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okay, I got all the balloons set up in the foyer. Great. Wow. When you throw a party, you go all-out, don’t you? What? Do you think it’s too much? No. Scout’s gonna love it. Well, I don’t mean just the balloons. I mean, you know, all of it. It’s not like you have a 100-foot bouncy house outside with ponies walking around. Well, we do have two horses and an alpaca. Because they live here in the stable where they belong. And, hey, you want scout to feel at home on her birthday, and this is your home. Okay, great. I guess I just missed out on so much time with her, I — any chance I get, holidays, birthdays… tuesdays. [ Laughs ] …I just want to hold on with both hands and never let go. Great. You should do that. You should hold onto that. You should stay present with your daughter. You can’t do that if you’re focused on revenge, you know? I didn’t even mention nina’s name. You didn’t have to. I could hear you thinking about it. Okay. All right. Well, hey, thank you for snapping me out of it, making me focus on what’s important.

[ Sam laughs ] Dad, I can’t believe it. There are so many balloons by the front door. They’re all for you! Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Hey, mom. Thank you for coming by on zero notice. I have a ton of work to do for deception tonight. Well, you know that I would move heaven and earth to spend time with my grandchildren. But as thrilled as I am to be here, I have to ask, why isn’t spinelli available? Because I sent him packing. Chase. Hey, what do you got? I just talked to the officer on duty. Assault and battery. The victim was brought here for treatment. I tried to question him just to see what was going on, but the guy’s not talking. No I.D., Didn’t even give us his name.

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Well, I know who that is. That’s selina wu’s bodyguard. Everything ready? All right, keep me posted. Thanks. Something you want to ask me? Go ahead. Really? You haven’t exactly been forthcoming of late. You didn’t say anything to me yesterday after your talk with nina. Well, I’m sure nina’s going to tell you all about it. But if you want to ask me directly…? Agent cates, please come in. What can I do for you? I want sonny corinthos out of my life. For good. And you’re going to help me.

Where’s the guest of honor? I’m right here, grandma. Hello, cookie. Happy birthday. Are all those presents for me? And there’s more in the car. Thank you, grandma. You’re welcome. I can’t take all the credit, though, ’cause some of them are from tj and molly. Where are aunt molly and uncle tj? They both have very mean bosses that wouldn’t let them off of work. Hey, danny, jake, why don’t you get the rest of the presents out of the car, will you? You want to grab that? I’ll take these. Thank you. Want that one? Cool. Come on, danny. Danny: On it. Okay. And then, yeah, I’ll put these with the rest of the presents. Alexis: Let’s go. Yeah. Come on.Carly: Hi. So, where’s dante? Oh, um, he couldn’t get off of work yet, but I think he’s going to try and make it by later. Okay. Anyway, since — since it’s just you and me now… mm? I wanted to let you know — I don’t know, but it seems like drew’s a little bit more relaxed. You think so? Yeah. Mm. Yeah, I mean, we talked before. He had a really hard time coming out of pentonville after everything that happened there. But, yeah, I-I really think he’s, um, slowly but definitely moving past it. That’s good. Dante: What’s he saying? All right. Someone called 911 to report a disturbance on the pier. When the officers arrived at the scene, they interrupted a fight between two guys. One, mr. Li, had been badly beaten, and the attacker appeared to be going in for the kill when the officers identified themselves as the police. The attacker then fled on foot. Luckily, they apprehended him, and he’s in lockup now. Oh, so they I.D.’D the attacker? Well, that’s where things get interesting. Li’s assailant is another one of selina wu’s guys. Goes by morris. Wow. Then this wasn’t random. Infighting in selina wu’s organization. What does that mean? I think it means everything’s about to get much more dangerous. Anna: Agent cates, I wonder if you would like to take a look around. And you might notice, then, that this is the office of the port charles commissioner of police. Okay — and then you might come to the conclusion that the individual occupying said office is, in fact, the port charles police commissioner. And you would be right. And who doesn’t love to be right? Obviously, the port charles commissioner of police likes it a lot. Oh, she likes it a lot. In fact, it’s one of her favorite pastimes. So, do we need to have a discussion about the meaning of jurisdiction, like, over a nice cup of tea or something? Or is there some other way that I might assist you? I apologize. I accept. I had a bear of a day, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. But you did. And it does seem to be a bit of a pattern. It is? Yeah. You barged in on my operation at pentonville and tried to shut it down. I had a legitimate reason to request you leave my witness alone. You didn’t request. That was a demand. And you accused me of obstructing my own investigation. Oh, I-I shouldn’t have questioned your integrity. I’m sorry. Uh, I was not expecting you to apologize. Like ever. I didn’t expect you to apologize. So it’s a banner day for both of us. Look. You’ve always been good friends with robin, and I respect that friendship. So there’s really no reason for us to be at odds with each other like this. Oh, I can think of one reason. But our difference of opinion over sonny aside, I do respect you. And I — oh. [ Chuckles ] I want to say thank you. For what? For talking me down when I barged in here acting like I owned the place, and for at least trying to defuse the tension between us. I want us to be able to work together. I want that, too. Why don’t we make it happen? What goes on between you and nina is your business. I just want you to know that my friendship with her doesn’t mean that I’m choosing sides, you know? I’m — I’m staying out of it. Wise decision.

