GH Short Recap Friday, February 9, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Cody, Sasha, Maxie and Spinelli go on a double date at a hatchet-throwing range. Cody decides to lose the hatchet throwing competition that he and Maxie made a bet on, so that he can pay for Maxie and Spinelli’s date.

Carly tells Drew if he doesn’t stop his revenge plan against Nina and leaves Nina alone she will quit Crimson magazine.

Willow tells Michael she wants to rebuild the trust between them slowly so that their marriage will be stronger.

Sonny refuses to tell John what he knows and cooperates with the FBI. John warns Sonny that four mob bosses have been killed and he is the next target. Brick later tells Sonny that Dex has an offshore bank account with a lot of money in it.

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