GH Short Recap Thursday, March 7, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Dante’s friends and family wait for news of his condition.

Brook Lynn has a talk with Jordan about how her family dealt with her being a cop. Jordan tells Brook Lynn that her marriage to Curtis ended because she wasn’t honest with him about her job. Jordan advises Brook Lynn to tell Chase she is scared about him dying on the job. Jordan also tells Brook Lynn to let Chase know he can talk about his job with her. Brook Lynn tells Chase she is scared every time he goes to work but she loves him and wants to share things about his job with him.

Portia later tells Olivia and Sam the surgery went well and if Dante makes it through the night the doctors think he will recover.

John asks Spinelli for his surveillance camera footage and at first he refuses to give it to him but, when he threatens to arrest Maxie then he gives John the footage. Maxie is surprised that Spinelli gave up Jason, but Spinelli tells Maxie he couldn’t let the woman he loves go to jail.

Ava tries to make Sonny realize that Jason now wants to kill him. Sonny insists Jason would never betray him, and he must have a good reason to be doing what he is doing and he intends to find out the truth.

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