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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo interrupted Jude’s christening. Sloan and Melinda thought he was going to expose the secret. Leo talked about losing the love of his life. He said Nicole and EJ lost their baby. While he was talking, he said he was honored to be the baby’s godfather. He said the baby meant a lot to him because he was an amazing kid. John had to leave the christening because he couldn’t be in the house of the Lord. Marlena went after him. She told him to forgive himself since Konstantin were able to forgive him. Melinda confronted Leo about interrupting the christening. When Sloan took Jude to the car, Eric went to talk to Holly. Theresa went to see Tate. Tate asked about the christening. Theresa told him what happened. She said Brady didn’t think he would be a good godfather. Tate thought he was the reason why. Theresa said Brady was proud of him. When Nicole and EJ went back to the DiMera mansion, he comforted her about losing the baby. He said he understood how hard the christening would be for her. She said it was hard for her. While they were talking, she brought up Holly and how sad she was. Holly told Eric that the drugs she took were hers. Sloan and Melinda confronted Leo about exposing her secret. She said she was glad he didn’t say anything. Leo said he was moved to do the right thing. Melinda said EJ threatened to arrest him. Sloan said all three of them would go to prison. Leo said different things happened for why he kept his mouth shut. He said he would never be tempted again to expose the secret.

Steve showed up at the DiMera mansion. He talked to Marlena and John. Roman showed up to talk to them. While they were talking, John walked away. Roman asked if John was okay. Marlena said he wasn’t. When John walked away, EJ approached him. Marlena showed up and said why Sami and Belle weren’t at the christening. John warned him to stay away from his family. Tate talked to Theresa about her getting back together with Alex. Brady showed up at the DiMera mansion. They talked about the christening. She said it was selfish of her to host the christening. Holly told Eric that she kept the secret because of her mother. She said Nicole would blame herself for what happened. Eric said Nicole was stronger than Holly thought. He said Nicole was resilient. Eric said Tate was suffering because of the situation. Sloan showed up and told Eric they shouldn’t be late. Eric left to go to the mansion. When Leo showed up, Roman asked why he interrupted the christening. Leo dodged the question. Marlena asked Nicole how she was doing. Nicole talked to her about Holly. Holly showed up at the mansion. Steve talked to John about working with Victor. He said he didn’t have a choice when Dr. Rolf put the chip in his brain. Steve said he could have killed John. John said something inside of him stopped him. When Jude started crying, Nicole offered to stop him. Jude stopped crying. Eric told Sloan that he needed to talk to Holly. Sloan said the baby was crying. Leo offered to take Sloan and Melinda home. John went back to the church to talk to God. He asked God to help him get through what he did. Marlena showed up and said she and God would help him. She said they were in this together. Brady and EJ almost got in an argument over Holly. When Brady was about to leave, Holly stopped him. Holly told everyone that the drugs were hers.

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