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Okay. I don’t want to sound like leo in the car, but are we there yet? Almost. Ugh, it’s freezing out here. Your honor, I would like to state for the record, I told the defendant to wear boots. The defendant? What, now i committed a crime? What’d I do? You have been accused of looking too gorgeous tonight. Oh, well, guilty as charged. And fyi, your honor, I am wearing boots. Yes, designer and impractical ones. Well, yeah. Alright, step. Oh. There you go. Okay. We’re here. Okay. Ta-da. Chase… why’d you do all this? Happy valentine’s day. Lucy? Lucy! What? Oh, sorry. Hi. You know, we can’t cheer you up if you won’t even try to have a good time. Well, how can I have a good time when it’s valentine’s day and martin’s not even returning not one, not any of my calls? Okay, let’s focus on the positive. Excellent idea. A night out with people who care about you. Kicked off by a toast. Mm. Okay. But if you toast to love, then the contents of this drink will end up in both your faces. That’s the spirit. To friendship. To friendship. To friendship. Cody: Ready to have a good time? Oh, as ready as any single man with zero romantic attachments can be. Who knows? Tonight, maybe I’ll find the woman of my dreams. You could. And you just might.

Hanging on every word you say

is this love? I got you something. No. I did. No, dante. We said no gifts. Yeah, I know. But I lied. It’s nothing big. Dante. What?

[ Gasps ] What? [ Laughs ] You know, you said you wanted to get back into riding, so I thought, you know, options are a good thing to have. I love it. Thank you. You’re welcome. And options are good when it comes to jackets. But when it comes to boyfriends… mm-hmm? …I only have eyes for one.

[ Knock on door ] Mm. I knew that was going to happen. You knew what was going to happen? I knew one day my cheesy lines were going to rub off on you.

[ Both chuckle ] Daniels, what’s up, man? Daniels: I have a delivery. So, um, how were the kids tonight? Uh, great. I mean, typical nighttime antics from wiley, but he eventually settled down. Oh, speaking of, do you need me — oh, no, no, no. No, no, I already — already checked on him. The lights were on, but he was passed out next to his open book. Oh. Why are kids so cute when they’re sleeping? Well, because they’re sleeping.

[ Chuckles ] Touché. Did you tell the kids that this wasn’t a one-time thing, that you’re home for good? Well, I thought that’s something we could, you know, do together. They’ll be so happy. Well, I know I am. Are you? Yes. Are you — are you sure? Michael, you moving back in was my idea. No, I know, I just, I don’t — I don’t want there to be any more secrets between us, you know, or half-truths or — or feelings swept under the rug. I just, I want to — I want to put it all out there. Funny you should say that, because before we do this, there is something I need to get off my chest. Curtis: You know, honey, I do apologize for having P.T. On valentine’s day. No, I’m just glad you could fit it in. Yeah. Me, too. You know, every time I go, I get stronger than I was the session before. Mm, that’s my baby. Stronger and stronger every day.

[ Laughs ] Ah, okay. I’m going to change real quick, and then we can head out. Sounds like a plan — curtis.

[ Laughing ] Oh. Oh, my goodness. Hey, don’t look at me. I had nothing to do with that.

[ Sighs ] “Took trina to the nicholas brothers retrospective at the forum. Won’t be back until late. Dinner will be delivered at 8:15.”

[ Chuckles ] Happy anniversary to us.

[ Chuckles ] Make this easier on yourself, dex. Tell me the person who you sold me out to. I’m not taking anyone else down with me. Wrong answer.

This is what you were up to earlier. I heard you and leo talking about a comet passing over new york tonight. Yeah. Leo is very excited. He thinks there’s some sort of valentine’s day magic. I’m with leo. What could be more magical than stargazing with a little champagne. And heat lamps. And heat lamps. Yeah. Just the two of us, cuddled up to see a once-in-100-year event. Well, when you put it that way… right? I wanted to do something special for our first valentine’s day together. Well, as long as you keep me warm. You have my word. I’d prefer a kiss. Sam: Danny. What happened? I’m fine. Hey, fine? Fine and… drunk apparently. I caught a bunch of them with booze at the park. Hey, I thought you were in your room. You didn’t even ask if you could go out tonight. Would you have said yes? No. Exactly. Did you hear him leave? No. Snuck out the fire escape. What? Are you insane? You could have gotten hurt, or worse. I recognized him from seeing you guys around town. Decided since it’s his first offense, I’d let him off with a warning. Alright. Uh, thanks, daniels. Appreciate it. Yeah. Thank you. Have a good night. You, too. Thank god that’s over. I’m going to bed. Not until we talk about this, you’re not.

