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[ Sighs ] No. You are not watching me sleep.

[ Laughs ] Sorry. Is that creepy? I mean… well, I blame you. You’re just so beautiful when you sleep that I got lost in thought. Yeah? And what were you thinking? How lucky I am to have you in my bed… and in my life. Mm. Maxie? Children? Oh! Spinelli. You’re up. Yeah. Where is everybody? Uh, the kids are in the car. But school doesn’t start for an hour. Why so early? Yeah, I know. My mom has bailey. Uh, we’re meeting them at james’s school to help his teacher set up for the arts and crafts fair. Oh. I thought I mentioned it. No, you didn’t, but, uh, it’s a relief to know that the early start’s not ’cause you’re avoiding me. There you go. Enjoy.

[ Chuckles ] Hello! Hi, there. Sit anywhere you like. You own this place. You shouldn’t be serving tables. Oh, well, one of my waitresses is running late, so here I am. And I don’t mind serving you. Can I get you some coffee? Yeah. Okay, so, the last time we met, you didn’t tell me — why are you in town? Work. What do you do? I’m with the fbi. Agent john cates.

[ Exhaling sharply ] Wow. Drew, drew, hello. Man. Curtis!

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t hear you come in. How long you been here? Uh, long enough to know that, uh, I don’t want to be on your bad side.

[ Breathing heavily ] Hey. Are you in the middle of something important? Well, that was framed like a question, but it sounded more like a demand. What’s going on? I’m about to lose sonny for good. You know, I do have an appointment in — in just a little bit, but — but — but I have some time later this afternoon. Nina, maybe we — well, you just let me know if you can fit me in. No, no, no. Hold — hold on. Last I heard, you and sonny were in a holding pattern. Has something changed? Yeah. Sonny had me served. He wants a divorce, ava. Well… can’t say that I’m surprised. Why would I be avoiding you? Spinelli, my life was falling apart. You were always there for me. I know I can count on you. Always. You’re one of my closest friends. You know, I actually… …consider you more than a friend. How so? Because of what happened last night?

[ Exhales sharply ] Um…

[ Knock on door ] Sonny: Hello? Damian spinelli. You are a hard man to find.

honey, are you hungry? For food?

[ Laughs ] Tempting. But there’s somebody else to consider here. You heard my stomach growling. This baby is not subtle. Thank you for… helping me process everything last night and sort through my feelings. You made me feel really seen. Figured it was time I return the favor. Still, thank you for being there for me. And for this little one. Always. And what would the little one like for breakfast? We would like… eggs benedict and home fries. Coming right up.

[ Both laugh ] Either you got real beef with that bag or something else is bothering you. Sometimes you just got to show that you mean business, right? Hey, I’m honored that you wanted me in the gym your first workout after your surgery. That means a lot. Let’s get to it. Where do you want to start? I’d love to start with what’s bothering you.

[ Exhales heavily ] It’s just carly, man. It’s just carly. She’s just worried about me. She’s worried. She thinks that I’ve changed after my time in pentonville, that’s all. Oh, okay. Well, prison can change a man. But the drew I know, you’re still fundamentally the same guy. So what’s got carly concerned? She just thinks that I’m, um — I’m holding on to everything that’s happened. Oh. You mean the whole nina situation? I know she’s a friend of yours. Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that I’m okay with her turning you in to the sec. Like, I’m not cool with that, you know? You’re my friend, too, and it’s okay if you’re mad ’cause I would be mad, too. Carly doesn’t understand that? Well, she’s not trying to tell me how to feel. It’s not like that. It’s just that she’s more concerned with my behavior. She thinks I’m more focused on payback instead of getting through this and moving on. And you are, aren’t you? Cates. Any relation to michael “stone” cates? My little brother. I never knew him, but my ex was close to him. And you obviously know that because you and sonny share a history. And they’re not great memories. And now you’re an fbi agent. So now I know what you’re doing back in my restaurant. Can’t I just like the coffee? No. You’re here because you want information on sonny. Well, that’s a cynical outlook. Because it’s not my first rodeo. Feds making small talk with me, it’s never a coincidence. So let me know when you want to put in an order. Believe it or not, I didn’t know you were sonny’s ex the first time I stopped by. Look, I know you’re here to make a case against sonny, and I’m telling you right now you’re wasting your time. I am not currently building a case against your ex-husband. However, if I had my way, sonny would be in jail where he belongs. Maxie, I hope it’s okay that I stopped by. Oh, always. I was surprised to see that spinelli moved in here. Uh, temporarily. He’s got a plumbing emergency at his place. Is that so? Uh, came on s– oh! Came on suddenly. Got it! I’ll see you guys later! Sorry. The kids are in the car. I gotta get them to school! Oh, okay. What were you looking for? Oh. Georgie’S. Right.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] Second time this week.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh. Um, apologies for my attire. Yeah. It’s early. She’s something else, isn’t she? Ah. Force of nature. Um, you didn’t say what brought you, uh, in search of me. I have a job for you. You expected sonny to end our marriage without so much as a word? No, of course not. Nor do I approve of him doing so. It — it tracks, though. I think sonny’s been reexamining his whole life. Yeah. He’s taken some hits lately. I am not giving up on him. I love him. And I just hate that he’s had to face these challenges alone. Well, I’m not the one you have to convince, nina. You have to convince sonny. Well, I wish I could. He’s not taking any of my calls or texts. I think he’s blocked me? He barred me from the penthouse. Right. I get it. That — that must hurt. Yeah, it’s a nightmare. If I could only just have a conversation with him, just look him in the eyes, remind him what we are together, what we’ve come to mean to each other. Maybe you’re right. I am right. Ava, I’m right. And that’s where you come in.

