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Both: Hi.

[ Both chuckle ] Um…I went looking for you at the dorm. And when I saw that you weren’t in our room, I figured that I’d find you here. It’s nice to hear you call it that. “Our room.” Even though you’re not living there right now. Yeah. Um, is it okay if I sit? Yeah, of course. So, are you here to make sure jason gets the book thrown at him? Um, I’m actually not here for jason. I’m here for you. Where is it? Where is it? Perfect! Kristina. Hi, butterfingers. Hi. Wasn’t sure if I’d see you today. Are you kidding me? A chance to support my sister? How you doing? You know, just one big ball of nerves. One big stylish ball of nerves. Lookin’ the part, sis. At least I got that going for me. And a million other things. Don’t sell yourself short. Am I shaking? I think I’m shaking. Breathe.

[ Chuckles ] It has to be tough, prosecuting someone who means so much to you. Yeah. “Tough” would be a cake walk. This feels nearly impossible. Did you do it? Did you shoot dante? No. I believe you. And there’s something else. It’s about danny.

What about danny?

[ Exhales deeply ] Uh, after I was shot, I-I hid out at the boathouse. Okay. And danny found me. Wait, so you’ve seen danny? Yeah. He helped me.

[ Sighs ] He got a first aid kit from the main house and brought it down to the boathouse. It’s just, I am… I don’t know. I’m a little confused. Wait a minute. Why — why didn’t danny tell me he saw you? I told him not to. Is aiden here, too? He’s up at the main house. Why? Why is aiden at the main house, or why are we here? Second one. Um, my mom figured, if we’re all staying home because of the arraignment, we might as well stay home together. But I assume it’ll go pretty quickly. They’ll see that dad shot dante, they’ll decide he’s guilty, and then he won’t be granted bail. First of all, that’s not how arraignments work. There’s no verdict or anything. And second of all, what makes you so sure dad’s guilty? My entire job today is to remain impartial. Seeing jason is going to test that. Yeah, big time. I mean, how am i supposed to argue that he’s some awful murderer after all the history we have together? His years with sam? I mean, he’s danny’s father. How do I do that? That’s the other reason I’m here. Thought you were here for moral support. Of course I am. That’s what I’m here for first and foremost, but also… molly, you can’t give into to your soft spot for jason. Okay? He’s guilty. Says who? My father, for starters. I saw him the last couple of times he went to visit dante, and he did not want to believe it at first, but there’s evidence linking jason to the warehouse shooting. So, obviously, dante followed him, and that’s when jason shot him. Is that obvious to sonny, or is it obvious to you, kristina? Because it certainly isn’t obvious to the police, or to the da’s office, or to me personally. Why would they be charging jason if they didn’t think he did it? There is reasonable suspicion and supporting evidence that jason shot dante. But there was also another unidentified individual present, and we’re not sure what part they played. So nothing is obvious. And, let’s not forget, in our legal system, the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. No matter what sonny thinks. This is exactly what I was afraid of. What? You don’t want jason to be guilty, so you are scrambling to come up with a scenario where he’s not. But, molly…

[ Sighs ] As hard as this is going to be, and I really know that it is going to be hard for you, you have to check your feelings at the door and do your job. But what’s your professional opinion, portia? I know I’m not family, but I’m — I’m very worried. Mm-hmm. Okay. Well, I-I appreciate that. Thank you so much for the update. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Yes, alright. I’ll call you back. Yes. Bye. Thanks, dex. Come in. Um, close the door. Was that about dante? How is he? It’s the same. His family must be going out of their minds. Yeah. Waiting is a special kind of torture. Yeah. I appreciate you coming in. Thank you. I assume this is about our last conversation. I figured, once you thought about it, you would change your mind about pursuing a case against sonny. And I am still willing to testify against him, if that’s what you’re wondering. No matter what it costs. Even if it costs you your life?