J’accuse! Jack-a-what? You orchestrated this “meet-cute,” as they say. I-I orchestrated nothing. Oh, fibber. Spinelli, look, dude, I-I swear I’m not lying. I had no idea that maxie and sasha were going to be here. Lucy: You know, I don’t — I don’t begrudge couples celebrating valentine’s day. That’s great, but I just, I wonder… but since they are, be rude not to say hello. No, wait, wait, where are —

[ Growls ] Uh, good evening. Ooh. So formal. Yes, yes. Hi, spinelli. Uh, gracious greetings to all and to no one in particular. I — do you guys want to join us? No! No, no. A-absolutely not. This is a ladies’ night. No boys allowed. Uh, understood. We — we’ll just head — to the bar. We’re gonna head to the bar. So, um, enjoy your night. Uh, it’s not just a night. Like I said, it’s a ladies’ — ladies’ night. Copy that. To the bar. What is wrong with you? You are breaking the girls’ code. It was just a suggestion. Geez. Well, besides, I just thought maybe you might need a break from spinelli, you know, now that you two have moved in together. He hasn’t moved in. Are you or are you not living together in the same house? Okay, temporarily, while the pipes in his apartment are getting fixed. Mm. He’s even paying rent. How long until his apartment is livable again? I’m not sure. But whatever. Georgie loves having both of her parents under one roof. Seems like you don’t mind it much, either. Portia: Mm. This was so lovely of marshall to do! Yes, it was. Honey, I hope you’re not disappointed that we’re not going out. Are you kidding? A romantic dinner at home that I wasn’t required to cook?

[ Laughs ] Look at you. You living the dream, huh? I am. You know it.

[ Laughs ]

[ Both sigh ] It’s really nice. I can only think of one thing nicer. Let’s celebrate our anniversary properly.

[ Car door closes ] Go with frank to check that out. I hope you’ll make it look like I took off. I’d rather joss hate me than mourn me — money is more important to you than josslyn. That’s not true. Stop lying. Sonny?! Sonny? Carly. Oh, no, no. What are you doing here? I’m stopping you from killing an innocent man.

overreacted about you keepingthe nina thing from me. No, you didn’T. Yes, I did. Which was hugely hypocritical given I hid that I had cancer from you for months. You swallowed that betrayal and moved forward, and I didn’t afford you the same grace. And I have been struggling to figure out why.

[ Sighs ] Any luck? You’re my person, michael. You’re the safe, stable place where I put my trust. And with my history of being lied to and manipulated, if that trust gets broken, it — it cuts deep. Uh, I’m not trying to make excuses. No, I know you’re — I know you’re not. But you not being honest, it just shook the foundation for me. And I know that you were doing it from a place of love and that you were trying to protect me, but I need to know that, going forward, if something terrible happens, we will figure out what to do together. Yeah, no, I-I will never go rogue again. I’m serious. No, I know, I know. So am I. Willow, look. We are a team, okay? And I-I am so sorry that I made you feel like we weren’T. You know, I think the most prudent course of action is — is to exit. Why? Didn’t you say you were single and ready to mingle? I would never say it in such base terms, but…yes, that is the general idea. So what? Are you worried that maxie’s gonna see you talking to other women? How many times must I tell you? Maximista is a — is a non-issue. Okay, then I don’t see the problem. Okay, so let’s take this opportunity to come up with some ideas for the new faces of deception campaign. Are we — are we at the office? I could have sworn we were at the savoy to have some fun. Lucy, no more work talk. Uh, well, unfortunately, we cannot afford to take the night off. No, ma’ams, because tracy is out to decimate us. Honestly, I think tracy wants deception to succeed. Aha! Then she has you exactly where she wants you. So much for girls’ night.

[ Metal banging ] Any luck? I’m sorry, brook lynn. Don’t be sorry.