I’m gonna grab a quick shower. Breakfast should be here shortly. Mm! Okay. I should get up. Oh, no, you don’T. We’re having breakfast in bed.

[ Chuckles ] It’s been some time since you’ve availed yourself of my skills. May I ask — why now since, I mean, you have qualified personnel “in house,” as it were? Let’s just say, out of an abundance of caution, I’m outsourcing this one. I see. Should I find another guy, spinelli? Mr. Corinthos, I have the utmost respect for you. But, um… since the passing of our — of our dear friend jason, I haven’t worked for anyone in your “field.” Arguments over my previous hazardous exploits led to the demise of my relationship with ellie. I’m not twisting your arm, spinelli. The task is relatively low-risk. You were my first choice. While I’m gratified, I’m also somewhat baffled. I mean, to put it bluntly, you found me pretty annoying. Yeah, I did, and I used to complain to jason all the time. But he always said that you were the smartest person in the room and he would trust you with his life. So… you know, that’s good enough for me. If you could somehow get sonny and me in the same place alone together. You mean like lock the two of you in the back room or something? No. Just — maybe you can get him here and he’ll have to hear me out. No! Nina, I can’t — ava — I can’t do it. Ava, why can’t you do it? You are my closest friend. You have access to sonny. You really are not gonna help me? I want to help you. I just don’t think sonny would take very kindly to me interfering in his personal life. He knows we’re good friends, you know. So I’m walking a delicate tightrope as it is. And I understand that I’m putting you in a very awkward position. I do. I understand that. But I am running out of options because his family has closed ranks against me. I can barely get a civil word out of any of them. And — [ Stammers ] Oh, I’m so sorry that I’m interrupting your very busy day. I hope I’m not overstaying my welcome. No, no, no, no. I’m not —

[ Sighs ] I’m not trying to brush you off, nina. It’s just, no good can come of me involving myself in this, at least not while I’m still under sonny’s roof. Meddling in your marriage like that — that could really harm my relationship with sonny. Oh. You and sonny have a relationship now?

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Keypad beeps ]

[ Door handle rattling ] Alison!

Mami’s here!

By “relationship,” I mean co-parenting. I have avery to think about, nina. And sonny still has primary custody. That factors into every single thing that I do. She’s my first priority. I’m not — I’m not gonna apologize for that. No. I understand. I understand. I just got thrown when you said that you and sonny had a relationship. I mean, really, what else would you call it? Going along to get along. You know, we are coexisting very well at the moment, and I don’t want to jeopardize that. I get it. I do. I get it. I — ava jerome? Yes? I have a registered delivery. Oh. I’ll need you to sign for it. Mm-hmm. And I have to scan your driver’s license. Oh. Sure. Hi. Mrs. Roger-ramirez. I am kristina. It’s — it’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you. It’s ramirez. Ms. And I have not heard anything about you. Is the food here? I mean, the sooner we eat, the sooner we can — uh, look who came early!

Mami. What are you doing here? Well, I have the same question for the young lady I just found in your bed. I’m focused on sending the message that I’m nobody’s victim. Oh, not a victim, not a victim. Definitely a survivor. Bro, you went through hell and back. Yeah. Held captive for years. Got out only to be put in prison. Got attacked, sent into the hospital. Yeah, I’d say that kind of qualifies, right? Yeah, I hear you. That’s a lot to process.

