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Alex meets Kristen in the town square. Kristen comments on him being six minutes late and tells him to be early next time. Alex questions how many of these meetings they are going to have for their scheme. Kristen says as many as it takes and they need to talk next phase. Kristen talks about their original plan was for Alex to keep Theresa occupied while she and Brady found their way back to each other but things didn’t work out and Alex didn’t propose to Theresa on Valentine’s Day so they need to go another direction. Alex tells her not to put it all on him since Brady practically laughed in her face when she brought up the idea of rekindling things and says that’s not his fault. Kristen argues that Theresa moving out of Alex’s apartment and in to Brady’s certainly is his fault. Kristen says that Alex didn’t have to marry Theresa but maybe he could’ve strung her along for awhile. Alex complains that Theresa overreacted and got needy as he didn’t get the need for marriage rather than just being together. Kristen argues that he didn’t try hard enough and instead, sent Theresa running to Brady’s arms so now she’s sleeping in the bedroom right next to his. Kristen asks if he grasps how counterproductive that is. Alex says if she wants his help, she better not talk down to him. Kristen tells him to get serious about their mutual goals instead of screwing up every five minutes. Alex argues that Kristen’s done her share of screwing up too. Alex comments on Brady and Theresa being wrapped up in Tate’s drama and informs Kristen that Tate got arrested again for sneaking out of the halfway house to go see Holly. Kristen worries that will only make Brady and Theresa more inseparable. Kristen decides they have to up their game. Kristen then spots Brady and Theresa walking in to the town square and tells Alex that she thinks she knows just how to do that.

At home, Xander tells Sarah that he just put Victoria down to sleep as they joke about when she gets older. Xander talks about feeling good to be home as he feels like he missed so much with Victoria. They kiss as Sarah brings up that Maggie said she would watch Victoria anytime, so maybe when Xander is settled, they could plan another night alone. Xander worries about finding Victoria in Konstantin’s arms again the next day and remarks that he doesn’t trust him as far as he could throw him.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, John tells Steve that what happened in the past happened because he lacked free will and others manipulated him in to doing their being. John declares that now he has free will and is going to exercise it. John tells Steve that if he cares about him, he will let him do this. Marlena says they hear him. John adds that Konstantin is never going to forgive him but Konstantin stops him and says he’s wrong as he does forgive him. Konstantin declares that it’s time to put this all behind them. John responds that it means a lot to hear him say that, but he can’t accept his forgiveness.

Sarah tells Xander that she gets it as she’s not Konstantin’s biggest fan either but says she’s trying to see the good in him since Maggie does. Sarah adds that Maggie has taken in Chad and the kids and Doug and Julie, so Konstantin has been helping a lot with that. Sarah acknowledges how Konstantin was great with Thomas and Charlotte. Xander still thinks he’s a con man who is taking advantage of Maggie. Sarah decides that they will have to agree to disagree because he makes Maggie really happy, so she’s grateful for that. Sarah insists that Maggie has been much calmer and happier since Konstantin came in to her life which Xander acknowledges. Sarah suggests that maybe Konstantin deserves a chance.

John declares that he needs to go to Greece to turn himself in and let the authorities do a full investigation in to the murder of Konstantin’s daughter and that is his path to forgiveness. Marlena tells John that she will stand by him in whatever he decides, but asks if they can take a day or two to think this through. John responds that he’s sorry but they know this is the right thing to do. Steve offers to go to Greece with John to pay their respects, but argues against turning himself in for a crime he’s not sure he even committed. Steve declares that he won’t let him do it.

