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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena talked to Eric about the christening. Eric told Marlena that Sloan wasn’t happy about Nicole hosting the christening. He realized he was wrong for agreeing to Nicole hosting the christening, but he couldn’t say no to her. Stephanie met with Everett to let him know that he should get another PR firm for the paper. Xander went to see Harris to let him know that he didn’t shoot him. Everett told Stephanie to rethink her decision. He said he hired her because she was the best in the business. Stephanie said she didn’t want to deal with him in a professional setting. While they were talking, he told her he was starting to remember some things. Stephanie wanted to know what he remembered. Everett said he didn’t remember his father. Marlena asked Eric how Sloan felt about Nicole hosting the christening. Eric said Sloan was upset with him for thinking about Nicole. He said Nicole and Holly were like family to him. While they were talking, Marlena tried to advise him to put Sloan first. Holly was upset with Nicole for not believing her about Tate’s innocence. Nicole said Tate could have drugged her. Holly told her what happened on New Year’s Eve wasn’t Tate’s fault. She said it was her fault. Marlena talked to Eric about Brady and Tate. She said she hoped Tate was released soon. Marlena said Holly doesn’t remember anything. Eric told her he didn’t think Holly was telling the truth. Nicole told Holly that the drugs weren’t hers even if Tate didn’t give them to her. She said she knew the drugs weren’t Holly’s. Nicole said she doubted herself and wondered if Holly was taking drugs. Holly told Nicole not to blame herself because of what she was going through. Nicole said she knew the drugs weren’t Holly’s.

Xander and Harris continued to talk about the shooting. Harris asked Xander if he knew who set him up. Marlena was shocked that Eric thought Holly was lying. Eric said he spoke to Brady and would find out if Holly was lying. Marlena said she hoped the truth would come out. When Eric and Marlena were finished talking, she left the apartment. Nicole left to get some things for the christening. Holly tried reaching out to Tate. Stephanie talked to Everett about his sessions with Marlena. He said Marlena suggested that he try hypnotherapy to get his memory back. Everett said he was scared about what he was going to remember. Stephanie thought hypnotherapy might help him realize why he did the things he did. Everett wondered if they could get back together. Stephanie said she wasn’t going to disappear on him. She said she was starting to have real feelings for him until the truth came out. Stephanie said they would figure things out if it was meant to be. Everett asked her not to give up on them. He walked away from her. Holly called Tate. Jada and Stephanie ran into each other. Stephanie asked if Jada was upset with her. Jada said she was upset with the situation. Stephanie said they were both victims of Everett’s lies. Jada said she didn’t see Stephanie as the victim. She said Stephanie was the woman who helped break up her marriage. Stephanie said she was sorry that she thought of her as the other woman. She said Jada should be mad at Everett. Jada said she was mad at him. Stephanie apologized and said she wouldn’t have gotten involved with him if she knew. Jada asked if she was sure she didn’t know he was married. She asked if Stephanie met his family and friends. Jada said Stephanie should have suspected that something was going on but didn’t want to mess up her life. Xander told Harris that anyone could have framed him for shooting him. He wondered if Harris knew who shot him since he saw the shooter. Holly talked to Tate. She apologized for what was going on. Holly said she hated how Nicole and EJ wouldn’t let her talk to him. Tate said she could fix it. Eric and Nicole ran into each other at the chapel. Nicole said she was talking to God ever since Holly’s accident. Eric said he was doing the same thing lately. He said running into her felt like fate. Eric said he had a confession. Harris told Xander he didn’t remember anything. Xander said the person shot him in the chest so he must have been face to face to the shooter. Harris said he wouldn’t tell Xander anything about the shooting when he was a prime suspect. He said he would clear Xander’s name if he’s innocent. Stephanie and Jada got into an argument over Everett. Holly told Tate that she was keeping the secret because of Nicole and everything that was going on with her. While they were talking, Tate told her to protect Nicole. Holly got off the phone when she heard a noise. Eric told Nicole he was grateful they could be friends. He said he wanted to share with her how much their friendship meant to him. Nicole said it meant a lot to her too.

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