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Roman and Kate walk past the Brady Pub. Roman assures Kate that Lucas is safe now but Kate notes that they thought he was safe before. Roman encourages that Lucas said he felt stronger and didn’t want her worrying about him. Roman suggests she focus on them right now. Kate remembers it’s Valentine’s Day as it slipped her mind. Roman understands but says it fortunately did not slip his.

Sloan goes to Small Bar and meets Melinda.

Marlena comes in to the living room and greets Brady, mentioning that John is asleep and they will see how long he stays asleep. Brady understands John has been dealing with insomnia. Marlena adds there has been nightmares as well. Brady feels John hasn’t been himself lately and on edge but insists he’s fine. Marlena remarks that it’s like father, like son. Marlena knows Brady has a lot going on and he’s worried about Tate as his whole situation is heartbreaking. Marlena doesn’t want to intrude but admits she’s a little concerned about Brady as well. Marlena asks if she should be concerned. Brady admits that she should be.

Alex comes home to find Theresa packing her bags and calling the Salem Inn but there are no rooms available because of the geocaching event. Alex calls it crazy and says she doesn’t have to leave. Theresa questions why she would stay here with someone who doesn’t want her.

Stefan brings Ava home. Ava thanks him but says he didn’t need to bring her home. Stefan argues that she hasn’t been eating or sleeping so he tells her to get some rest but Ava says she’s not going to do that. Ava states that she will take a shower and a shot of espresso, then she’s heading back to the hospital. Stefan responds that he can’t let her do that. Stefan argues that she needs to stay away from the hospital and Harris. Ava questions why the hell she would do that. Stefan reminds her that they were supposed to be a thing and asks how Clyde would feel about her hanging around the hospital, warning that it’s not going to be good for her, him, or Harris. Ava decides to text Tripp since he’s working the night shift and can be her eyes and ears.

Roman and Kate enter the Brady Pub where Roman has a candle light dinner set up for Valentine’s Day. Kate tells Roman that she’s so grateful that he is her valentine as they kiss.

Melinda asks Sloan why she wanted to meet with her on Valentine’s night when she has her hunky husband and a beautiful baby boy, but she’s calling her. Sloan complains that she’s been totally sidelined by the baby, either pushed away or ignored completely and she’s damn sick of it.

Marlena doesn’t want to pressure Brady in to talking about this. Brady tells her it’s okay as he appreciates her concern. Brady admits he’s feeling a little lost and lonely as Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for some people, but for others it can amplify negative feelings and he’s glad it’s almost over. Marlena asks about Kristen allowing him to see Rachel on Valentine’s Day. Brady confirms that he went to the DiMera Mansion with a big teddy bear, balloons, and candy, but he and Kristen got in to one of their drag out fights that escalated in front of Rachel, so she screamed at them to stop fighting. Brady says this is Valentine’s Day and his life where he lost Chloe, his daughter is traumatized, and he has an insane ex-wife. Marlena is sorry this is happening to him but assures that Rachel is his daughter and will love him no matter what happens. Marlena says no matter what he goes through with Kristen, he can’t fight in front of Rachel. Brady says he knows but every time he’s going to take the high road with Kristen because of Rachel, he ends up losing it and his resolve goes away. Brady complains that he blows it every time, completely.

Alex asks Theresa to be reasonable. Theresa argues that this is the most reasonable thing she can do. Alex tells her that he cares about her a lot and thinks they could have a beautiful future, but he went to a meeting for people whose loved ones are addicts and he thinks maybe they are moving a little too fast. Theresa asks if he’s saying that she’s too much for him or if his meeting told him not to get involved with her. Alex argues that he’s not saying that and just that they need to slow down a bit. Alex points out that Theresa has a son so it’s not even just them. Theresa argues that Tate is nearly an adult. Theresa states that Alex can either lie and say he has commitment problems or he can tell the truth and say he just doesn’t want to be with her. Theresa asks which one it’s going to be.

Roman jokes with Kate about their meal but reveals he has takeout from the Bistro. Kate thanks him for making her laugh and says he always does when she needs it the most. Kate thanks Roman for always making her feel loved and safe. Roman assures that she will always have his heart and she is everything to him.

Melinda tells Sloan to cut Eric some slack as he’s a new dad and obviously very nurturing so he’s just doing his best. Sloan complains that he’s not with her. Melinda insists that Eric is crazy about Sloan. Sloan feels he’s not anymore since Jude came in to their lives and she’s just like a background extra.

Ava questions why Tripp is not replying to her text and wonders if he’s in a dead zone. Ava asks Stefan what if something happens at the hospital and she’s not there. Ava continues to complain about Tripp not replying. Stefan insists that it will be fine and asks why she needs to go to the hospital anyway since Harris won’t know she’s there. Ava states that she’ll know she was there and asks if Stefan has any idea how it feels to know that Harris went to the dock because he thought she asked him to and then some bastard shot him in cold blood. Stefan assures that it’s not her fault. Ava responds that it sure feels like it is. Ava swears that if she ever finds out who did this to Harris, she will personally pump several live rounds in to that son of a bitch’s heart.