[ Knock on door ] ‘Cause you know nothing’s more important right now than dante. Not nina. All right, well, I’ll be sure to tell her that. Come on in, spinelli. Oh, thank you. When, uh — when you summon me, I, uh… I assume you must be finally taking me up on my offer to instruct you in the ways of dungeons and dragons. No, you can talk — you can talk in front of ava. As you wish. All systems are go for tonight. “All systems,” huh? What’s happening tonight? Tonight, I am bringing my enemy down to his knees. I mean, can you believe spinelli? He knows everything that happened with austin and peter, and yet he still lied to me so easily. Uh, it sounds like his heart was in the right place — oh, his heart had nothing to do with it. This? This was his savior complex. Can you imagine anything more insulting? Uh, yeah — yes, okay, for sure. But he still lied. And I know I’ve told my fair share of fibs in the past, but I just — I can’t believe spinelli would manipulate me this way! That’s not what happened. What’s not what happened? It wasn’t spinelli’s idea to move in with you and help you with your finances. It was mine.

Willow: Hey. Hey. Wait, weren’t there more children at this party? Where’s my daughter? Uh, scout wanted to see the horses and the alpacas. So wiley and leo are, in leo’s words, co-hosting a tour of the stables. Okay, but cody’s there, right? Yeah. Okay. Perfect. And you and jake finished bringing in your grandmother’s presents? Turns out it was a one-man job, so anything else I can do? No, I think everything else is under control. Just go have fun. Cool. I, uh, left my coat down in the stables. I’ll be back. He leaves that coat everywhere. Hi, auntie. Hi! H-hi. I — h-hello. Hi, danny. You remembered my name. Of course I did.