[ Shivers ] What are the odds that both space heaters are on the fritz? Pretty good, considering they’re usually used at the same time, so the propane probably runs out at the same time, too. Yeah, I probably should have checked that. Oh, stop. Look, we’ve got blankets and body heat. Come under so you don’t freeze. Okay, but first, paE. Ooh. There we go. Here, get under. For the most beautiful woman in the world. You are the sweetest. Thank you. Is this better? Much. I promise this will be a valentine’s day to remember, one we’ll tell our grandchildren about. The night granny got frostbite. What was that? Nothing.

[ Shivers ]

[ Chuckling ] Do you know how lucky you are that dante is on the force? If you would have been brought in for processing, you would have a record right now, one that would follow you when you apply to colleges. Colleges? Mom, I’m 14. Yes, exactly. Way too young to be drinking or — or sneaking out or lying to us in general. Danny, you could have been hurt.But I didn’t — that’s not the point. Mom, you’re making way too big a deal out of this!You are too young to be drinking period, let alone in the park! Fine. Lesson learned, okay? No, I’ll be the judge of that. You’re grounded. What? Give me your phone. Mom. Phone. Now. How long? I don’t know, maybe until you learn enough responsibility to get it back. That is so unfair. Oh, well. And so hypocritical. What’s that supposed to mean? Like you didn’t have a drink at my age. Sonny, dex is not the traitor in your organization. Ms. Spencer, it’s okay. No, it’s not okay. Carly, I know you want to protect dex for josslyn’s sake, but I have proof. He admitted he’s working for somebody else. But he refuses to tell me who it is. Listen to me. Brick believed me enough to tell me you were here, okay? You can’t do this. He’s working for the bastard who wants to take me down, carly. What do you want me to do? No, he’s not. He’s not, sonny. Okay. Please, take her out of here now. Wait, no. No, no, no!

[ Stammers ] You — no! Damn it, sonny. Dex is not working for some other mob organization. He’s working for me.

So, is there an etafor this comet or what? I’m sorry. We can go back into the house if you want. I just — I wanted to show you how special you are to me, make this the best valentine’s day ever. Can I be straight with you? You better be. I don’t really even care about valentine’s day. It’s just a commercial money grab to make single people feel like crap.

[ Laughs ] Why are you laughing? Because I feel the same way.

[ Laughs ] As a matter of fact, I wasn’t drinking when I was 14. I don’t feel too good. That’s understandable. I’m going to the bathroom. Do you need help? I got it. Danny. You know that if you’re ever in trouble or need a ride, you can just call me or dante, no questions asked. Well, I mean, there will be questions, you know, eventually, but not off the top. We just want to keep you safe, that’s all.

[ Groans ] “Have kids,” they say. “It’ll be wonderful and fulfilling,” they say. Ah, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. No, I wouldn’T. But, dante, I wasn’t prepared for this. Danny is going to be a handful. Okay, maybe not. Maybe he learns from his mistake. This wasn’t just some mistake. I mean, forget about him putting himself in physical danger. My son lied to me. Yeah, okay. I mean, more of, like, a lie of omission, though. Whose side are you on? Yours. Yours, always. Just you. My son lied to me. And my response was to lie right back. Hi. It’s me for the gazillionth time. Could you please, please just call me back, okay? I — I really miss you.

And now I know the way I’ve always known I’m so glad that spinelli staying with you is working out. I wasn’t really worried about it. He’s my best friend. What was it like… before? When we were together? It was…great. It just didn’t work out. Have you ever thought about trying again? Once or twice.

Show me you with no defenses draw me closer unto the shore if it’s darker like the ocean I will mend it the way it was before ’cause I’m happy in our harbor we forget about the world oh, it’s such a good place yeah, it’s such a safe place and I’m happy in our harbor it’s a haven we call home a haven we call home hold on to him. I hired dex to keep an eye on you. Why would you do that, carly? For you. For me? For our children. Okay. I need some privacy. Can you check and see if she was followed? You were getting in deep with pikeman, and you didn’t have anyone to watch your back. I don’t believe you. Look, I — I wasn’t going to let anything happen to you. I wasn’t going to let donna lose her father. Somebody deposited a large amount of cash into dex’s secret bank account this past year. Couldn’t have been you because you lost all your money when the merger fell through. I found a way. You found a way? You’re going to do anything, you know, for your daughter’s boyfriend. Sonny, dex has saved your life multiple times. Hell, he saved ava. Why would he do that if he was working for someone else? To be more convincing. I know when the deposits happened. After dex was shot protecting you at the warehouse, and after the attack on the island. How would I know that if I wasn’t the one paying him? You’re covering for someone. No. I’m not. And the only people you would be protecting would be your family. It’s michael.

