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[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: Hey, finn, it’s okay. It’s okay. You had a dream. You had a really bad dream.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: You’re safe now, okay? You’re safe.

Finn: It’s just– I don’t– I… I just– I saw her die, steffy, and it– it– it felt very, very real. Um, just the– the– the blood and the– the begging and I just– I can’t stop hearing sheila beg for my help.

Thomas: Hey, where’d you go?

Hope: Uh, trying to work, but honestly, I just– I just can’t shake this feeling. I’m– I’m really worried about steffy and finn’s marriage.

Rj: So, are you ready for this? First night swim?

Luna: Uh, yeah.

Rj: Good, good, ’cause, you know, the sharks, they’re usually more calm after dark, so… I’m joking. I’m joking. I’m trying to make you laugh. I’m kidding.

Luna: Okay, well, shark attack jokes aren’t exactly the best way to do that. But I love that about you.

Rj: What, all my poorly timed jokes?

Luna: No, um, you’re always looking out for me. You know, always trying to make me laugh and stay positive. I really need that. More than you know. I’m just, um… I’m really lucky to have you.

Rj: Hey, I’m the one that’s lucky to have you. You’re– you’re this beautiful, honest, perfect woman.

Luna: Believe me, I feel the same way about you. I don’t ever want to lose you. Okay, so are we doing this? I mean, are you sure there’s no sharks out there?

Rj: No. I mean, well, there’s gonna be me. I mean, I’m gonna be circling you, making sure that you’re okay, of course. No, I think this will be good, you know? Just try to relax and clear your mind, and you know, maybe it’ll put things in perspective. Maybe you’ll realize things aren’t as bad as you think they are.

Carter: She’s impressive. I’m sorry.

Zende: Damn it, carter.

Carter: I didn’t mean to startle you, man. I’m sorry.

Zende: Yeah, all right. It’s okay. I was just…

Carter: Looking over the interns.

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: Luna.

Zende: Mm-hmm.

Carter: Yeah, I get it.

Zende: You do?

Carter: Yeah, and she’s talented. She’s lovely. She’s made a big impact here at forrester. Luna’s very special.

Rj: Wait ’til you see the moon reflecting off the water when you’re in it. It’s just… you’ll see. You’ll see. And hey, you know I don’t want to pry, but I’m always here to help, whatever you need.

Luna: It’s is one of the countless reasons why I love you.

Rj: All right, let’s do this.

Luna: Okay.

Rj: Come on, let’s go.

[ Luna groaning ]

Steffy: It kills me to see you in so much pain. You know, I didn’t– I didn’t want any of this, but it all happened so fast.

Finn: Hey, I know. I know, okay, and… and it’s just, you know, I can’t deny how I’m feeling, though. You know, and after– after everything that she’s done to us, I mean, none of this makes sense. That I feel this connection to sheila. God, and I’ve… if I’m feeling this way, I mean, I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. I’m worried about you. And to do… you know what? And I know you had to defend yourself and you had no choice, but… just, I can’t imagine the toll this has taken on you. The right age for

Carter: I have to say, luna is definitely the standout. If she continues to work hard here. She’ll have a very bright future.

Zende: From intern to fashion mogul.

Carter: Hey, it worked for you, didn’t it?

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: Remember when you were here interning, running coffee and files up and down these halls?

Zende: Good times.

Carter: For you, maybe. You can’t make a cup of coffee to save your life.

Zende: Hey, I was a bit distracted, okay?

Carter: How could you not be? Surrounded by all this creativity. You were born to design, zende. And you were impressive then, just like you are now.

Zende: Thanks, man.

Carter: It’s a gift. I’m good at seeing potential in people. And I have to say, luna is just as, if not more impressive than you were.

Zende: I am well aware of how special luna is.

Carter: And you’re not the only one. I don’t think anyone’s more impressed with luna than rj. Dude’s whole face lights up whenever she walks in the room.

Zende: Hm.

Rj: Okay, come on. Let’s just warm up quick now that we’re back in here. Here.

Luna: Thank you.

Rj: Of course. You got it. There you go. So, was it worth it? It was worth it, right?

Luna: Hmm, yeah. It was pretty incredible. Do you do that often? Go on night swims?

Rj: Yeah, when I can. I think it’s a, I don’t know, it’s a nice way to let the world slip away. You agree?

Luna: Uh, it was pretty scary, to be honest. I mean, it was so dark out, I couldn’t see anything.

Rj: At least you had me, though, right? I’ll always be here to take care of you. Make you secure and happy.

Thomas: I’m trying to stay strong for my sister. To stay positive. I just– I hate that she’s going through this.

Hope: Me too. At least there’s one good thing that came out of it. Sheila’s dead.

Steffy: I hated sheila. I hated her with every ounce of my being, and I just wanted her to leave us alone. And I can see that you’re suffering, but I don’t want this to come between us.

Finn: Me neither. Look, and I know your family thinks that you killed an animal, but–

Steffy: But she’s your birth mother.

Finn: I know, but as much as I’m struggling, I know you are too. And I can see it.