[ Both chuckle ] Sam: Krissy! Kristina: Hi, sis. Hi. Mwah. Hey. Hi. Hi. Hello. So, I think most of you know blaze. My girlfriend. Yes. Of course. Blaze. It’s good to see you again. Oh. Great to see you. Willow. I think we met, though, at rice plaza. I remember. Nice to meet you again. Okay. Oh, good. I am glad that we have some time alone, because I want to talk to you about something. Great. What’s up? I understand this is a touchy subject, but I — I’m sure you heard that nina is now the publisher of the invader. I did hear that. How’s that going? Yeah, I have reservations. Many. She said that she was fired from crimson for personal reasons. Is that true? If you’re asking if this has anything to do with nina turning carly and me in to the sec — that’s exactly what I’m asking. Well, then the answer is yes. She was not acting as a concerned citizen trying to right a wrong. Her motivation was strictly vindictive. And if she can exploit federal law to her own ends, then should she really be running a major magazine? And as the owner of aurora, I just… felt like I couldn’t trust her judgment anymore. That sounds like something you’d say in a press release or in a court of law. Tell me what you really think. You and me, one on one? Mm-hmm. Someone as reckless and as self-absorbed as nina is capable of anything. If I were you, alexis, I would watch my back. Hmm. So it was your idea. All right. Explain. I knew that you were in financial trouble and that you wouldn’t take my help, even though you clearly needed it, and I had the means. Except you don’T. You kept dipping into your savings. Those were the means. But I couldn’t pay you back, because I’m a bad investment. That’s why I called spinelli. I knew you wouldn’t accept charity from anybody, so I had to get creative. Spinelli was helping me help you. Mom, you should have respected my boundaries. It was important to me that I be the one to fix my finances. I-I understand that, but I’m your mother. And I couldn’t just sit back and watch while you were struggling, maxie. Okay. Okay? Okay? What? Okay, I get that. I absolutely do not approve of your methods, but if I could see that my kids needed help, I am capable of doing much crazier things whether they would want me to or not. Yeah, no, I wouldn’t care. I would just do it. Then you forgive me? Absolutely. And spinelli. No way. What? Why? I mean, not that I’m complaining, but why are you so much angrier with spinelli than you are with me? Especially since it was my idea. Because, mom, spinelli is not my parent, and he doesn’t have the right to conspire with my mother to fix my finances. M-maybe not, but — no, no “maybe” about it. No, no, no, spinelli is family. He is the father of your oldest daughter and my oldest grandchild. And you know he would do anything for you. Except respect my autonomy. Because I told him to! Listen, maxie, you know you would do the same thing if the positions were reversed. That is precisely the problem. What, that you each care enough about each other to do anything for each other? No, that is not the problem. It’s because — because I — what? Because I fell in love with him again, mom! Spending all this time with him? Having him live in my house? It was — it was all under false pretenses. You and spinelli didn’t just meddle with my finances. You meddled with my heart. So whoever is targeting mr. Corinthos, sir — ow — uh, is expecting him to be holding a summit, building bridges, as it were, leaving them with an opportunity to take out both parties at once. Meanwhile, I’ll be monitoring the situation with cameras set up throughout the warehouse. Are you sure that’s selina’s guy, he did as you asked? Because li has betrayed her before. Yeah, uh, we made sure that li’s carrying out the orders. Good. Question. Go ahead. Isn’t it highly unlikely that this enemy is going to show up there himself? I mean, won’t he, too, be monitoring from a safe distance, letting his hired guns do the job for him? I’m counting on it. This assault on li sounds like a botched execution attempt, which means it relates to the fbi’s investigation that cates is running. Yeah, but only li can confirm that. Well, then let’s hope he’s able. And willing.

So, the presents are arranged. The kids are back from the stables. They’re mad at me — oh. H-hi. Hi. Uh, you’re, uh — jake, this is blaze, my girlfriend. Blaze, this is danny’s brother. Ah. Nice meeting you. Nice meeting you, too. Um, I-I’m, uh — jake. Could you track down danny and, uh, let him know it’s time for cake? He said he left his coat outside somewhere. Okay. Yeah. I, uh — yeah. 3, 2, 1.

[ Quiet chuckling ]

[ Carly laughing ]

[ Chuckles ] Drew. Hey. I was going to send out a search party for you. Oh. I was just making sure everything, uh, was — yeah. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, I thought I-I misplaced the pin the tail on the donkey, but I, uh — oh. I got them. There you go. Crisis averted. Yep. Hey, um, I was going to ask if you could do a favor for me. You can ask me anything. Always. I hope you know that. Well, nowadays, I’m not — I’m not sure about that. I mean, you’ve been having a pretty rough time ever since — yeah, it hasn’t exactly been, um, sunshine and rainbows. Is it ever? But I’m trying to focus more on the silver lining than the clouds, so… good. I’m glad to hear that. So, what did you want to ask me? Danny. He’s been having… uh, a really tough time lately. And I know it’s more than just, um, teenage boy stuff. It’s stuff — more than that? Yeah. And I guess what I wanted to say was, is there any way that you could talk to him? He trusts you, and I know he would confide in you. And I don’t think he would talk to me about anything like that. Y– I would be happy to. Are you kidding me? I’ll spend some time with him. Maybe I’ll — maybe I’ll take him to a game or something.