Sonny has resources. You know? He would know that you intended to testify against him before you ever even took the stand. Is that where you come in? Offer me some kind of protection? Yeah. I mean, I can authorize that. But it wouldn’t guarantee your safety. Because sonny has a way of getting around everything. Yeah, he does. There’s witness protection, but from what I understand, you want to stay in town, don’t you? Where does that leave me? Not in a courtroom, that’s for sure. I do not want you testifying. I’M… I’m sorry, commissioner. I don’t understand. If you don’t want me to testify, then what am I doing here? A thought occurred to me. Um, a way that you can ensure your own safety. I’m listening. You come work for me at the pcpd. Joss, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Jinx. You can’t talk until I say your name. That was a joke. Josslyn.

[ Both laugh ] Clearly, I take my jinx very seriously. Yeah, apparently. Okay, well… mm-hmm. Um, but for real. Yeah. Yeah. I am… I am sorry. I’m so sorry. I was a total b, and you didn’t deserve it. Oh, I kind of deserved it. Why? Well, I mean, of course, I’m very happy and I’m relieved that jason is alive. But I d-do really think he’s innocent. That’s me, and that’s how I feel. And you are more than entitled to feel differently about it. And I’m really sorry if I acted like you weren’T. Apology accepted. Back at you. I will say… that my attitude wasn’t just about jason possibly being a suspect in my father’s shooting. What else was it? I was — still am — having a hard time getting past the unfairness that jason got to come back while spencer’s still gone. Thank you so much, kristina. Getting the sense you don’t really mean that. Are you? You getting that sense? Yeah, even more so now. Look, I just don’t need you coming in here moments before the arraignment to tell me something that, not only do I already know, but I’m struggling with in real time. Because, how nice to be you, right? With your advice and your nuggets of wisdom, all cozy in the back of the courthouse, while I have to actually make the argument for why somebody I love and respect, who, not for nothing, probably has an explanation for what he did, shouldn’t make bail. Okay. That’s a valid point. Multiple points, actually. Standing down. Thank you. Hey. Molly, you are an excellent lawyer. You’re also the most ethical person I know. I — I’m sorry. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. Yeah, well, wouldn’t really track for you. True. Okay. Let me ask you a question. Since when are you so anti jason? -Don’t be naive, danny. -What does that even mean? Of course he’s guilty. The guy took off… oh, now he’s “the guy”? …Let us all think he was dead, and then came back and shot dante. If you’re waiting for him to be proved innocent, you’ll be waiting forever. Okay, you don’t know any of that. I-I don’t know that dad left us? Or that we had a memorial service for him? That’s just a story you told yourself. Unless you’ve talked to him? Dad?! Yeah, right. Or the police. Did they fill you in on all the evidence they collected? Don’t be stupid. You’re the one who’s being stupid, jake. You’re mad at dad. I get it. So you want him to be guilty. I-I don’t want any of this. I mean, god, danny, you live with dante. He’s the best. He’s always fun, always joking around, always has time for everybody. And now he’s lying in a hospital bed because our father put him there. Guys, stop. I love dante, and rocco, he’s like a brother to me. Hell, that’s why I’ve been sneaking out to the hospital, to get updates on his dad. Can you please not fight? Are — are you telling rocco that our dad is innocent? Like he doesn’t have enough to deal with already? Obviously, you don’t care about dante. Or rocco. That’s messed up, jake. How does me thinking our dad’s innocent make me not care about rocco or dante? Why aren’t you mad at him? Why aren’t you giving him the benefit of the doubt? Because he doesn’t deserve it. That’s why. Hold on. Just — just so I’m getting this straight. You — you told our son

not to tell me that he had seen you and he was helping you? Yes. I’m danny’s mother.

I have been raising our son on my own for most of his life. What the hell is wrong with you, jason? Danny is just a kid. A kid that has issues! Wh-what do you mean? What kind of issues? No, no! D-don’t! Don’t do that! Don’t pretend to be a father to him now. You disappeared, leaving me to pick up the pieces and put our son’s life back together. And I did that, by the way. You don’t get to just come out of the sky, out of nowhere, and tell our son to lie to me? To keep secrets from me? Use him because you’re in trouble, putting him in a — in a situation where… my god, jason. Danny could be brought up on federal charges. That is our baby I’ve been protecting. Say something! Don’t just sit there! Tell me you know that I’m right, about all of it! You’re right. You are a danger to our son. Do you hear me? Stay the hell away from danny.