[ Chuckling ] It’s michael, isn’t it?

I didn’t realize that you were interested in spinelli that way. I’m not. But then sometimes I am. I — it’s really confusing. I’m familiar. Spinelli is… he’s a gem. His giant heart, his quirky sense of humor. You would learn a new vocabulary word every day.

[ Both chuckle ] Any woman would be lucky to be with spinelli. So why can’t that woman be you? I was definitely no angel when I was a kid. No way. Get out of town. Yeah. I mean, I was drinking when I was 14. Worse. Okay. So, see, what danny’s doing is kind of what every teenager’s done. And what parent hasn’t whitewashed their past? I just don’t like not being honest with him. But you are being honest with him, virtually about everything except for this one thing, and so he doesn’t take it the wrong way and use it as permission to get drunk. Yeah, I know. It’s not that I think he’s going to be an alcoholic or anything like that. It’s a little more than that. He’s jason’s son. And he reminds me more and more of him every day. Yeah, I can see that. So let’s be real. Jason was an adrenaline junkie. He took insane chances, and he was drawn to danger. And in the end, it killed him. That’s not going to happen to danny. I’m no stranger to adrenaline chasing, either, for different reasons than jason, but… dante, I was wild. Okay. Listen. Look at me. The fact that you’re thinking about all this, the fact that it’s on your radar, makes you one of the good parents, okay? Danny’s gonna be alright, not because of what his parents did, but because of who they are. And I’m gonna be right there to help you out whenever you need it. Alright? Capiche? Capiche. I was supposed to be apologizing to you. No, I — look, I heard everything you said, and I’m grateful, but that doesn’t make it okay that I lied to you. Look, I just — willow, I didn’t — I didn’t want you to be disappointed yet again, knowing how hard it was for you to try yet again, to give nina an opening yet again and to share your children with her — yet again. And, look, there’s another layer to it. What? It’s just, the relationship that you have with nina is the exact opposite of the relationship that I have with my mom. I mean, my mom, she understands me, and she’s — she’s by my side. Even when she’s mad, she’s — she’s still with me, you know? It’s like, it’s — it’s unconditional. Yeah. So me going to my dad first, that was about me, because I knew that it would — it would hurt less to disappoint him than it would be to disappoint you. So if I’m understanding this correctly, you hid something from me because you love me so much. Yeah. And I overreacted because I love you so much. If the underlying factor here is love, what are we doing? I don’t know. I know our life won’t always be perfect, and I know it’s unrealistic to think that we’ll never fight again. We will. But this marriage, this family, it —

[ Sighs ] It means everything to me. And I want us back to the way we were. Are you ready for bed? If you don’t care about valentine’s day, why’d you go to all this trouble? Because I care about you. I wanted to make tonight special. And I figured since you’re such a romantic — you think I’m a romantic? Of course. You wouldn’t be able to write the songs that you write. You’ve got such a big heart. You’re one to talk, mr. Literal knight in shining armor. Ever since the moment I met you. When you clocked me in the head with a beer bottle?

[ Chuckles ] You have shown me how much you care about me every day. I hope I do the same. And then some. So we don’t need to, like, make today more special just because of a stupid date. Great. Okay. Let’s go home.

[ Laughs ] Yes. Here. Whew! You good? Whoa, whoa, brook lynn, look.

[ Gasps ] Wow. Maybe there’s such a thing as valentine’s day magic after all. Maybe there is. Am I right? Michael initially hired dex, yes. To take me down? That’s how it started, but things changed. What things changed? Michael couldn’t go through with it. He said it would cause too much pain, especially for donna and avery. But you stayed? Because I asked him to. To spy on me? No! You have to remember how things were then, sonny! You chose nina over your family. And things were way off with pikeman. We needed dex in there in case things went south. You continued to let this happen because you thought I couldn’t run my own business? You thought I wasn’t strong enough to take care of myself?

I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine loving anyone the way I loved nathan, you know? I’m sure you feel the same way about brando. I did. Until I realized that I won’t love someone the same way. It will be different. It has to be. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be great. I’ve put spinelli through the wringer more times than I can count. I can’t do that again. Then don’T. Uh, yes, well, keep me apprised, and I can come home if need be. Everything alright?