[ Sighs ] Okay. That sounds good. But are you sure you’re up for it? I-I don’t want to put too much on your plate. No. Look, I’m learning that it — it really helps focusing on somebody that means more to me than myself. So I’d be really happy to do that. You can count on me. Thank you. Okay. I appreciate it. Absolutely. Danny? Danny, you here? They’re going to cut the cake. Find your jacket? Yeah, I-I put in the car. It’s fine. You okay? Yeah, it’s — it’s just, it’s a kid’s party. Yeah, well, it’s cake time, so it’s, um —

[ Sniffs ] You smell something? Mm, no. It’s probably just the lake. Come on. No, no, it’s not that. It’s, um —

[ Sniffs ] It’s really, uh — it’s really sweet.

[ Sighs ] Despite our differences of opinion, I do understand your feelings toward sonny. With all due respect, I don’t think you do. Sonny corinthos is now the head of one of the most powerful organized crime syndicates on the east coast, so forgive me if I don’t buy into the narrative that underneath it all, he’s a really good guy. I wouldn’t say that he’s one of the good guys. I wouldn’t say that. But I also don’t think that you’ve taken his full measure. Meaning? Well, meaning that he’s not a saint, but he’s not a sadist who wants to destroy and torment people for sport. I just had a conversation with him that would suggest otherwise. Oh, is that why you came barging in here, demanding I get him out of your life? You’re good. Anybody ever tell you you should be a cop? Too often. All I’m saying is that perhaps you have issue with the man sonny used to be, rather than the man he is now. Mr. Li, I’m detective falconeri. This is detective chase. Can you tell us what happened to you tonight? Someone tried to kill me. Not just someone. One of your colleagues from selina wu’s organization.

[ Monitor beeping ] So I’m guessing, uh, this wasn’t the result of an argument gone bad? Right? Mr. Morris, we have in custody. He was following orders, right? I don’t talk to cops. Okay. Mr. Li, your boss wants you dead. Yeah. I mean, you walk out of here, you probably got days — hell, man, even hours to live, I’d say. Death comes to us all. Yeah, I-it does, but judging by how you look, I’m guessing you fought like hell to stay alive. So I’m not really buying your zen on dying thing you’re trying to sell us. How about this? We put in a call to the D.A. We make sure you’re protected.

[ Chuckles ] How comforting.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? You’re right. Talking to us is probably just going to buy you some time. A day, maybe another, maybe another after that, I don’t know. But keeping your mouth shut? I’m willing to bet you end up in an unmarked grave by the morning. So you tell me. What’s it gonna be? Sonny: I wish whoever’s targeting me would get in my face, but I know they’re too scared. So what’s the end game here? Somebody will be sent to eliminate me and selina. We’re going to grab them, and we’re going to, uh, let them take us to whoever’s behind the shooting, and this thing is going to end. When do we leave? We’re not going anywhere. Yes, we are. Spinelli? Hmm? Can you do me a favor? I think we’re done. I’ll keep you posted. Eagerly await your communication.

[ Door opens, shuts ] Okay, I appreciate what you’re doing. But you’re not part of this. Ava: On the contrary. If this plan of yours is going to work… …you need me.

