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Our kristina. Hi. Hi. Is there any news on dante? No, not yet, not that I know of. Okay, well, I mean, I guess that’s kind of good, right? He’s still fighting and everything. Yeah, you bet he is. Yeah. I don’t know why they’re wasting their time with this hearing. I know. I mean, they should be going after whoever actually shot dante. Uh… well, I-I think they already found him. How’d I know you’d be here early for jason’s arraignment? Oh, god. I tried to get in to see him last night, but they wouldn’t allow any visitors. Have you heard from diane? Do you know if he’s doing okay? I’m sure — I’m sure he’s okay. He’s recovering from a gunshot wound, michael. You know jason. He’s not gonna speak up if he needs something. Okay, alright, mom, mom, breathe. I’m breathing. It’s going to be okay. Diane is gonna get jason out on bail. Well, that’s certainly the plan. Thank you so much for being here. Oh, carly, I’m not doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I mean, jason’s just another client. It’s just a job. That’s your story? And I’m sticking to it. Michael. Diane. Mm-hmm. Any sign of sonny? No, not yet. “Angelo took a deep breath, let it out, and cast his line into the stream. Just as the lure hit the water, it hit him. He caught the wrong man.”

[ Monitor beeping, ventilator hissing ] Dante, I’m gonna need you to wake up soon because I’m losing my voice. Okay, then. Next chapter.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Did you want to speak with me? Yeah. Do you mind if we step outside? Yeah, sure. What can I do for you? I was just notified that the hospital wants to move dante to turning woods. And you are the c-chief of staff. I need you to stop that from happening.

[ Door slams ] How are things with dante? Uh…no change. You’re pushing yourself too hard. Is there anything I can do for you before you head back out? You kicking me out of my own house? I just thought you’d be going to the courthouse for jason’s arraignment.

Unless, of course, there’s been a mistake and you don’t think that dante needs to be transferred. Well, I’m gonna have to look into this. I personally am not aware of any transfer. But now that dante appears to be stabilized, it might be in his best interest to be transferred to a facility with better equipment to care for him. Because the doctors don’t think there’s anything more they can do for him here. Because the icu doesn’t offer the appropriate care. But you think the doctors are right and there is no hope? No, no, no, I’m not saying that. And I certainly don’t believe that, not at all. But you are backing the transfer. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna look into it for you. Because I have to wonder that if it had been curtis who had been slow to wake up after he was shot, would you be okay with the hospital transferring him? Well, I do understand exactly what you’re going through, and I’m gonna do my best to get you some answers.

[ Monitor beeping, ventilator hissing ] Okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Just a little hiccup. You’re not going anywhere. You don’t actually believe that jason is guilty. Uh, you’re saying I can’t believe that jason would shoot the cop who was following him? Jason would never shoot dante. That’s not what the evidence is pointing to. Evidence is not proof. It’s pointing pretty hard, joss. Where are you getting this information? From molly. And she knows this case better than anyone. Molly is prosecuting jason? That’s not a conflict of interest? Oh, so now you’re — you’re questioning my sister’s ability to maintain her professional objectivity? No, but I think that if molly stays objective, then despite this so-called evidence, it’ll be pretty clear that no one actually knows what happened. Well, that’s what a trial’s for. Why should jason have to stand trial for something he didn’t do? How’s it going? Little nervous. Honey, it’s just an arraignment. You can handle it. Although I am a little annoyed that robert left you with his dirty work. Adas have to take the cases we’re offered. All I can do now is make my case and let the judge decide if he wants to let jason walk free or keep him behind bars. Carly: Hey. Hi. Hey. Olivia, how’s dante? No change. Sorry to hear that. At least it means he’s — he’s stable, though, right? Dante’s lucky to be alive. Armor-piercing bullets are terrible things. It’s a good thing jason managed to keep him alive until help arrived. You know, maybe jason wouldn’t have had to keep him alive if he hadn’t shot him in the first place. Okay. Alright. Emotions are running high. This is not the time. This is not the place. I did not mean to upset you, olivia. Okay, why don’t we just go find a seat, alright? I think that’s a good idea. And you two, you need to open your eyes. Look, mom, she’s just upset about dante. Yeah, that’s because olivia only knows one side of things. No one’s heard jason’s side yet. Michael. You are unbelievable. You want jason to be innocent, so he is? Never mind the evidence, never mind the fact that dante might die, or the fact that sam and my father both know he’s guilty. Oh, they know that? They told you? Sam and my dad aren’t here today. Why do you think that is? Because they know he did this. They know he’s guilty. They don’t want to see him, let alone hear — hear diane make some convoluted argument about why he’s not. Mm. Now I get it. Sonny thinks jason is guilty. And in your brain, sonny can do no wrong. Wake up, kristina. Your father is wrong about everything. You know, I’m really — hey, d-do you guys want to go in? It should be starting soon. Yeah, yeah. That is — that’s a great idea. I have to find my mom. I’m sorry. I — this is the last thing you needed was to hear us screaming about jason. I’m more worried about you getting removed from the courthouse. Oh, yeah, what a shame that would be. People are gonna feel how they feel. Josslyn isn’t the enemy. People are gonna have to choose sides. I’m not going to the arraignment. Clearly this is tearing you up. Have you seen jason? Do you know how many hours I’ve spent at dante’s hospital bed listening to those machines that are trying to keep him alive, willing my son to open his eyes? Last thing I want to do is see the man who put him there. There could be another explanation. We saw jason’s surveillance picture. Jason was at selina wu’s warehouse. Dante followed him and some other guy to the pier. Even if he didn’t pull the trigger, he was involved with these guys who want me dead. I know. I know it looks bad. But if jason shot dante, if he wanted to shoot dante, why did he help him? Why not leave him for dead? Why would I know anything about what jason wants anymore or knows? I’m not saying that you don’t have a reason to doubt jason. I mean, there are a lot of questions. Why was he there? Why did he help dante? Why did jason let everybody believe that he was dead all this time? I can’t answer that, ava. All I care about is whether my son is gonna make it. I’m so sorry, sonny. I know how much jason’s betrayal hurts you.