Marlena tells Brady that she can help him strengthen his resolve. Brady says for right now today, he just wants to focus on tomorrow because he gets to see his son as he hasn’t seen him in weeks. Brady is relieved that he and Theresa are getting to see Tate. Brady feels he just dumped all his problems with his daughter on Marlena so he’s not about to do the same with his son. Marlena points out that she loves his children, her grandchildren, and she loves Brady so talking about whatever he’s going through is never a burden for her. Brady then tells Marlena that there were letters that Tate wrote to he and Theresa. Brady states that in Theresa’s letter, Tate talked about how much he missed her while Tate’s letter to him was very cold and almost business-like. Brady feels it’s because Tate resents that he hasn’t been in his life. Marlena argues that they all know why that is and what happened which Tate knows too. Marlena says that Tate is just feeling distressed and like he’s been treated unfairly, so he’s making Brady the scapegoat. Brady agrees that sums it up. Marlena relates to it being what happened when Sami blamed her for everything that went wrong and she let her because she wanted to show Sami that she could be patient and understanding, like Brady wants with Tate. Marlena brings up the expression that having a child is wonderous.

Alex stops Theresa from leaving and tells her to marry him. Theresa asks what he just said. Alex repeats for her to marry him and says if she wants to get married, they can do it. Theresa asks if this was a real proposal. Theresa says she didn’t think so and maybe next time, he can actually drop to one knee or don’t say things he doesn’t mean. Alex tries to stop her from leaving again. Theresa complains that what’s worse than not being proposed to at all is being proposed to out of guilt or pity. Alex stops her and insists that’s not what he’s doing. Alex asks where Theresa is going to go. Theresa asks why that’s his concern. Alex shouts that she’s in recovery. Theresa laughs off the idea that she’s going to call her dealer and get high. Theresa assures that won’t happen from this tiny little debacle. Theresa tells Alex to have a nice life and storms out.

Kate and Roman finish their dinner. Kate feels terrible for not getting Roman anything. Roman tells her that every single day with her is a gift. Kate admits they’ve been thrown many twists and turns in their lives and it hasn’t been easy, but they always find their way back to each other as they kiss.

Marlena tells Brady that she doesn’t mean to pontificate as she’s made her share of mistakes but something about having adult children gives you perspective. Brady is grateful that she’s sharing it with him as he doesn’t want to screw up with Tate more than he already has. Marlena encourages him to just show Tate a lot of respect and be kind and loving. They are then interrupted by knocking at the door. Brady answers to see Theresa with her bags packed. Theresa knows she should’ve called or texted first but she just left Alex and has nowhere to go. Theresa just figured since they are going to see Tate in the morning that she could sleep in Tate’s room tonight. Marlena says of course so Brady brings her in. Theresa gets a call from Alex but ignores it. Theresa thanks Marlena as Brady brings her to Tate’s room.

Alex leaves a message for Theresa, saying he really hates how things went down and asks her to let him know where she’s staying and that she’s okay.

Sloan tells Melinda that she’s just scared. The woman that once went on a date with Li Shin then barges in and confronts Melinda, blaming her for luring Li in to her trap and says if she hadn’t, Li would still be with her and very much alive.

Ava tells Stefan that she’s going to find out who did this because she loves Harris and he’s one of the best people that she’s ever known. Ava swears to be more determined than ever to mow down this son of a bitch. Ava asks why Stefan isn’t saying anything. Stefan responds that he loves a good revenge fantasy as much as anybody, but the truth is they may never know who shot Harris. Ava tells him not to even think about Harris not making it. Stefan apologizes for upsetting her. Ava says she was already pretty damn upset and he just added a little fuel to the fire to make things worse. Ava suggests Stefan just shut the hell up which he agrees to do. Ava points out that Tripp still has not answered and calls that unlike him.

Brady asks Theresa if she wants to talk about what happened with Alex. Theresa doesn’t want to bore him but Brady says he cares about her. Theresa asks where to begin and tells him about finding the ring in Alex’s jacket pocket which she thought was for her and that Alex was going to propose but it turned out he wasn’t going to propose and she made it clear that she thought he was, so she was completely humiliated. Brady says he’s sorry and he’s really surprised as he had no idea they were even considering marriage. Theresa ignores another call from Alex. Theresa tells Brady that she obviously was considering marriage. Brady asks if she really does love Alex.

Marlena shows up at Alex’s door and says she tried to call him but it kept going to voicemail. Alex apologizes and says he keeps calling Theresa but it’s going to voicemail. Marlena informs Alex that Theresa is at her house and she told her and Brady what happened, so she thought Alex might need someone to talk to. Alex admits he does so he’s grateful she’s there and invites her in.