[ Grunts ] But the goal is — the goal is to get through this and to move on to the good stuff. Mm. Yep. But that anger — that anger won’t let go, huh? I know what that feels like. You know, drew, when I was shot and I was laying there in that bed, knowing that I might be paralyzed… man, I felt everything from rage to despair to self-pity, but mostly rage. You know why? Because I don’t like being vulnerable. I don’t like being a victim. So I was mad at the world. I was mad at god. Any of that sound familiar? Yeah. Yeah, very. I mean, it’S… it’s taken me a while to — to access these feelings. You know, all the feelings — it’s not one of my strengths. But I just wish carly would understand that what I’m going through is just that — what I’m going through, my process, at my speed, even though it may not be the way that she wants me to. Okay. So, this thing with carly — is this a minor disagreement or something more? Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see. But you didn’t come here for a therapy session. You know? Like, it’s just — it’s really good to see you. You’re amazing. You look incredible. Well, thank you. That procedure was a godsend. And, uh, because of it, portia and I reconnected.

[ Laughs ] I’m happy for you, man. I’m happy for both of you. Thank you, man. All the challenges that we had been through, man, I just… man, I never thought we’d be that close again. Well, you did it. You did it. You got through. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. But, uh, I’m just glad we never gave up. Escrow papers. As of today, wyndemere and spoon island are now somebody else’s problem. The sale went through? Yes. Just this morning. The money was deposited into my account. Not nearly enough to make up for all my — my pain and suffering, but a nice little nest egg nonetheless. I can’t believe you found a buyer for that place. Well, credit to lucy. It took a while, but she was finally able to find a developer who was willing to buy the house and the land instead of separating them into separate lots. Gee, I wonder what they’re planning to build out there.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Maybe they’re gonna turn the house into condominiums. Maybe they’ll tear it down.

[ Chuckles ] That would be my vote. But it doesn’t matter, really. That awful place and all the awful things that happened there, they are a part of a past that will not be revisited. You know, the only person that had an emotional connection to that place was spencer. And now that he’s gone and little ace is living with laura and kevin, nobody needs that place, least of all me. No, my — my focus is on the future. I’m honored by jason’s faith and that he spoke so highly of me to you. He was a kind and gracious friend. And he also had zero patience for fools. And the fact that he put up with you and also found you as a collaborator and an associate, um… look, if he recommended you, that works for me. I know he trusted you. I trust his judgment. But listen. You have to make a decision right now. Right. This job — it can’t put anyone in this house in danger. I would never ask you to put your children or maxie in danger. I know how much she means to you. I’m sure you do. You know from your own experience that, while a romance may end, one who becomes family is family forever. You want to continue this conversation, you can call my lawyer. Her name is diane miller. And you can look up her number online. Ms. Spencer, I am not here to question you, and I am not in port charles to investigate your ex-husband. So you claim, but you just said you thought sonny belonged in prison. He does. Really? After everything he did for your brother?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t deny sonny was good to stone. “Good to stone”? He bought a penthouse so stone had a place to live. He paid for the best care that was available at the time, and he nursed stone until the day he died. There’s an entire wing at the hospital dedicated in your brother’s memory, endowed by a gift from sonny worth millions. Do you know that? And you think that buys sonny redemption? Like I said, I didn’t know your brother, but I heard a lot about him. My son morgan — his middle name was stone. My son’s name is also stone. Wow. Well, isn’t that ironic, that you and sonny, who hate each other, both love stone so much that you named your sons after him?

[ Scoffs ] Wow. You’re saying I should back off sonny for stone’s sake? What I’m saying — if I were in your position, I would be grateful that a person took care of someone I loved. And what about a person who hurts someone you loved, exploited their vulnerabilities to turn a profit? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’d come out swinging and not stop until they paid. What makes you say that? Professional assessment. Mm. There are people who freeze when they or someone close to them feel threatened. Others will negotiate or placate. And then there are those who fight. You’re a fighter, ms. Spencer. I’d stake my badge on it. Well, what are you and your badge doing in town, agent cates, if not to take sonny down? I am here to help sonny. The attempts on his life are part of a bigger conspiracy. So far, sonny has been lucky, but he can’t end this without the help of law enforcement. Sonny never told you about this, did he?

Well, I know that you struggled when you found out that trina might be yours and even when you found out that she was yours. And I get it. I know what it feels like to lose years and years of time with your daughter. Mm. Yeah. I know you know about that. And I, you know, did my fair share of blaming portia. But recently I’ve had to admit that I withheld the truth, um, about something that could affect my family. And I told myself it was for the right reasons. But that was just an excuse. I got to be honest, man. It hurt. It hurt both of us. Injustice is just hard to swallow. I hear that. But you made it through. Thankfully. But I sure didn’t make it easy.