[ Voice breaking ] You know what hurts the most is knowing that my choices put… my son in the hospital.

Sonny, what could youpossibly have done to cause — it’s my business, my — my decisions. That’s why dante got caught in the line of fire. Dante is a police officer. He puts himself in the line of fire. Well, he’s a cop, and I am what I am. And there has always been a wall between us, the personal side and, you know, what we do. Well , I think that wallis a — is a gift that you give one another so that despite your work, you can be father and son, you can have a relationship that’s meaningful. Yeah, we — we — we’ve formed a bond over the last couple of years. You know, that’s because of… the compromises that dante has made. Has he ever found evidence against you and looked the other way? Only in the beginning, when I… when I shot him. I-I didn’t know he was my son, and he lied to cover for me. Well, si nce I’ve known you,it’s been very obvious that the two of you love each other very much. Well, that’s because of him. ‘Cause he — you know, he always gives me another chance. Even when I got together with nina. My son’s a good man. Better than I’ll ever be. Uh, excuse me. May I come in? Yes, of course.

[ Door closes ]

[ Monitor beeping, ventilator hissing ] I’m sorry. I’m not quite sure what I should call you. Because you’re not sure if I’m here as family or if I’m representing the hospital? Yeah, maybe a little bit of both. I mean, I’m just realizing that curtis is one of my closest friends, and tj is essentially my brother-in-law. But you and I, we — we really don’t know each other. Well, how about we start? Call me stella. Stella, I’m sam. Good to meet you. Dante’s looking better. I know. That’s what I’ve been saying.

[ Sighs ] I…should probably apologize to portia. I’m sure that is not necessary. But on behalf of the hospital, allow me to apologize. You shouldn’t have been blindsided with this decision. You know, I’ve been in this town a long time, and I know this hospital really well. I’ve been a patient here. I’ve lost loved ones here. I even almost married a doctor here. Oh, sounds like a story. Yeah, maybe I’ll tell it to you sometime. But one thing I never thought I would see this hospital do is give up on a patient. What aren’t you telling me? Not here. You tell me after. Josslyn: Hi. Hey. Hey. I’m so sorry that I was almost late. I was here an hour early. I had a very interesting conversation with kristina. That’s okay. Hello, carly. How’s dante? As far as I know, there’s been no change. But if you came here hoping to run into sonny, there’s been no sign of him. Well, sonny is still my husband, and I care about him and his family. Really? Have you asked how they feel about you? Believe it or not, carly, I came here — one of the reasons why I came here was to thank you. For what? Well, I’m back at crimson. You probably already know that. And whatever you said to drew really helped him see the light. And fortunately, there’s nothing that you did in your brief tenure at crimson that can’t be undone. Let me be really clear. I don’t give a damn about that magazine right now. What’s going on with you and carly? Nothing. Really looked like something. We broke up. So nothing. What are you talking about? When? When jason came back to town and I realized that he would always be first with her. Bailiff: Court is about to convene. Everybody, please find your seats.