Melinda tells the woman that she doesn’t know who she is. Sloan points out that she was a client. The woman responds that she knows both of them. Melinda remembers her name as Connie and that Li went on one date with her. Connie argues that it could’ve turned in to several dates if not for Melinda and she would’ve kept him safe. Connie calls Sloan heartless and walks off. Sloan jokes about Connie being crazy and questions ever taking her on as a client. Sloan asks Melinda if she’s okay. Melinda says she’s just sad that Li is gone as she thinks about him a lot. Melinda admits they had something but she messed it up totally because of her career, so she took Li for granted. Melinda tells Sloan that what she has with Eric might not be perfect but it’s good enough so she should cherish and embrace it.

Kate says in spite of her worries, it turned out to be a really beautiful Valentine’s Day. Roman respects how devoted she is to their kids. Roman decides no more talk about their kids as he turns on music and asks Kate to dance.

Stefan tells Ava that he obviously seems to suck at cheering her up but offers to feed her. Ava says she’s not hungry but Stefan says she needs to eat. Stefan guarantees to make her the best omelet of her life. Ava asks why he’s doing this and what’s in it for him.

Brady tells Theresa that it wasn’t a trick question as he asks again if she loves Alex. Theresa asks why else she would want to marry him. Brady says he doesn’t know but admits that Alex is coming in to a lot of money and he doesn’t mean to sound crass, but he thought it might have a little to do with her motivation. Theresa thinks back to finding out that Xander is really Victor’s son. Theresa then tells Brady that it is crass and surprising because she thought they were getting along and getting closer but now he’s accusing her of being a gold digger. Brady apologizes and says he’s really happy that they have been getting closer as he likes that and he really doesn’t like that Alex hurt her. Brady repeats that he’s sorry and hugs her.

Alex tells Marlena that he was an idiot for leaving the ring in his jacket, so of course Theresa expected a proposal and when it didn’t happen, she ran out of the restaurant and started packing her stuff. Marlena says that Theresa is hurt. Alex assures that he does care about Theresa, but tells her about going to the meeting for qualifying loved ones of addicts and everyone was sharing feelings and stories, so he shot his hand up to get everything off his chest. Alex says he talked about Theresa, her addiction, and how much she meant to him, but he admitted he wasn’t sure he was able to get in to a long commitment with somebody dealing with problems like that. Alex adds that he also admitted he’s not sure about becoming a stepfather quite yet. Marlena thinks he has to be true to himself and encourages that he did the right thing for both of them.

Melinda tells Sloan that she’s not seeing things clearly as Eric is not only her partner, lover, and best friend but the father of her baby so they have a family now. Melinda tells Sloan to stop focusing on what she’s not getting and be more supportive of Eric’s devotion to Jude and to Jude himself since she is his mother. Sloan points out that she’s not really but Melinda tells her not to go there. Sloan calls it the truth that her husband’s ex-wife Nicole DiMera is actually the baby’s mother and they stole him from her. Melinda reminds Sloan of all they did to get her that baby and warns her that if anyone finds out what they did, their lives are ruined. Sloan says she knows and continues drinking her wine.

Kate suggests she and Roman go upstairs where she can give him her Valentine’s Day gift. Roman says she didn’t get him anything. Kate responds that this gift doesn’t need wrapping. Roman calls that his favorite kind of gift. Kate tells Roman that she loves him and kisses him. Roman says he loves her and is definitely ready for that gift that needs no wrapping. Kate blows out the candles and they head upstairs.

Marlena says she doesn’t usually do late night house calls, but she thought Alex might need it. Alex is grateful that she did because the whole Theresa situation destabilized him. Marlena understands and is impressed with his self-awareness. Alex says he couldn’t have done it without her. Alex keeps thinking about the other night in her office where she said if it was real true love, it would last. Alex thinks he loves Theresa. Marlena thinks he’s right that he does, but she thinks his love is not unconditional as he has a hard time accepting that Theresa had a drug addiction and a hard time thinking of himself as a step parent. Marlena declares that those two things are never going to change.

Theresa tells Brady that she will table this discussion for tonight as she doesn’t want to talk about her love life and just wants to talk about seeing Tate. Brady admits he’s nervous about seeing his own son. Theresa says she is too and worries that Tate isn’t doing as well as he says he is in his letters. Brady assures that Tate will be fine. Theresa says that Tate has a good heart. Brady tells Theresa that he will always be there for her, like tonight. Theresa kisses him on the cheek and says she will see him in the morning as she heads to Tate’s room to sleep.

Sloan tells Melinda that she gets it and that no one will ever find out about Jude and where he came from. Melinda says they better not and suggests Sloan not drink anymore. Sloan agrees to stop. Melinda tells Sloan to go home to her husband and baby. Sloan tells Melinda that tonight is on her. Melinda tells Sloan to call her if she ever needs to vent, but not to vent to anyone else. Melinda then exits. Sloan then orders another drink. Connie remains seated at a table nearby.

Stefan asks Ava why something has to be in it for him in order for him to be nice. Stefan states that Ava is having a hard time so he’s there for her and that’s it. Ava then gets a call from the hospital. Ava answers and says that Tripp is not with her. Ava says to have him call as soon as they hear from him and then hangs up. Stefan asks what it is. Ava responds that Tripp never showed up for work tonight.

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