Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted to talk to Alex about his relationship with Kristen. Theresa went to see Kristen. Paulina talked to Abe about the peace she felt when Lexie came to see her. She said she knew everything was going to be okay. Abe said they experienced a miracle. Paulina said she loved him with all her heart. She said Lexie was their guardian angel. Wendy talked to Tripp about his marriage proposal. She wondered if he still wanted to get married. While they were talking, Kayla and Stephanie came to see them. Stephanie told them Joey had gifts for them. Theresa wanted to know what was going on between Kristen and Alex. Kristen said she was having fun with him. Theresa said she didn’t show any interest in Alex. Kristen said he wasn’t available. She wondered how Theresa could have given him up. Brady asked Alex what his intentions were towards his child. Alex said he just started seeing Kristen. He said it wasn’t in the plan for him to be a stepfather to Brady’s child. Brady told Alex that a pattern was starting with the mothers of his children. Wendy and Tripp opened the gifts from Joey. Jada showed up to ask Wendy and Tripp questions about their kidnapping. Wendy and Tripp were willing to answer the questions. Paulina told Abe that she was jealous of Lexie. She said it wasn’t fair to her memory or the miraculous gift she gave to both of them. Paulina said she wanted to be special to him. Abe said it was human for her to feel that way. Alex told Brady that he and Kristen were getting to know each other. Brady said he knew Theresa didn’t like Kristen. Alex said Theresa didn’t have a right to be upset. Brady said he saw how he was when Theresa was high. Alex said that was in the past. Brady said he didn’t believe that. He said Alex was playing with fire trying to make Theresa jealous. Theresa told Kristen that she didn’t give Alex up. Kristen didn’t believe her. Theresa said there was nothing going on between her and Brady. While they were talking, Kristen said she would tell her what was going on between her and Alex. Jada asked Wendy if she remembered everything about what happened. She asked if Goldman gave her any clues about where she was going.

Kristen lied to Theresa about what was going on with them. While Kristen was talking, she hinted to Theresa to help her get Brady back. Theresa left the mansion. Alex reminded Brady that he thought something was going on between him and Theresa. Brady said nothing was going on with Theresa. Alex said he didn’t believe him. Brady warned Alex that Theresa and Kristen required a lot of work and would make him miserable. Brady went to see Kristen. He told her about his conversation with Alex. Kristen asked how he was. Brady said Alex said he was using her for fun and games. Kristen said Alex would make a great stepfather for Rachel. Brady told her that she wasn’t going to get a commitment out of him. Kristen said he was jealous. Wendy told Jada that she didn’t remember Goldman saying where she was going. She told Jada about where Goldman kidnapped them. Wendy said why they went with Goldman. She continued telling Jada what happened. Theresa went to see Alex. She told him that she might have overreacted to leaving him when he proposed to her. Jada wanted to question Tripp about the kidnapping. Alex told Theresa that she overreacted to his proposal when he was being honest. Theresa said she didn’t care about his feelings and had time to re-think her decision. She told him she missed him and assumed he missed her. Alex flashed back to talking to Kristen about making Theresa jealous. Alex told Theresa she had to leave. Jada asked Tripp about Goldman. He said Goldman didn’t tell him anything. Brady told Kristen that he wasn’t jealous. Kristen told him they needed to be together. Brady said they didn’t need to be together. While he was talking to her, she kissed him. Brady didn’t want to kiss her. He said they wouldn’t be any good together and left the mansion. Theresa told Alex that she hoped she would see him soon.

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