[ Scoffs ] Drew, when I first got shot, man, I acted up. I acted out. I pushed away everyone who loved me, especially portia. Again. Finally, I had to accept, brother, that if I don’t want to live my life miserable, then I need to take a long look at myself in the mirror and be real. And get out of my own way. Because the ability to change my outlook and my life starts and ends with me and me alone. So now portia and i are back on track. We’re happy. And we are excited about moving forward together. Curtis… mm-hmm? …You’re a lot of things, man, but you’re not slick.

[ Laughs ] We’re just having a conversation. I know what you’re doing! I hear you dropping these pearls of wisdom, trying to give me advice like that. Not very stealthily, I might add. Oh, I don’t know. I beg to disagree. But… I hear you. And it’s exactly what I needed to hear. And lesson learned. Because I haven’t really — I mean really been playing fair myself. Carly didn’t want me to go to prison to protect her, but I did it anyway. And in one heat-of-the moment slip of the tongue, I made it seem like I resented her for that. Do you? No. What? No, no. I’m the one who made the deal with the D.A., Right? Even though I knew that she wouldn’t want me to. And I know that she feels responsible for what happened to me in pentonville, even though since I’ve been released, all she’s been doing is, like, supporting me and been there for me, even when it’s meant compromising what matters to her. And I want you to know that I really do understand and truly, truly appreciate your sacrifice. I know you do. But I can’t move on with my life unless nina is behind me. I don’t want to think about her anymore, I don’t want to argue with her anymore, and I don’t want to try and hurt her anymore because it always comes back to bite me. Nina suffers, but I suffer. And I don’t want to do that to myself anymore. And you know what, curtis? Maybe it’s time I did the same thing for her. John: I’m sorry. I thought you knew about the larger conspiracy. I just assumed sonny would keep you in the loop. Well, you brought me into the loop. How much danger is my family in? The families haven’t been the focus so far. Okay. Who’s the focus? Three former or current heads of major crime families. No. Now there’s four. Olivia jerome being the fourth. I’m waiting for an explanation. Uh, uh… we were having a girls’ night last night, and it was super late, so, um, alison, just let me crash here. Oh! Well…

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Okay. Well, alison is so generous like that.

Mami, how did you even get in here? I booked the room on your s-corp, and my name’s on the paperwork, so I just asked them for a key. But I would never have come so early, honey, had I known you were having plans with a friend. Well, now that you have sold wyndemere, are you gonna have lucy help you and avery find a place? Yeah. Eventually. Assuming that sonny is willing to let us leave. Well, that’s just temporary, right? I mean, he’s not thinking about having you and avery stay there permanently, is he? I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s thinking. And I don’t know what his next move is. And I’m not gonna pressure him. You know, like I’ve said, he and I are in a good place right now, and I know from personal experience that — that he lashes out most when he’s — when he’s hurt. Well, you don’t have to tell me that. I lived it. I mean, I can’t believe he slammed the door in my face like I wasn’t even there. Yeah. Oh, but, you know, the fact that he’s hurt means that he still has a lot of feelings for you, right? So I think you just got to give him time. I have been giving him time. I’ve given him space. And you’re right to do so. He’s going through a tough time lately. It was a big blow when he lost spencer. Yeah, and now dex is gone and — wait, dex? What — what happened to dex?

[ Stammers ] It — [ Sighs ] It doesn’t matter. Really. No, ava. It matters to me. Hey! I am not budging here until you tell me everything that happened. So, I need a decision. What’s it gonna be? I’ll do the job. Alright. I appreciate that. And I’m gonna do something for you in return.

[ Sighs ] What’s that problem that you’re having at your apartment with the plumbing? Oh, it’s been since christmas eve, but — oh, that’s unacceptable. I’m gonna have my contractor go over there and he’ll fix it by the end of the week. Yeah, that’s not necessary, but thanks just the same. You see, the — look, the way I feel, if there’s a — a leak, you got to deal with it. That’s a wise course of action. Um, but in this case, there is no leak. Uh… I staged the whole thing to give myself an excuse to move in here to help maxie with the financial situation. Well, I mean, that’s one way to show someone you care. And the other way would be, why don’t you just tell her? I’ll take that under advisement.

[ Chuckles ] Alright. Alright. Uh, mr. Corinthos? I miss stone cold, too. I’m sorry. Have I spoken out of turn? I’ll keep in touch.