[ Door slams ]

You want me to join the pcpd? Don’t look so shocked. I happen to think that this is inspired. Until very recently, I was working on the inside of sonny’s organization doing all kinds of illegal things on his orders. Exactly. And that’s what makes you an asset. Commissioner, I almost murdered an old man on sonny’s orders. I know. I know. It’s — it’s — it’s hard for you to wrap your head around it. When mayor collins, she offered me this position again, I felt like my past, it — it — it disqualified me somehow. But now I realize that the best cops are the ones who know how easy it is to go wrong, because they’ve been there themselves. So it’s fine that I’m no better than the criminals you’re trying to put away? I think it’s more than fine, dex. I think it’s a bonus. It’s gonna sound so irrational. Not to me. Every morning, I wake up, and the first thing I think is that it’s either a nightmare and that spencer’s still here, or that today is the day that I’ll get that call, that they made a mistake and spencer’s fine. And to see that scenario playing out for you and — and your mom and everyone that loves jason… I know. You want that to happen with spencer. So badly. I’m so sorry. You know, for me, it was different. I knew that oscar’s death was coming, but I understand. I know you do. That kind of grief consumes you. I can’t get out from under it. But you will. You will, you know? One day, eventually, your time with spencer, those memories, they’re gonna make you smile. It’s not going to break your heart anymore. I don’t know if I’m there yet. No one expects you to be there. I just miss him so much, joss. So much. In a way that I didn’t even know that you could miss people. And it feels like I’m gone now, too. You know, you’ve, very understandably, lost your way for a bit. But you’re going to find your way back. What if I don’t? Then you can reach out your hand, and I’ll take it. And we’ll make it through together. I’m not anti jason. You’re certainly not pro. No, I guess I’m not. Don’t look so surprised. But I am. I mean, krissy, you were literally drugged and five minutes away from being tattooed and sexually assaulted when jason carried you out of dawn of day. I know, and I will forever be grateful to jason and to sam for getting me away from shiloh. But, molly, we don’t know what’s happened in the last couple of years. Jason could be totally different person now, and the evidence is pointing in that direction. Evidence is subject to interpretation. That’s the whole point of a trial. The prosecution interprets it one way, the defense interprets it another. And the evidence shows that jason was there when dante was shot. Okay. And so just because sonny believes that jason shot dante, you believe it, too? Well, for my father to go against jason, that’s a big deal, and you know that. So, yeah, I-I-I’m inclined to believe him. You need to be careful who you talk like this around. What are you talking about? Danny? Our nephew? I mean, I know i need to have a talk with him after today, explain that I’m just doing my job. Because, believe whatever you want, jason is still danny’s father. Please! Dante has been more of a father to danny than jason ever has been or will be. Thank you. I, uh — I saw sam leaving… as I came in. I’d ask how that went, but I hate talking to myself, so… let’s focus on your case. We have a hero cop in the hospital on life support, the chances getting smaller and smaller every day that he will wake up to exonerate you. We have a da with a working and perfectly reasonable theory that you shot said cop without realizing who he was, then you realized it and tried to save him. Too little, too late. Now, you know that’s not true, and I know that’s not true. So how do we get the rest of the world on board? Give me something that I can use. Do you have an alibi? Is there a timeline? Is there someone I can call who will say, “nope, jason didn’t shoot dante”? Is there anything you can give me, please?

[ Sighs ] I can’T. Get off of him! Come on! Stop! Break it up! You guys

are family.Don’t do this to each other. I can’t with this. I’m really sorry.

Tell me something about your time together in paris. Like what? Anything! You know, after oscar died, nobody wanted to talk to me about him, and probably because they didn’t want to upset me, but I felt the opposite. I wanted to talk about him. I wanted to relive our times together, you know? Yes. That’s the perfect way to describe it. So tell me something about paris. It was the happiest I’ve ever been. I bet spencer would say the same. I think so, too. I mean, it doesn’t get more romantic than the city of lights. No. It…[ Sighs ] It was more than that. Our ease being together, you know? It was — we found, like, the perfect rhythm with this paradise as our backdrop. Mm-hmm. I felt more like me in paris with spencer than I ever had before. It sounds so special. It was. Until it wasn’T. Let’s stay with the “was.” Okay. I’m so grateful that you got that time with him, and that that time with him was so incredibly special. I’m grateful, too. You seem to be under the impression that I need this job. Don’t you? I’m ex-military. I’ve been in my fair share of close calls, and here I am, still standing. You’ve just been to the police station twice in the past few days. Not clandestinely, either. So? So, what makes you think sonny doesn’t already suspect you of being a turncoat? You know, it’s — it’s fine. Like, if you want to go it alone, you’re welcome to. But I really feel that the pcpd could offer you some cover. Think about it. I will. Don’t take too long. Time is not on your side. You know what I keep thinking about? I keep remembering when we would decorate sam and jason’s apartment for valentine’s day. I mean, I haven’t thought about it in years, but it’s like I can remember it like we did it yesterday. Can you really call that decorating, though? More like an absolute flooding of valentine’s day bling all over that place.