Oh, maxie, I am so sorry. It — it never occurred to me that this would happen this way. I never thought spinelli would lie to me like this. It — it isn’t really like that. It’s not like we set out to deceive you. Hmm. Were spinelli’s pipes actually broken? Uh, yes, so we did set out to deceive you. But if we offered you the money, you would have just said no again. At least it would have been my decision. Yes, and it would have been a bad one. Mom! The point is, spinelli and i were in a lose-lose situation. And since there was no good decision to make, we made the least bad decision to help you. Deceiving you like that… helping you with your finances while providing free babysitting was all an act of love, on both our parts. I know that. And — and I know that spinelli would never lie to me out of malice. That is not my main problem. Then what is? The thing that’s bugging me the most is… I couldn’t tell spinelli was keeping something from me. Well, I can understand why that would be troubling for you. But it’s not like what happened with peter. Way to sugarcoat it, mom. But — well, no, I’m just saying that spinelli never lied to you about his mafia connections. No, I’ve always known about those. Well, he never tried to steal your baby or isolate you in a forest cabin in europe — okay, I get where you’re going with this, but that is a very low bar to clear. It’s just, aside from you and mac, spinelli… he’s always been the person that I can count on the most. Doesn’t this prove that he still is? Maybe it proves that acting on my feelings for spinelli was a huge mistake. This yours? No, what is it? It’s garbage now. So you’re just gonna throw it out? Can’t leave it lying around. O-okay, fine. It’s — it’s mine. You’re vaping? What do you even care? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want my brother to get popcorn lungs. Will you calm down? It’s not like I’m really smoking. We can have this conversation later. Or not. Right now, we’re going back to the house and celebrate your sister’s birthday with your whole family there. Or are you trying to get caught? Why? You gonna rat me out? You know, recently, I-I’ve got to know sonny as a person. And he’s always been a very good friend to my daughter robin.

[ Sighs ] Anna, come on. Just the same way that he was a very good friend to your brother stone. A lot of good peoplesee the best in bad people. He’s done a lot of positive things for this community. Are you talking about the hospital wing that he bought in my brother’s memory? You do know that crime lords use philanthropy as a way of laundering money. My point is… while I wouldn’t hesitate to arrest him if I had evidence of a crime, I still don’t believe he should be reduced to just that. Because if you hope to take him down one day, you can’t just focus on his crimes and flaws, which admittedly are many. You have to take into account the good things, as well. ‘Cause if you just let yourself be blinded by prejudice, you will miss the opportunity to apprehend him when it finally presents itself. If you’re going to sell this mediation, you’re going to need a third party to arbitrate. I mean, that’s the play, isn’t it? Which means you need a rep from a third family. What are you going to do, sonny? You going to call what’s left of the novaks? The buscemas? You can’t trust them. I happen to be a former memberof the jerome family. My presence could help sell this thing. You’re not wrong. You and selina are the bait, but I could be what convinces your enemy that this meeting is legit and draws them out. Plus, if we’re being honest…

[ Chuckles ] I can’t wait to hear this one. Your circle of trust has gotten pretty small, sonny. It’s so small that I’m in the center of it. You don’t have to do this alone. Don’t do this alone. Let me help you.

Spinelli and I have been down this road before, and it did not work out. A long time ago. Yeah, but don’t you think that proves that it maybe never will? How? Mom [Chuckles] Spinelli and i literally admitted to each other how we felt, and then instantly, everything fell apart. Okay, sweetheart, I want you to listen to me and really take this to heart, okay? I’ll try. You may think that when spinelli moved in, that was what caused you to fall in love with him. But the truth is, you’ve always had a connection. Not just as friends, not just as co-parents. But you’ve always been a little in love with each other, even when you were with other people. How do you know that for sure? I have seen the bond between you and spinelli. Really? Everybody’s seen it. Nathan saw it. Ellie saw it. Mac is still annoyed by it. And spinelli, now he sees it. The only person that says they haven’t seen it is you. I think it’s time for you to get honest about what you’re afraid of. I don’t know what I would do if spinelli and i tried to be together, and I lost him for good. I can understand why you would be afraid of that, given all the loss that you’ve had to endure. Putting our hearts on the line is really scary. It’s not just my heart, though. Georgie would be devastated if spinelli and i didn’t work out. And bailey lou and james, they’re both crazy about spinelli. You’re right. There is a lot at stake here. I can’t tell you what decision to make. Since when? I can tell you that you’re a survivor. You have endured so much and come out of it stronger each time. I’m just… tired. How many growth experiences should one person have? Yeah. Well, what you have to know is if things don’t work out with spinelli, then you’ll survive that, too. Or you could get back together again, older and wiser than the two of you have ever been, and stumble into some happiness that you never dreamed that was possible. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk. Okay?

