening him. Leo interrupted the ceremony because he had something important to say.

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