[ Chuckles ] Come on, it was beautiful. It was. It was also pink. A little red, but a lot of pink. So not jason’s style. No. Those candles and flowers? Did we buy throw cushions for the couch? Yes, we did. And guess what color those were? Jason’s fault it totally was. I mean, honestly, he gave us an insane budget to work with, and we were so young. Of course we were gonna go full out. I just remember thinking it was the most romantic thing that he did that for sam. It was — it was romantic. But it was also a really long time ago, molls. Things change. People change. How much? A lot sometimes. You know, I just — I think you need to face the fact that the jason who came home might not be the jason we remember. Okay. I will consider that possibility if you will consider the possibility that maybe — just maybe — you’ve got this all wrong. Diane, I wish I could give you what you need. But I can’T. We’ve known each other a long time, haven’t we? Yes, we have. Yes. So I’m sure you’ve recognized that, very often, I will say things are worse than they are so I look like even more of a genius when I pull off a victory at the end. Right? This is not the case. If dante dies, it’s murder one. That’s as bad as it gets. The state of new york doesn’t have a death penalty, but if you are convicted, then you spend the rest of your life in prison. You are my favorite client. Difficult in your own way, absolutely. Like, you know, now. But I would hate to see you be put away for life for something you didn’t do, especially since we just got you back. So if there’s anything at all that can help me help you — anything! — You’ve got my number.

[ Door closes ]

Brook lynn. Surprise.

[ Exhales sharply ] Guessing I’m not who you were expecting to see here. Uh, not really, no. Um, I know the, uh — the desk sergeant. He let me in. Perks of soon-to-be-marrying one of the detectives. Congratulations. Thank you. I’m sorry. I-I-I don’t know why this is so awkward. I’m usually so good at small talk, but it’s tripping me up for some reason. Why don’t you just start with why you’re here. Yes. Um… monica asked if I could come. She wanted me to give you this. Hey! Jake told me I would find you here. He say anything else? Well, he just looked a little worse for the wear. Ouch. Does that — does it hurt? Not really. Why would you get into a fight with your brother? He kept saying dad was guilty. It really pissed me off. I just saw him. Dad? Yeah. He — he told me that he was here and you were helping him. You’re mad. Yeah, I am, uh — I’m furious. But not at you. What your father did was completely unfair. Hey, look at me, danny. It’s not your fault you did what your father asked you to do, but you are to never do that again, okay? Mom. Never, danny. I wanted to help him.

[ Scoffs ] I’m sure you did. Look, it’s not like he asked me to rob a bank or anything. He just needed some bandages, so I got him a first aid kit. Okay. Listen to me. “A,” he involved you in a situation where he’s wanted by the fbi and the pcpd, and “b” — this is the worst part for me — he told you to lie to me, to keep a secret from me. Danny, don’T. It is not okay under any circumstances. But when there are criminal charges flying around, it’S… I never thought I would actually say this about your father, but that did it for me, danny. Any trust between us has been broken. Robert. Did we have a meeting? What, a man has to make an appointment to be with his ex-wife these days? When he’s the da and his ex-wife is the commissioner. I have a lot on my plate today. Well, why don’t you try delegating sometime, hmm? So, what is this about? Okay, I’ll be quick. I’m — I’m here to make a confession. God. What are you confessing to? I’m a big fat coward. Look, I don’t want to fight about this. You think I do? In fact, I wish you were less focused on the arraignment and more focused on your health. You mean the baby’s health. Well, aren’t they kinda the same thing? Stress of any kind is not good for a pregnancy. So if you really came here to support me… I did. …Then the best thing you can do is just go home. I see. Is that an order, ada lansing-davis? Thanks, joss. For what? Being a best friend when I know you could use one right now.