[ Handcuffs clicking ]

No one is giving up on dante. Palliative care? That’s what they give people who are dying. It’s what they give people who need to be made more comfortable. While they’re dying. And while they’re recovering, which is where dante is. He’s out of danger, and he’s getting stronger. But it may be a while before he wakes up. Thanks for not sugarcoating it. I don’t sugarcoat. Now, as for turning woods…? When I hear turning woods, I just think of dante’s grandfather, mike, him losing himself there and then finally letting go of everything. Mike was very dear to me. We became very close. But when he passed, it was after a long, long fight, and it was on his terms. He knew it was time for him to leave. It’s not dante’s time. Exactly. Anyone could see that dante’s a fighter. He came this far. But for him to go all the way, he needs to be in a place that can give him the tools and the comfort to win this battle.

[ Voice breaking ] Turning woods. They provide excellent care and a more home-like environment. I mean, look around, sam. Yeah, I know. There’s no place like home. There sure isn’T. And I understand how difficult it is when…a loved one is stuck in limbo the way dante is. It can wear you down. Yeah. When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Me? Oh. Uh, just, uh, I don’t know. It’s been a — it’s been a while. I mean, I get an hour here and an hour there, but before you tell me to go home — I wasn’t going to. Really? You wouldn’t, so what would be the point? I just — I can’t leave dante. I mean, I sleep when I-I sleep, but nurses are always coming in to check his vitals, which is good. Mm-hmm. I mean, it’s great that they’re on top of things, but — hospitals are not very restful. No. And I-I see what you just did there. And I hear what you’re saying about turning woods. But you’re not convinced?

[ Sighs ] Sending dante there… is like admitting defeat, giving in to the idea that he might not ever wake up. But once he’s there, he might wake up sooner. Okay, maybe. But that’s — that’s not it. Dante’s son rocco — his mother, lulu, is in a long-term care facility, and if dante winds up in one, rocco’s gonna think that he’s lost his father, too. And I’m not gonna put him through that. Like you, dante’s a good father. And a father should never lose hope in his child. Or am I wrong about that? Have you lost hope in your son? You know the answer to that. You’re damn right I do. You have to believe it. You have to believe it in your heart that you and dante have plenty of time left together. There’s time to disappoint him. Time to disappoint each other. He would never disappoint me.

[ Chuckles ] Tell me that the next time he slaps cuffs on you. That would be my brightest moment.

[ Chuckles ] Liar. You know, um… …I’m glad that you’re here. I’m glad that you can help me and talk to me and — who would have guessed? Sometimes people aren’twho we think they are. Sometimes they are not. At this time, the defendant, jason morgan, is charged with two counts of attempted murder in the first degree, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. Further charges pending, your honor. Will the defendant please rise? Mr. Morgan, how do you plead to the charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder? Not guilty.

What’s this? That is avery’s get-well card for dante. Avery loves her big brother.

[ Chuckles ] She sure does. He makes such a fuss over her, and she loves every minute of it. I remember when — when dante went to avery’s class on career day. You know, she always brags about her big brother. Naturally. So this little — little boy went up to her and says, “h-he don’t — he don’t look like your — your brother ’cause he’s too old.”

[ Laughs ] So avery’s feelings are hurt. So she wanted to call dante, and the teacher called the pcpd. So he came back to class, and the teachers told him what happened. So dante gets in front of the whole class. And he says, “avery…” “…is your dad my dad?” And she said, “yeah, dante.” And then he said… …”that’s because you’re my sister.” So… he had them high-five and he left the class. Dante to the rescue. I just hope that avery gets to have more days