[ Chuckles ] Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone. This is your business. Thanks. What the hell? Give it back. Yeah, not gonna happen. I may not be a snitch, but I’m not going to let you do this. I’m not messing around, jake. Give it back. Or what? Or I’ll take it from you. Really? This is that important to you that you’d try to forcibly take it from me? Oh, I wouldn’t just try. Who the hell are you to try to tell me what to do anyway? Give it back! Get off me, danny! You crazy?! Willow: Jake? Danny? I thought I heard shouting. What’s going on?

[ Both panting ] We were just messing around. Pretty much. We’re taking a family photo. Come on.

[ Quietly ] My vape? Hey, mom. Yeah. I wanted to tell you this sooner, but I didn’t — I didn’t have a chance. What? Something wrong? So, I talked to dante, and he told me that he thinks there’s a link between whosever targeting dad and olivia jerome’s death. Yeah, I know. You know how? Because I had a conversation with special agent john cates of the fbi. Do you know him? Uh, coincidentally, we, uh, just met. You just met? Okay. Is there more to that story? No, just — just that I’m worried about dad, that’s all. I know. Me, too. I don’t know what to do about it. Do you have any ideas? So, I told josslyn to bring dex back to town. What? Why would you do that? Why would you do that to dex? He’s a grown man. He can decide whether or not he wants to come back. Michael, if something happens to dex, your sister is going to be devastated. Look, I-I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But I don’t — I don’t — mom, I don’t think it will. Really? No. How do you think sonny is going to react? He was furious when he found out you hired dex to spy on him. Now you’re going behind his back again. If he’s angry, he’s angry. I’m going to help my father whether he likes it or not. What’s going on with dad? Why does he need help? So o’neill says we’re looking for a dead man, at least someone who’s dead on paper. Mm, according to cyrus, but his trustworthiness is questionable at best. Plus, the mic dropped out right as he acquired that piece of intel. Maybe there’s a way to corroborate his story. Any ideas?

[ Knock on door ] Yeah? Come in. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. It’s important. Is this is about my case? You mean our case? Yeah, it is. What have you got? Sonny and selina wu are making moves.

[ Door opens ] Everything is in place at our end for tonight? Yes. And mr. Corinthos’ associate assured me it’s all taken care of. But… but what? The associate. He seems…odd. Mr. Spinelli is certainly unique, but very good at what he does. Mm?

[ Door opens ] Mr. Corinthos. Ms. Jerome, what a surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. Ms. Wu. I hope you don’t mind me joining you at the last minute. Actually, I do. This wasn’t part of our plan. Plans change. We can trust ava.

[ Phone line ringing ]

[ Beep ] Spinelli: Greetings. You’ve

reached damian spinelli.

Please leave a message,

and I will return

your call posthaste. Hey. It’s me. Call me.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Uh, no, just — just that I-I haven’t — I haven’t talked to dad in a while. Have you? Not a whole lot, no. I’ve been, uh, busy. Why? What’s going on? Is there something happening I should know about? We’re just wondering how things are going with you and blaze. Uh, things are good. Yeah. It’s still new, so… anyway, I’ve been asked to summon you guys for cake and photos. Oh, yeah, I got to get in there. All right. Hey, um, are you sure everything’s okay with dad? Yeah, yeah, hey, he’ll be fine. Okay. Yeah. I’ll make sure of it. Sonny and selina coerced her bodyguard li to leak to his source that they were meeting up tonight. Presenting a prime opportunity for li’s boss to take wu and corinthos out. Okay, so they’re setting up a trap to smoke out our assassin. Which is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. I knew if we let corinthos in on what was going on, he would go vigilante and take our suspect out. Okay, we can’t allow him to take the law into his own hands. Whatever corinthos and wu are planning, we got to stop them. Well, let’s go. I congratulate you on the trust you’ve established with ms. Jerome, who is, let’s not forget, the mother of one of your children. What does that mean? Well, you have incentive to trust her. I don’T. Ava acting as a mediator makes the meeting look more legit. Her presence further destabilizes an already volatile situation. That’s not a risk I want to take. It’s already in motion. Let it play out. At the risk of all of our lives? We’re all targets at this point. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to let our enemies come get us.

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