[ Chuckles ] I’m fine. Liar. [ Chuckles ] What’s going on between you and dex? Not much. Have y’all spoke since you broke up? No. I mean, he’s called me a few times. I just am not ready to talk to him. Well, what about me? I still don’t know what happened. And — although I have the impression that it has something to do with dex working for sonny. Yes, it does. And that’s all I can say about it without compromising him. Then you must still care for him. Of course I do. I mean, I — I think I always will. But I also just kind of feel like I never really knew him, you know? I’m sorry, joss. That’s a horrible feeling. Yeah. Well, anyway, I’m fine. Okay? So I love you for showing up here, but you don’t need to stay. Well, I have nothing better to do. I live at home and I am not in school, so. You have the gallery. Yeah, but not today. So I don’t mind staying a little longer and hanging out. Right? It might be fine. Uh, on second thought, I think you should spend some time alone, so…

Thanks for the talk. I’ll call you later. Good luck. Thank you so much. Okay. Bye. Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? I, uh — I had an appointment. Really? In the hall of justice complex? With whom? Did you get my messages? Nice dodge. Yeah, I got them. I didn’t like how we left things. Speaking of leaving, I thought you left town? Thought or hoped? I’m really sorry I let you down, joss. Why are you still here? In port charles? I, um…think I was just given a reason to stay. I know better than to issue you an order. And I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to imply that you are putting the baby at risk. I know you never would. Just like you know that I would never let my personal feelings influence my work.

[ Chuckles ] Well played, sister. Now, if you don’t mind, there’s still a little bit of time left, and I would like to use it to prepare my argument against releasing jason on bail. Not because of anything you said, but because it is my civic duty. You know that it’s jason morgan’s arraignment today. I thought you said this wasn’t going to take up much of my time.

[ Stammers ] It won’T. Normally, it would be up to me to argue against bail. But in this particular case, I thought I’d let, um, molly lansing-davis do it. So you don’t look like the bad guy in robin’s eyes. You are going to let your ada do your dirty work because you’re scared of your daughter. That’s it in a nutshell. Yeah. I envy you. You do? I don’t have the luxury of not investigating jason. Sadly, that is not an option for me. But it is an option for you and I wholly support you taking it. It doesn’t bother you that I’m a coward for ducking out on the arraignment? I think you’re a wonderful coward — I mean father. Is, uh… is monica sick, or is she hurt? Brook lynn: Both. Both? But she’s okay. You know how that driveway is. It always gets so icy. Monica took a pretty bad fall right before christmas. She’s been in a wheelchair ever since, but she still insisted on going to work. Yeah, it sounds like her. Yeah. And she picked up a bug at the hospital. Nothing serious, but the, um — the doctors don’t want her to push herself, or she would be at the arraignment.

[ Inhales, exhales deeply ] Five minutes, then I really need to get the prisoner downstairs. Thanks, tony.

[ Door closes ] Good luck at the arraignment, jason. Brook lynn.

[ Sighs ] Can you tell her, um, I love her and I’m sorry? You got it.

[ Door closes ] Hey. Found this in the freezer. Put that…right there. Thanks. You’re welcome. How’s dante? No change. D-do you think…

[ Sighs ] What? What is it? Say something. Nothing. No, it’s obviously something. Talk to me. Dante knows I love him, right? Yes, of course he does. That I really appreciate him and that I see everything he does for me? Yeah. Why would you think he wouldn’t? I don’t know. Just — just making sure. Danny, I’m so sorry. For what? Your father coming home and being alive should be the most wonderful, amazing experience, not…this. I don’t — I don’t know if I’ve changed or jason’s changed or I’ve — I’ve never been able to see him clearly, but it’s just become obvious to me that we cannot rely on him to protect you and have your best interests at heart. And I just want you to know that I am your mother and I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. I love you so much, danny. I love you, too. And we are going to get through this together because we have each other. And you’re never going to have to see your dad again, okay?

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