[Voice breaking] With her big brother, you know? He’s very handsome, isn’t he? Oh, you should see him when he’s conscious and not pale. He’s a good guy. Totally not my type. Have a thing for the bad boys?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I think you can say that. The more dangerous they are, the harder I fall. And dante isn’t dangerous? See, that’s the thing. I think he may be the most dangerous man I ever loved

because he’s a good guy. He’s got a sense of right and wrong and justice. That’s not to say that he can’t be a total wiseass about it. There was this one time that we were both after, uh, jason and britt westbourne. Not together, but I needed to get to them first. And what did you do? What any good woman would do. I slashed his tires. And this is where your great romance began? No. Well, anyway, he — he showed up at my place with slashed tire in hand, and he — what did you do? Uh, he — he demanded reimbursement. So I was very old-school about it, and I wrote him a check. Oh, that is old-school. Which he tore up. Oh. Sounds like a good man. He’s the best. And he knows it. Judge: The defendant has entered a plea of not guilty. Where do the people stand on bail? The people ask that the defendant be held without bail. Mr. Morgan is a textbook flight risk. Your honor, if I may…? Ms. Miller, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, your honor. If the defendant had wanted to fly, believe me, he would have flown already. Instead, he turned himself in. Mr. Morgan is eager for his day in court to prove his innocence. After disappearing for years, allowing his loved ones to believe he was dead, and only resurfacing in a shooting that left a member of local law enforcement in mortal peril — if esteemed counsel will allow me to finish. I apologize. I thought you finished. No. Mr. Morgan has deep ties to this community, your honor. He is the son of the late alan quartermaine and dr. Monica quartermaine. It is worth noting that mr. Morgan’s rap sheet is longer than a cvs receipt. Your honor, since this discussion is about bail as it pertains to the current charges against my client, not his long, long list of acquittals and dismissals, we ask that mr. Morgan be released on his own recognizance. It is also worth noting the brutality of the crimes involved. There is video evidence placing mr. Morgan at the warehouse where an attempt was made on the life of sonny corinthos, mr. Morgan’s former business partner, and dna evidence places mr. Morgan on the pier where detective falconeri was shot using armor-piercing bullets. Said evidence also places the defendant in direct contact with the victim. This dna evidence could only exist if the item in question had been used to staunch detective falconeri’s bleeding. The defendant fled and evaded capture for days. These are the actions of a guilty man. Right, because only guilty individuals want to avoid incarceration. Your honor, may I remind the court of the pcpd’s long history of demonstrated bias against my client? Oh, I wonder why. Thank you both. Indeed, I am familiar with the pcpd’s history with mr. Morgan and mr. Morgan’s history with the law. And I’m ready to make my ruling. Bail is set at $5 million.

[ Gavel bangs ] Court is in recess. Bailiff: All rise. Well, I hope you brought your checkbook. Would never come to court without it. Can you just give me a minute?

[ Monitor beeping, ventilator hissing ] Stella? Yes. Thank you. Oh. Of course. And I understand your reservations about turning woods. But that’s where dante can get the best care and have the best chance of recovery. Um… I know I hear what you’re saying about turning woods. I just don’t think that I can — and I will talk to rocco if you’d like for me to and make sure that he knows that there is still hope. You would do that for me? Of course. And as someone who has worked in this environment five days a week, hospitals might be a good place to get well, but they’re an even better place to get sick. Okay, I’ll talk to sonny and olivia… mm-hmm. …About turning woods. It really is the best choice, because no one is giving up on dante. I will get the ball rolling on jason’s bail. So when they are ready for you… I’ll be here. Okay. Oh, my gosh, I’m so happy that jason doesn’t have to wait behind bars until the trial. Yeah, jason hates being locked up… but that didn’t stop him from getting himself sent to pentonville when I needed him. Of course he did. He shows up for the people he loves. Unlike sonny. I really thought that he’d be at the hearing. I’m glad he didn’t show. Jason’s better off. Oh? Why is that? Sonny doesn’t deserve jason’s loyalty. He never has. Molls, you were a stone pro. Never flinched, never wavered. Excuse me one second, guys. I’ll be right back. What’s up? I have some good news for you. Okay, about? I just thought you should know nina is back at crimson. Define “back.” Well, she’s back. She’s editor in chief once again. But is she still my publisher? Technically, yes. But between running the metro court with me… and running crimson… and she won’t be able to torment me anymore? Yeah, pretty much. Ah, welcome news indeed. Congratulations. Thank you. And welcome back. To what? The support group of people forced to work with nina on a professional basis. Hmm. This group got a name? Uh, you know, I was thinking “oh, no, not nina, anonymous.” There’s a ring to that. Yeah. Mm. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. So, ada lansing-davis. Hey. Any notes? Kristina was being so effusive, I didn’t want to interrupt, but, yeah, I have a few. Hit me. You presented the facts of the case not only with accuracy, but you effectively landed the argument, and you did it with flair, and the judge was impressed. Still granted bail. Okay, $5 million. But considering the case, the evidence, and diane, it’s a victory. So take the win, kid. Well, when you put it like that…

