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Recap written by Eva

This episode is about Claire and her wish to be a part of the Newman family since she was born.

Claire, Nikki, and Victoria return from seeing Jordan and none of them want to talk about what happened there. The ladies spend some time talking, but then they decide to go to bed. Claire falls asleep on the couch and dreams of what her life would have been like if she had grown up as Eve Newman Howard.

In the dream, the Newman family gathers for Eve’s birthday party. Kyle and Summer were still married. Nick and Sharon never divorced, and Cassie never died. She and Mariah found each other after being separated at birth and now are happily part of the Newman family. Devon and Abby and Kyle and Summer are wishing for a second child. Cole, and Victoria are married. Cole dedicated his latest book to his daughter Eve Newman Howard. Everyone tells Eve how much they love her and wishes her a happy birthday. Abby, Eve, and Summer are best friends and go on vacation together.

Claire’s dream turns into a nightmare when Jordan tells Claire she will never be a Newman. Claire stands up to Jordan telling her that she finally has the life she always wanted and Jordan can’t take it away from her. Claire wakes up from her dream and tells Victoria she had a bad dream. Victoria holds Claire and wonders when they will get over everything Jordan has done to them.

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