Steffy: Yeah, I’m dealing with my own demons. And what I did. I mean, I even told sheila that I– I wanted her dead. And I thought about it. A lot. I actually just never thought I… I never wanted to take a life. I never…

[ Steffy sobs ] God.

Zende: You know, rj isn’t the only one who thinks so highly of luna. She’s awesome. She’s so smart and talented and obviously very beautiful.

Carter: You two have gotten pretty close, huh?

Zende: Why do you say that?

Carter: It’s the way you’re going on about her.

Zende: Man, I’m just agreeing with you. And rj. Pretty much everyone who’s ever met her.

Carter: Okay, well, with the way things are going, I’m pretty sure you’ll work with her more often. Get to know her even better.

Zende: I’d like that a lot.

Luna: Do you really mean it?

Rj: What?

Luna: When you say that you’ll always take care of me?

Rj: Of course. Absolutely. I mean, you changed my life. Really, you did. I just– I want to make sure that you always feel secure and loved.

Luna: I wish we were never apart.

Thomas: Look, I don’t care what finn’s feeling right now or what he’s mourning. Look, sheila has devastated our family and terrorized our families for years, right? Your mother, too. Sheila was evil. She deserved a lot worse than she got. And I don’t have the sympathy for finn that you have. Steffy is freaking out right now. And she needs her husband to be there. And for some reason, her husband is mourning the loss of the woman who tried to kill her.

Hope: Finn just needs more time.

Thomas: He doesn’t have any more time. I don’t care what he feels like he needs to get through or get over or whatever. Like, he needs to get over it now and be there for steffy.

Steffy: Now, I know you don’t want to hear this.

Finn: Well, yeah, I do.

Steffy: But if I open up to you, are you gonna just run out again?

Finn: No, I’m not gonna run out. Hey. Talk to me.

Steffy: It’s just when I think about sheila, everything that she’s done to us, my mother, how she’s tormented my family? I thought about it a lot. Like, what I would have to do to protect myself. What I would do to protect our children. And I knew exactly what to do. But when sheila lunged at me and I felt my knife go into her, I didn’t– I didn’t feel rage or relief. I felt anguish. And that haunts me. The way I look at– look at my hands. I look over there and all I see is just blood. Like, I took a life. Yes, it was self-defense, but I… I killed someone. And I don’t know if I’m– if I’m ever gonna feel normal again and that really worries me. Or if you’re ever gonna look at me the same way again. The company goes to the first born audrey. The model train set is entrusted to todd. Mr. Marbles will receive recurring deliveries for all of his needs in perpetuity, thanks to autoship from chewY. I always loved that old maN. What’s it say about the summer house? Yeah, the beach housE. The summer residents goes to mr. Marbles. Plot twist. I’m sorry, what? Doesn’t make logistical sense? Unbelievable. Pets aren’t just pets. They’re more. You got a train set todd. Save 35% off your first autoship order. At chewy. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Zende: Hello, luna.

Luna: Hi.

Zende: You’re here.

Luna: It feels so good being in your arms.

Rj: I could do this all night. Actually, I was wondering if you’d like to stay over?

Luna: I was hoping you’d ask.

Rj: Yeah?

Rj: I love being with you. I really do feel like I get to just be myself around you. And– and you know, plus, you– you find all my corny jokes really sexy, so…

Luna: Um, no. I find them pretty corny. But I do think you’re sexy. I mean it though, rj. I never wanna be away from you. I mean, you’re so kind and sweet, caring. I’ve never met someone more honest and loyal.

Rj: I’ve never met anyone more honest and loyal than you.

Luna: I never thought that I’d meet someone like you. Someone so warm and genuine. Never doubt how much I love you.

Thomas: Now look, I don’t mean to be insensitive. But this is how I feel. Look, sheila was obsessed with my family. She shot both of our mothers and now she’s finally dead so we can all breathe.

Hope: You are not being insensitive. You’re being a protective brother. And that’s what I love about you. Look, I know this has been hard for all of us.

Thomas: Yeah. Well, it’s finally over. And I get that it is illogical and it may not make sense to us, but… the connection that finn feels to sheila is very real.

Thomas: What’s real is that finn has a family and a traumatized wife who needs him.

Hope: And finn needs steffy too right now. And that is what I am worried about. That all of this has compromised their ability to be there for one another. I mean, what if killing sheila has jeopardized steffy and finn’s marriage?

Finn: I hate that you’re suffering.

Steffy: I hate that you’re suffering too. What are you thinking?

Finn: I want to be there for you. I do. But, you know, hearing you talk about taking sheila’s life and you know, knowing that it happened here, in this– in this room, in our house, it’s just… I don’t know, it’s a lot. It’s a lot and it just makes– it makes– makes me feel like I could have another panic attack, like this house is haunted and it’s just– it’s– I hate feeling this way. Because I– I love you. Honey, I love you and the kids. You, you are my life. This house. This is– this is our house. And I hate feeling like I need to leave because of what happened here.

Steffy: No, I don’t– I don’t want you to leave either. I can’t even tell you how much I love you. I need you. I– I can’t even imagine going through this without you. I need my husband, finn. I need you. I need you.

Finn: Okay.

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