Theresa complains to Brady about how she hates seeing Tate so upset. Brady talks about the restraining order being extreme but says it’s no surprise with EJ. Theresa admits she wouldn’t mind Tate and Holly staying away from each other and asks why Holly can’t just come clean about Tate not giving her the drugs. Brady brings up Holly saying she doesn’t remember. Theresa hopes that Sloan can come up with something to force EJ to drop the charges. Brady doesn’t think that’s going to happen and worries that Tate will be in the halfway house until the trial. Brady tells Theresa that they just have to hope for the best. Brady then spots Alex and Kristen at their table and wonders what they are doing. Kristen then tells Alex that it’s time for their new plan as she kisses him, shocking Brady and Theresa. Brady and Theresa go to confront them as Theresa asks what the hell. Kristen claims she had too much to drink and talks about Alex being so hot and a good kisser. Theresa asks if this is just a random, drunken, sloppy kiss. Kristen says no and claims that she and Alex are seeing each other now. Brady asks if she’s kidding. Kristen questions him not knowing. Brady says he didn’t but he doesn’t care and wishes Alex luck, saying he’s going to need it. Alex responds that he’ll be fine and thanks him for his concern. Brady tells Theresa that he’s going to run some errands and he’ll see her back at the house as he walks away. Kristen asks Alex to take care of the check as it’s important that she go talk to Brady. Alex says of course. Kristen kisses Alex and goes after Brady. Theresa then remarks that she and Alex were barely broken up and he’s already in the arms of Brady’s ex-wife. Theresa questions what the hell he is thinking.

Kristen catches up to Brady outside the Pub. Brady tells her that he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say and if it’s important, she can tell him over the phone. Kristen questions him not caring that she’s seeing Alex. Brady assures that he doesn’t and guesses she’s upset that he didn’t react how she wanted him to. Brady tells her that she’s not going to get anything like that and tells her to go have a good time because it’s none of his business. Brady adds that he hopes when she’s done with Alex, she hasn’t scarred him for life.

John tells Steve that he can’t stop him from doing this and argues against there being no evidence that he killed Catharina when there were four people in the room and Steve saw him holding the gun. Steve points out that nobody saw him pull the trigger. Steve understands that John feels compelled to do this but warns him to think about what he’s giving up. Maggie argues that searching for answers will take him away from his family, friends, and everyone who loves him. Marlena offers to try hypnosis but John says that didn’t work before, so there is no other way. John declares that no parent should ever have to bury their child and he is the cause of that for Konstantin, so he’s going to Greece to face what he did and pay the price.

Kristen tells Brady that he’s going to regret being dismissive towards her. Brady says he only regrets not being dismissive of her. Kristen thinks he will want to know a lot more about her relationship with Alex. Brady says he doesn’t care about that as it’s not his business, telling her that Alex is a playboy and to have fun. Kristen remarks that Alex is certainly fun and has a way with women, but he’s also smart, sophisticated, and the CEO of Titan which Brady always let slip through his fingers. Brady calls it nepotism and only a matter of time before Victor’s last minute heir apparent took over the company. Kristen remarks that Brady’s been related to Victor his whole life and couldn’t hold the job. Kristen then says they aren’t talking about Brady but about Alex and comments on Alex being successful and rich. Kristen states that Alex has everything she wants in a long term relationship and as a stepparent to Rachel which Brady questions.

Alex tells Theresa that when she left on Valentine’s Day, he was pretty broken up as she just took off for no reason. Theresa argues that he was toying with her by having an engagement ring and not proposing to her. Alex asks if it’s a crime to not be ready to get married yet and says that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be with her. Alex adds that he explained that but Theresa blew up and overreacted. Theresa asks if he’s saying it’s her fault. Alex apologizes for her finding the ring but says that’s in the past now, so he doesn’t understand why she would care if he’s with Kristen. Theresa claims she doesn’t care but questions why Kristen, calling her low class and a pardoned criminal with felonies. Alex responds that he doesn’t care because what he and Kristen have doesn’t matter. Theresa asks how they got together anyway. Alex explains that when they left John and Marlena’s, they decided to grab a drink and one thing led to another. Theresa decides she doesn’t need to hear it. Alex apologizes and says she had her chance and he tried to make it work but when she stopped answering his calls and texts, he got the message loud and clear that it was time for him to move on, so he did.

Xander tells Sarah that he’s sorry as he can’t just give Konstantin another chance because his gut is telling him not to trust him. Sarah suggests he put aside his anger and distrust to try to feel a little bit of empathy for Konstantin since he tragically lost a daughter and they know what that feels like. Xander blames Konstantin for Victoria getting kidnapped while Sarah points out that he is the one who rescued her. Sarah worries about anything ever happening to Victoria and states that she wouldn’t survive that as Xander hugs her.

Maggie asks John to slow down and think about this because he’s not the same man he was then. Marlena adds that John doesn’t even have memory of that man or what Victor did to him. Steve agrees that Victor used John as a weapon. Maggie says she loves Victor very much and hates to speak ill of him, but what he did to John and demanded of Steve was so wrong. Maggie believes in her heart that Victor didn’t know a young woman would get killed. Maggie says that Victor was a different man then, just like John. Maggie asks John not to throw away the life he’s built for himself and his family over a mistake that was beyond his control. John turns away in tears.