[ Sighs ] James isn’t sleeping. He keeps making excuses to get out of bed. Uh-huh. Well, you — you know you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t called, right? But now that you are apprised, uh, why don’t you maybe fill maxie in? You think? Well, yeah, it is her son. That’s true. It’s only appropriate that she’s in the loop, right? That is a valid point. And now’s your chance. The “girls’ night only” police have left the table. Feel better? The room stopped spinning. That’s progress. Are you still mad? No, but you and I will have a conversation about this in the morning, and we’ll set some ground rules, okay? Okay. Still no phone? No phone. Hey. Saved me a trip. I was going to bring this up to you. Have like 18 of those, you’ll feel better.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. Yeah. Good night. Good night. Good night. Danny. I love you. Love you, too, mom. Hello. Ah, hello. All good? Maxie is explaining that james has a crush on the babysitter, and that’s why he keeps getting up. I’ve been there. Haven’t we all? Who was your first crush? Mr. Ryder, my fourth-grade science teacher. He was completely oblivious. Mm, was he, though? God, I would hope so. At least teachers and babysitters are unattainable. It’s different when your crush could actually like you back. Like maxie and spinelli. What? What? You just — wait — okay, it’s obvious that spinelli has feelings for maxie, but the way that you just said that, that’s — no, no, I-I said nothing… you — …because I would never betray a friend’s confidence like that. Okey-dokey. Alright. Subject of maxie is closed. Now, my friend spinelli, however, I know that you would never just stand by and let him put his heart on the line if he didn’t have a chance. You would discourage him, however subtly, from risking their friendship. Right? Sounds like something I would do. My favorite part was when james told her his tongue was itchy. So, is there anything you feel the need to tell mr. Spinelli? Nope. Not a thing. You and michael went behind my back ’cause you thought I was weak? No. Sonny, you know better than anyone you can’t survive in this business alone. I’ve been surviving for 30 years! Plus, I had brick. You didn’t have brick! And the only one around you was nina, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to trust her. So you were helping me by lying to me? I-I was trying to protect you! Okay. We have not seen eye to eye about nina, right? Right, yes. And I accepted all that. But I never in my life would think that you would betray me like this. I was trying to help you. I was not trying to betray you. And if you can’t see that, then you’re further gone than I thought! Don’t try to justify it, because you can’T. Sonny? Sonny!

I should beat a hasty retreat before, uh, lucy accuses me of sabotaging girls’ night.

[ Chuckles ] Truth? I’m having way more fun hanging out with you. Well, that makes two of us. Anyone who sees maxie and spinelli together can tell that they’re a good match. But it’s hard when you’ve tried before, and you couldn’t make it work. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time, you know? Maybe somebody’s missing out on something great. And by somebody, I mean maxie and spinelli. Yeah. Of course.

[ Chuckles ] Obviously. Mm. You know, I kind of wish I knew you as a kid.

[ Chuckles ] No, you don’T. Yeah, I do. I told you. I was wild. I would’ve eaten you for breakfast. Is that so? Yeah. Wild. But lucky for you, I’m reformed now. Well, I don’t know how lucky that is. Uh, reformed’s good, but a little wild is — is good for everybody, too. Wild? Yeah. How wild? I don’t know. Why don’t we go upstairs and you can show me what you got?

[ Grunts ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Are you okay? Are you? Yeah. Sonny would have killed me if you hadn’t shown up. I can’t believe you did. Home or the office, boss? Just — just keep driving. Michael: Dad, no matter who you’re with, you’ll always have a place in wiley and amelia’s lives. You know, I love those kids. And I hated being estranged all those months. It’ll never happen again. And I-I hope that you’ll — you’ll choose to — be a part of my life, too. Are you still cold? Starting to warm up. Hold on to what we thought we knew I’m holding onto you when I’m haunted and seeing your ghost fall asleep next to me I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to you I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to your love I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to you I wanna be closer, I wanna be closer I wanna be closer to your love ooh happy anniversary, baby. Happy valentine’s day. Happy everything.

[ Laughs ] I have… wanted to do that for so long. Mm-hmm, me, too. Was it worth the wait? Mm-hmm. When I think about… everything that we had to overcome to get here, all the challenges, the heartbreaks… and look at us. We’re still stronger than ever. It tells me that we’re built to last and that together, we can get through anything. Anything.

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