[ Chuckles ] Mom, were you ever maybe not glad but not terribly disappointed when you lost a motion? Of course. Why? Because — I don’t know. Between you and me, I-I think jason is innocent. Okay, so you kept your personal opinions to yourself and you followed the law, which, by the way, is what you’re supposed to do. Yeah. Thank you. Waiting for my father? Guess it’s pointless to deny it. Yeah. I’m sure you have thoughts about that. I do…yeah. But I know things between you and my dad are… bad would be an understatement. But for what it’s worth, I saw how happy you both were together, and I hope you guys work it out. Thank you, kristina. Can’t tell you how much that means to me. Yeah, I just want him to be happy. Yeah, believe it or not, so do I. I’m really surprised that he’s not here. Yeah, his absence speaks volumes. Do you think he’s lost faith in jason? Whatever he’s thinking or feeling right now, I know he must feel very alone. And I’m not saying it’s a good time to reach out to him, but I’m also not saying it isn’T. I want you to know, kristina, I’m committed to my marriage. I got that feeling. I’m gonn a prove to sonnythat we belong together. Is there anything I can do to make things easier? No, you’re already doing it. Thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Stay right there. I’ll get rid of whoever that is. I need to talk to sonny. You know, carly, it’s really not a good time. I don’t give a damn. Where were you? With my son. Where else would I be, carly? I just came from jason’s arraignment, sonny. Did they charge him for shooting dante? He didn’t do it! How am I supposed to know that jason is not the reason that dante might die?

[ Monitor beeping, ventilator hissing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cup clatters ] Dante. Dante. Hey, you moved. Dante! You moved. You dropped my water on the floor. Baby, look at me. Open your eyes. You’re coming back to me. So I told kristina that I didn’t mean to imply that she wasn’t doing what was best for the baby any more than she meant to imply that I would let my personal feelings influence me professionally, which is kind of what we were both doing. So here we are. You know your sister believes in you. I do. She was here for me today, even though she still treats me like I am a teenager writing romance novels. Well, romance novel. A best-selling romance novel. If only I could convince her that I am actually an assistant district attorney. Hmm. About that… you know, I-I think it’s really difficult for a lot of people to understand why lawyers are so committed to the law. I think it’s difficult for us to understand that, right, since every rule has an exception and every law has a loophole. Can be wildly unfair, right? And when you bring politicians and power brokers into it, makes it even worse, not to mention the people that we help, that we prosecute. One would think that lady justice is not only blind, but she has left the building entirely. She hasn’T. And despite all of the system’s vast imperfections, it’s people like you who make sure that the law is followed and that justice is tempered with fairness and mercy. And as much as I think you won’t believe this right now, when the system does work… it’s because of lawyers like you. Wow. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I try. And I hope you do get your law license back. When you were disbarred, everybody lost. Well, I did kind of bring it on myself with that whole perjury thing. Yeah, well, stack that against all the people you helped, brought justice for, and all the people you could have helped. Talk about an unfair system.

[ Chuckles ] How can you think that jason would ever shoot dante? What’s going on with jason? What is — has he said anything to you? No, no, I-I went to the police station, but they wouldn’t let me see him. But you and anna are friends. She would have made an exception for you had you bothered to show up! I was with my son, who’s dying! Who’s only alive because of jason! No, he got shot because of jason! Jason would not have stayed away this long and then come back and tried to kill me. Sonny, you’re jumping to conclusions. The truth is, you don’t know why jason came back. And you don’t know why he was in that warehouse. But you do know that he has saved your life so many times. You owe jason the chance to explain. I don’t owe jason nothing.

[ Scoffs ] Michael: Alright, bail is posted. We’re good to go. Thank you. I’m sure you don’t need to hear the caveat about not leaving town. I would never do that to michael. Just a small piece of advice. Uh, might behoove you to keep a low profile for a while. Yeah, no crashing through skylights. Please don’t make me prepare a second defense, ’cause I’m gonna be real busy with this one. I promise. Good. Thank you. Thank you. Alright. Come on, let’s go home. Sorry, michael. I can’t go home yet.

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