GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Cody and Sasha continue their matchmaking efforts with Maxie and Spinelli especially when they find out that Macro doesn’t want Spinelli to move out of her house and Spinelli doesn’t want to move out of Maxie’s house. Cody tells Sasha to get Maxie to Charlie’s pub and Spinelli will be there.

Gregory persuades Alexis to go along with Nina’s idea to put a gossip column in the newspaper to help increase subscribers for the paper.

Brook Lynn persuades Tracy to ask Gregory to be her date for the wedding but when she goes to the newspaper office she finds out Gregory has already asked Alexis to go to the wedding with him.

Nina goes to the Crimson office to gloat that Valentin bought the Invader and made her the publisher of it. Selina Wu tells Sonny she discovered that one of her guards was a traitor to her organization. Sonny wants to talk to the guard and, in exchange for letting him talk to the guard, Sonny allows Mrs. Wu to resume her illegal poker games.

Josslyn asks Spinelli if he can find someone by using a phone number.

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