Theresa mocks Alex saying it was time to move on and choosing to do it with someone like Kristen DiMera. Theresa brings up that not long ago, Kristen was parading around Salem in a mask while trying to steal the identity of half the residents of Salem. Theresa reminds Alex that Kristen stole the unborn child out of her body and impregnated herself to give birth to Tate. Alex remarks that nobody’s perfect. Theresa tells him not to make jokes and calls Kristen a sadistic maniac. Alex remarks that maybe he likes crazy since he was with Theresa, who isn’t a saint and has done plenty of things she regrets. Theresa argues that Kristen has no regrets or conscience and doesn’t believe that she does anything wrong. Alex comments on Theresa getting worked up over this. Theresa says she’s horrified that Alex would choose to be with a woman like Kristen and says she’s genuinely worried about him. Alex tells her to get over it because Theresa slammed the door in his face while Kristen opened the door. Alex states that they get along great and declares that Kristen is fun, sexy, and smart so he’s excited to see where things go.

Brady asks if Kristen is joking and questions her seriously considering Alex to be a stepfather to Rachel. Kristen asks why she wouldn’t and says he has tremendous potential as a long-term partner and a stepparent, so she has to consider this. Kristen states that being a single parent is a package deal. Brady questions why the hell she would ever think Alex has long-term potential when his relationships last five minutes and he has zero experience with children at all. Kristen argues that Alex grew up with younger brothers and loved spending time with Tate with Theresa, so he loves kids. Brady questions if Alex has met Rachel and if Kristen already has him hanging around their daughter. Kristen says no because their relationship is brand new and they are still in the honeymoon stage, so she would not introduce Rachel to her boyfriend until she knows it’s a serious relationship. Kristen adds that she’s starting to have genuine feelings for Alex, so he could meet Rachel any day now.

Xander tells Sarah that it was traumatic when Victoria was kidnapped but they got her back and now she’s perfect in every way. Sarah is glad they are parenting together and that Victoria has such a brave and devoted dad. Xander says he would die for them. Sarah says she’s so happy that she gave their relationship another chance. Sarah tells Xander that he’s proven himself to be a kind and caring person to everyone who has given him a chance and he’s redeemed himself, showing everyone what a wonderful person he is. Sarah suggests that maybe Konstantin deserves a chance to prove himself too. Xander understands her point and calls it very generous. Xander then agrees that they should all hope that everyone can change and it’s important to give the benefit of the doubt when possible. Xander then argues that it’s different with Konstantin. Sarah asks how.

John points out that Konstantin has been awfully quiet through all of this. Konstantin responds that he’s been listening and learning more about him, so now he knows for certain after witnessing the love his wife and friends have for him, that he is no longer the man who killed his daughter. Konstantin declares that he has now decided that it is time for him to let go of this hatred and need for revenge that has tortured him for decades because he cannot go on living like this, especially since he has found that life has so much more to offer. Konstantin adds that he brought this on himself by challenging Victor’s rule, so it was his reckless behavior that got his daughter taken from him. Konstantin states that he is no longer the man he was back in the day and neither is John. Konstantin says he must ask John one favor and pleads with him not to go back to Greece. Konstantin asks John if they can move past this as he is determined to do. Marlena knows how conflicted John is about this because of his big heart and his integrity, but says there’s nothing to gain by punishing himself. John then agrees to try to move past this. Marlena says she will help him and they will do it together. Marlena suggests they just go home now. Steve says he’ll head out with him. John thanks Konstantin and then exits the mansion with Steve and Marlena. Konstantin sits down while Maggie holds back tears.

Xander tells Sarah that it’s different with Konstantin because he’s spent his entire life in nefarious activities and still has ties to the Greek mob. Xander adds that Konstantin’s entire purpose of coming to Salem was to swindle Maggie out of the Kiriakis fortune. Sarah questions if he has proof of that. Xander says as soon as he gets out of his charges, he will find the proof. Sarah asks what his next step is. Xander says he’s just hoping that Harris remembers who did shoot him, so he can clear his name. Sarah asks what if he doesn’t, then what do they do to prove his innocence?

