GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Carly and Drew have a long talk and he tells her he will let go how of his need to get revenge on Nina and then they make love.

Sonny and Nina have a long talk where Nina pleads with Sonny to forgive her because she still loves him. Sonny admits to Nina that he still loves her too, but he can’t forgive what she did to Carly and Drew. Sonny tells Nina the reason he can’t forgive her is because she turned Carly and Drew into the SEC without considering the consequences to her family. Sonny tells Nina their marriage is over, but Nina says she will never give up on their marriage.

Maxie and Spinelli finally admit they have feelings for each other, but Maxie is furious when Spinelli tells her the pipes never burst in his apartment and he moved in to help her pay her bills. Maxie tells Spinelli, despite what she and Felicia think, she isn’t a helpless person. Maxie tells Spinelli move out and go back to his apartment.

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