Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Adam asks Nick to help him persuade Victor to set up a design division inside Newman for Sally to run inside Newman Enterprises because Sally’s design business isn’t doing well. Sally tells Chloe she doesn’t want to ask Nick for more money or take on a new partner to save her business.

Victor tells his family that the prison fire was arson and that Jordan has escaped but he has a plan to catch her again.

Nikki tells Lauren about the phone calls Jordan has made to her. Lauren tells Nikki that in order to take away Jordan’s power over her she needs to stand up to her. Nikki calls the unknown number on her phone and tells Jordan that she won’t be able to beat the Newman family, so she should come get them because they will be ready for her.

Victor asks Claire to give Jordan a message from him if Jordan should call her again. Victor wants Claire to tell Jordan that he is ready to make amends for what he did to her sister Eve.

Nikki gets another call from the unknown number and Lauren tells her not to answer the phone because she has already said everything she needs to say to Jordan.

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