Kristina, the food we ordered arrived. Oh, uh… I bet your mom’s hungry from traveling, so I will let you two enjoy. No, there’s more than enough to share. You should stay. I’ve got a full day, so I’m just gonna get going. You know, kristina is starting a youth center, and she also manages a restaurant. Look what I brought back from puerto rico. Aren’t these adorable? Look. Okay, yes, but are they vegan? Really, honey? Does that matter? Yes, it does. It has for a while.

[ Scoffs ] Enjoy your stay in port charles, ms. Ramirez. Thank you. Oh, all of alison’s friends call me natalia. Okay. Look. Wait, wait, wait. Look what I managed to smuggle back from your abuela — her homemade tembleque. Look, I appreciate you going through the trouble, but I’ve told you before, I don’t really like coconut pudding. When have you told me that before? I’ve told you multiple times. You just don’t listen to me.

Mami! But you like coconut. It’s — it’s the texture. She’s the same way about avocado and flan. I think I know my daughter. Of course. Do you know me, mami? You didn’t know I lied to you earlier. And it isn’t the first time that I’ve kept something from you.

[ Breathing heavily ] Wow. That’s impressive. Good work. Mm. So good to see you, man. Yeah. So happy everything’s working out for you. Yeah. I don’t know what’s going on. Must be important ’cause you look like you’re in a hurry. I am. I can neither confirm nor deny that the death of olivia jerome is connected to the case I’m working. So now you’re clamming up? You were super talkative a minute ago. Look, this much I’ll say. I’m making headway on this case. And I promise you, I will nail whoever’s behind this. Before or after sonny’s dead? Play this right, and it saves you the hassle of building a case against sonny and putting him away, huh? Sonny is a potential victim, and I will do everything in my power to make sure he’s safe.

If, when this case is closed, it becomes my business to investigate sonny on allegations of racketeering, I will do everything in my power to secure a legal conviction against him. I don’t cut corners, ms. Spencer. It does no good to stop criminals by becoming one myself. Wow. You sure do pride yourself on your integrity, don’t you? And you know what’s funny? The most honorable man I knew you’d consider a criminal. And you don’t? No. He was my friend. Oh, and by the way, you’re drinking corinthos coffee. Sonny really doesn’t share much with me. Well, it doesn’t seem that way to me. I think you know more about my husband than I do these days. A function of proximity, nothing more. Ava, I’m not asking for a lot. I’m just asking for the opportunity to have a conversation with my husband. He evicted me from our home. He’s kept me at bay. He’s hid behind his lawyer when he served me divorce papers. If he wants to end our marriage, the least he can do is have the decency to say it to my face. Here I am.

You know, sonny, I’ve been waiting. Sonny. You’re here. Can I have a word with you? You ready to go? Yeah. Just about. Your appointment was with sonny? While ava grabs her things, can we just talk? You know, sonny, I’ve been waiting. I’ve been biding my time, hoping that you would realize what we mean to each other. Not now, nina. Then when, sonny? After I’ve given you a divorce? We made vows. You swore that you would love me until death, and now you can’t even spare me an hour? You lied? About what? Don’t go. Please. I need you here for this.

[ Scoffs ] You don’t know me as well as you think, mami. And it’s partially my fault. Partially? When kristina said that I let her crash here, it wasn’t the truth. She was covering for me. Why would she need to cover for you? What have you done? Are you — are you sick?

[ Scoffs ] I’m great, actually. I lied to you, mami. Kristina and I are more than just friends. Whew! I feel like I’ve had a full day already, and I haven’t even gotten into the office yet. But the craft fair looks great! Oh, I’m sure it does, with your help and creativity. So, uh…sonny’s gone? Yeah. He left a while ago. Oh. Well, the kids are having so much fun at the craft fair. I really hated to leave. Bailey’s really enjoying playing with the clay, and james is making something special for you, but I’m not allowed to say what it is, so… you kissed me last night. I did. And you kissed me back. I-I did. So, what happens next? Okay.

[ Sighs heavily ] Let’s see. I’m sorry. I thought you knew about the larger conspiracy. I just assumed sonny would keep you in the loop. Well, you brought me into the loop. How much danger is my family in?

[ Sighs ] When we talked about me taking the job at crimson, my condition was that it would end your war with nina. And you agreed. So consider this my first and last issue. You’re not the only reason I’m upset. I’m so sick of not being considered.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Ava, go ahead of me. Send the car back. I’ll try to make it to the school. If I can’t make it, I’ll talk to you tonight at home. Okay. Sounds good. Good luck.

[ Sighs ] The floor is yours. What do you got to say?

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