Theresa says with Alex’s history, she doesn’t know if this thing with Kristen will last because he’s a love them or leave them type. Alex says time will tell but he loves everything he sees so far. Theresa questions if he slept with her already. Alex says he doesn’t kiss and tell. Theresa tells him to go ahead if he wants to hook up with Kristen, but not to come crawling back when she blows up his life like she did to Brady’s. Alex claims he’s sorry if this is upsetting her as that was not his intention and that it was very unexpected for her to see he and Kristen kissing. Alex says if he could do it over, he’d break the news to her in a different way. Theresa tells him not to worry about her since he’s moved on. She tells Alex to go enjoy Kristen but not to be surprised when she sucks his brain out and eats it for breakfast. Theresa then walks away.

Brady tells Kristen that he doesn’t get it as she doesn’t even know Alex and is already considering him as a stepfather to Rachel. Kristen claims she’s having feelings for Alex and that Rachel needs a father figure in her life. Brady argues that he is her father. Kristen points out that he’s not always around since he has Tate to worry about and he has so much going on while she needs someone that will be there all the time for her and Rachel. Brady brings up that Alex doesn’t have a good record of being reliable as he’s a shallow womanizer. Brady says he’s tried to make up time and be closer to Rachel but he can’t because Kristen has full custody. Brady complains that he can’t take her to the park or on a trip. Kristen claims all he has to do is call. Brady says that’s bull since it’s always not a good time for her. Brady accuses her of depriving him of his daughter because she doesn’t want him to have a bond with Rachel and she’s making her believe that he doesn’t want to. Brady says he misses Rachel horribly and questions why Kristen doesn’t understand that.

Xander tells Sarah that Justin will have to put together a rock solid defense that proves he was framed. Sarah points out that Rafe said he felt the evidence was planted against him. Xander worries that Rafe has never been a fan of his, so he’d jump at the chance to put him away and any jury would feel the same if they bring up his history. Xander declares that they can’t count on the cops so he’ll have to figure out himself who framed him and that he will do it for them.

Kristen admits to Brady that maybe she hasn’t been open enough to he and Rachel spending more father-daughter time together. Kristen suggests setting up a play date. Brady says he’ll take what he can get and asks her not to bring Alex to the play date. Brady agrees to call her to set something up. Kristen says they will talk soon as Brady walks away. Kristen then gets a call from Alex, who asks how it went with Brady. Kristen claims he’s coming around since once she brought up Rachel, he suddenly got very concerned about them dating and Alex being apart of their daughter’s life. Alex is not sure how to feel about that. Kristen informs him that Brady called him a flaky and shallow womanizer. Alex notes that Theresa is not a fan of Kristen’s either and their kiss definitely made her jealous. Kristen says that’s how it’s supposed to be and instructs Alex to keep making Theresa want more of what she can have.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s so proud of him for what he did as it took tremendous courage. Konstantin says all he knows is that it’s time for forgiveness. Maggie questions why he didn’t tell her that John was the Pawn that took his daughter’s life. Konstantin says he didn’t want to involve her because he knows how much she cares for John and Marlena, so he didn’t want to hurt her with the knowledge. Maggie admits it was shocking but says she wants to apologize on Victor’s behalf for his daughter’s death. Maggie calls it very hard to reconcile what she knows Victor was capable of with the man she knew and loved in his later years. Konstantin calls it all in the past and says he has her to thank for this change in heart. Konstantin states that he’s a better man because of her. Maggie thinks forgiveness was in his heart all along, but she’s curious about why he presented himself as Victor’s dear friend when he first came to town, but she now gathers that they were bitter rivals so she questions how he can explain that. Konstantin claims that it took many years but they eventually became friends and even partners in some ventures. Konstantin says they were both at fault but they grew older and wiser and his enemy became his friend. Konstantin adds that he thanks God for so many reasons, most importantly because it led him to her.

Steve goes home with John and Marlena. Marlena says she’s so glad it’s over. Steve asks if John can finally move past this now. When John doesn’t answer, Marlena asks what’s wrong. John responds that he’s been thinking about it more and he knows they want him to move past this, but he can’t continue on with his life as if he never took the life of that young woman. John knows the only thing that can give him peace of mind is accepting the truth of what he did and paying the price.

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